Name something that you would like to change about your life

Name something that you would like to change about your life.
What stops you from changing it?
Is it really impossible?

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My looks.
>What stops you from changing it?
My face is disgusting so even plastic surgery couldn't do enough. But I'd still be a manlet so it doesn't matter too much.

Want to move out. I have planned with people and researched this for about 1.5 years now and see no way of doing it. Since during my time in uni i can only work max part time and there are no positions that would get me enough money for rent+food+living expenses+utilities. Best i've seen is i could cover monthly rent with the entire paycheck. Even splitting the rent with multiple people is not enough. After uni i could get a full time job and all would be fine, but then i would have no life left to enjoy the apartment or uni life or having parties at my place or anything like that. So the only time i can move out, is when im not that interested in it anymore. Clown world.

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My lack of motivation.
>What stops you from changing it?
Myself. I've been acting on impulse all my life. Right now nothing seems worth pursuing.
>Is it really impossible?
I don't feel like there's anything I can do about it other than wait and see what opportunities fall in my lap.

no gf


self hatred
my big gay life

>Name something that you would like to change about your life.
Not having a gf.
>What stops you from changing it?
No girls being interested.
>Is it really impossible?
It probably isn't, but it'd take a lot of effort, and I need my effort elsewhere.

God this is so me. My biggest weakness is sacrificing the present for the future, i can't get myself to do anything meaningful and just pursue hedonistic pleasures all the time. I don't feel I have the energy to change but i really want to

I assume that by "moving out" you mean out of your parents' house? If that's true and
>i could cover monthly rent with the entire paycheck
is also the case then what's stopping you? Your parents are buying your food and all the other necessary things anyway, so there would be no additional expenses for them.

>my face
>my body

i'm a fat fucking retard and i look like shit

my pp size. it's smol and pathetic

this too, wish my face was more qt

I'd like to stop thinking about her for one fucking second

if i move out, they wouldnt be paying for my food.

That's not nearly as difficult as most people think. Take it from a Jow Forums guy, all you need is some time and persistence. The most important things to do is eat right and do cardio. You don't even have to research a lot on what to eat, you just need some basic ground rules. Complex, detailed nutritional plans are for pros.
Here's what i do:
1. Eat fruit everyday. Sometimes it's an apple, sometimes it's 200g of berries, sometimes it's a banana in the morning and an orange in the evening. Doesn't have to be a lot (though it's certainly not bad to eat more than one piece a day), it's most important that you do it regularly, and eat as many different, diverse fruits as you can to get all kinds of vitamins in your body.
2) Eat vegetables and meat. This is the easiest if you have time, just make yourself a nice regular lunch that's 1/3 meat, 1/3 potatoes, 1/3 veggies, otherwise find food places that sell relatively healthy stuff. (again, eat diversely)
3) reduce intake of sweets. You don't have to stop entirely, and it's a lot easier to just keep reducing the amount of sweets you eat until you eat an ice cream/ chocolate bar/ whatever you might eat every couple days as a snack and that should be fine (at least it was for me)
4) jogging works fucking WONDERS for your weight. Do a beginner program where you keep pushing yourself to run longer times, do interval running at first if you have to since that's a lot easier.
You don't have to jog though, if you really don't want to you can swim or cycle instead.

Most importantly: it's fun as hell once you got the hang of it. Putting in my sports earphones, blasting some hype af music and just forgetting the world around me as i run and run until i'm completely done is seriously one of my favorite pastimes

All the years, playing video games and jerking off, has rotted and diminished my cognitive abilities

Why? Do they not want you to be more independent? Do they not see that it would be good for themselves too to not have you living on top of each other?

No it hasn't. It might have made you more anxious, more depressed, and you might not feel the same drive to do new stuff you once did but that's all temporary and if you got off your ass and did stuff you'd find inspiration and that shit would slowly go away

>Name something that you would like to change about your life.
my height, I'm gigamanlet.
>What stops you from changing it?
dude like just grow another 20cm lmao xd
>Is it really impossible?
it is now fuc koff

I live with my mother. She has expressed multiple times that she doesnt want me to leave, since she would feel lonely and bored. She is quite clingy. But about 50% of my food i already buy myself. And when i once asked, she said she would provide no support if i were to move out. She hates alcohol and doesnt like it when i come home late (as i do rarely).

>Name something that you would like to change about your life.
I wish I had a girlfriend.
>What stops you from changing it?
Social anxiety, my ugly face, being bullied as a kid, the fact a girl being attracted to me has only happened once through a shitty online "relationship" which went nowhere so it's a completely alien concept, how easy it is for a girl to get a boyfriend, bad experiences with women.
>Is it really impossible?
No, I'm getting therapy, putting myself in opportunities to meet girls, practicing talking to people and working on my appearance. Also there's always the rope :)

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I work my ass off, the only thing I haven't tried is actually having a social life, forming relationships, I gotta put myself out there more.

I would like to stop being fat. It's easy on paper but it takes months to years of diligence considering how easy it is for me to eat 3000 kcal on impulse.

Jog harder fren