Filter Thead

Show your based filters fellow anons. Looking to expand mine.

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I just really hate niggers and generals.

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But that's like removing 90% threads from the board

>implying you want to see more than an approx third left of the board

His is mild.

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Thank you sir!
no matter how bored you are, those threads aren't worth reading

>doesn't even use the asterisk

nothing of value lost. those threads are up 24/7 and just full of circle jerking.

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Pic related is the only reasonable filter.

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>filtering /creativegeneral/

We need a bot to spam tranny threads with gore

I unironically laughed

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Filter everything that ends in a question mark and you'll be pleased. it requires you to install 4chanx or something I'm sure though. Or maybe tapermonkey or something. I never use computers to such a level. I can tell over 90% of things ending in ? are bad and even when not it's not worth seeing the bullshit.

How did I do OP. 78 hidden.

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Fine. If you don't want to play with me. :(

Real one.

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Just added uwu and owo to .

Over 80 now hidden.

I need to install something on my browser to kil lthe ?'s.

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I'm done editering it now. I'm sure it's fine at 88.

I wonder what else to add?

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my dollchan spells
(#op[r9k] & #words(/25+/)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(25+ thread)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(ayo)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(bbc)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(black)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(boipucci)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(boipussy)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(britfeel)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(drugfeel)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(femanon)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(fembot)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(gay)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(hrt)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(mbti)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(pinkpill)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(secret santa)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(sex)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(shiet)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(sissy)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(that kid)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(tranny)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(trans)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(trap)) |
(#op[r9k] & #words(trump)) |

Nice. I was forgetting some of those.

So far I'm pleased with mine. Maybe we'll see how mine fairs tomorrow.

Edited in moar.

May as well name our shotted webs over 9k hidden huh?

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Just have the main ones

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>filtering only a mere four
>current year

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I think you are a homosexual in denial if you are this bothered by boipussy

I'm surprised you don't have Grindr on there do you secretly like boipussy

Before you filter it you should really try boicunt

The board must be slow as fuck for you

Anyone got filters for that vegan schizo who creates histvthread almost every day?

Literally every general on this board is soulless normalfaggotry idiot. The only ones that weren't were e-thot worship threads and they're the only ones banned.

Not OP but shit you're ridiculous.

Actually it's fast. I have to browse from the bottom frantically to keep things worth a shit from being sniped into the archive by a new shitpost.

Also, I'd be on 8 chan or it's replacement but that's killed by aids right now. Fast means traffic. Traffic of the Internet in current year is nothing but newfaggots. Traffic also means cost and capitalist corruption destroys the internet .

how do you block threads with specific images?
I'm sick of that one avitarfag with the cyrillic filenames

Why do all of you use the filter incorrectly? Why do you make a new line for literally every word? Do none of you know how to use a pipe?

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Why can't discord trannies just leave us alone?

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Dollchan extension tools could help you with that.

No we don't know how to use a pipe. Why do you think we hid the drugfeel?

Thanks for the info though seriously but I'm not going back and typing it all out and trusting it will work as you imply it will.

Its 2019 you should be fucking bussy

4chanx filters

/Waifu General/i;boards:pol,r9k

>using github
Not everyone is smart enough to use a computer that well. Looks complicated and I tend to break things. I get anxiety and just leave it alone. If it's not broken I try to not fix my computer. Every other time I try to learn something in current year it doesn't work. Years ago computers were ironically easier but now it's awful but I was raised to be spoiled by the period of not having to manually enter commands.

Dial8 faggot

Not that first guy you replied to by the way. Just sharing my feel on it. Github stuff is always interesting but I tend to shy away from it and miss when cnet was usable.

use Jow Forums X extension, pretty easy to filter images.

Anyone can be vegan and the world has one million people, don't ask for filters for something as common like that.

the trans shills still manage to evade me

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