Comfy-womfy /britfeel/ lads enjoying the comfy-womfy rain edition

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have a comfy sunday song lads

Honey, I found a reason to keep living
And you know the reason, dear, it's you
And I've walked down life's lonely highways
Hand in hand with myself
And I realized
How many paths have crossed between us

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*enjoys the song*

still no update from Tim. In fucking tears over him treating us like shit. I've been in pieces and he won't tell us what happened ?


He's finally free.

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He's not going to be at his rented flat is he.

We are reaching levels of COOM previously unimaginable

He's in the psych ward lad, getting a lobotomy to try and de-mental him
Not his fault he isn't posting, he's missing most of his frontal lobes now

how do I stop being boring lad m8s

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Feeling pretty BASED to be honest ladinos

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fake weird and gross

Ahead of its time. It's stopped being comedy.

i wonder if timmy thinks its strange that he has so many twitter followers

just thinkin about big hairy minges and big juicy tits

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i have really fond memories of listening to sounds of silver, my first christmas alone in 2008. going out on bleak day walks wrapped up warm, only seeing hte occasional dog walker about.
coming home and then playing some GTA IV, bioshock, left4dead and shitposting on /v/. very comfy.

i've never found an answer for that user. good luck with it

This might be your worst tit post to date tit lad. They're normally top notch.

>fake plastic tits
alri deano

I want to be a NEET again fucking hell I hate working.

I'm bored lods. Stuck in East Devon...
I feel like going somewhere random. So I shall let you choose.

Stay in Devon
Go to Somerset
Go to Dorset

same but my cost of living is too high now

go to the seaside and take some pics for the lads

surely you have to stay in devon or you will no longer be Stuck in east devon user

and now you're all grown up and /v/ is shit and you post on arcanine instead

sounds like you aren't that stuck

I actually looked up the COOM thing yesterday and I am really like that. On weekdays I usually wank 3-5 times and weekends usually double that if not more.
Most wanks I've done in one day was like 18 or something. I was 14 at the time though.
WMAF usually.

Let's get back to some good tits then lads.

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>tfw winter is coming

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Tbf lad it came out in 2016 and the Flint Michigan stuff started in 2014. Still a very prescient show
Shame the lads don't get along anymore

going to go buy some party rings in about 50mins time

going to observe saturn's rings in about 1600s time

nice! ginger hair to which I really like
are you titlad btw?

isnt it weird when straight guys try to bond over sexual stuff?
so weird

Going to wear some cock rings in about 134 hours time

why is it weird? just talking about shared interests init?

what is the points of cock rings?

Corr look at them boobers lads
Wouldn't mind slapping them around waheeyyy

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Makes your dick feel bigger in your boyfriend's arse.

just seems bizarre to me
like a lot of things humans used to do, poop in front of each other, not that i'm saying it's the same at all, but still thought it weird

Yeah it is weird. It's borderline homosexual.

nothing gay about talking about tits lad

There are literally only 100 days left in this decade lads, how does it make you feel?

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I draw the line at my friend demonstrating on me how he likes his dick sucked.
Too much bonding.

>only 100 days left in this decade lads, how does it make you feel?

tit lad hasn't been around for like a year mate

>18 times
What the actual fuck lad, for me it stops feeling good and starts to hurt after like the fourth

yeah that would be a bit much, I remember when I had a prozzie and I took some pictures to show my work mates, never considered that showing my mates my cock was weird

Back from Lidl, I'm afraid they didn't have any minge left

1 year left to find a gf

But the seaside of which county m8
Stuck living in this bumshite town

I'm already 4 months into my 29th year and it's not looking good lad

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Happy birthday Andrew mate.

*throws the britfeel do from the roof garden*

fuck the UK

*frantically tries to fence off the britfeel rooftop garden to prevent the seedlings being trampled*

and fuck whatever shithole you're from, sir

right back at you

wherever is closest to you

*wonders what the britfeel do was*

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Dog perhaps?
Don't know what else it would be

does anyone else talk about what cute femboys they wank off to with their mates?

Dancing around my bedroom headbanging when I should be heading out before the shops close.

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Na we only fuck dogs to death don't we.

>how does it make you feel?
it doesn't, and I was around for the end of the millennium

could have also been a doe.
has anybody checked the remains?

>has anybody checked the remains?
It was a donkey

What you wan't me to walk all the way down to the groundfloor of britfeel towers to look at a dead dog/doe
Fucking lifts knackered innit, not walking down 27 flights of stairs
Any ground floor lads wanna go have a look?

We installed some safety nets after the 12th lad jumped, whatever it is it'll still be alive a few feet from the rooftop

>and fuck whatever shithoIe you're from, sir

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we could order a takeaway and ask him what it was when he gets up here with the food

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that's actually genius Iad

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i want to go back to 2008

ah, me and user took them last week for a fishing trip. didn't get any fish though, we forgot where we set the nets

For me the wheels of failure had already been set in motion by that point, I'd need to go back to like 2005


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ziggy take me back

*scoops up the dead do with a copy of the sunday times*

>another day at toil

Remember when you were pursuing a moni gf?

Care to continue the chase?

got like 300 numbers on my lyca

how can you possibly be a gf when the majority of your time is spent "presenting male"

/britfeel/ group tour of an amazon fulfilment centre when?


poor tim, he's just not the same

at best makes a moni occasional weekend crossdresser innit

Every time Moni posts I'm just reminded of his horrifying Tumblr account
Bad memories lads

he'll be fine. can't wait for his comeback video. couldn't be more than a few hours away.

looks like we will have to get him sectioned again
stubborn people dont learn

i love drugs
drugs love me

i have reported tim for pushing an old man into the road

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just woke up
time for some breakfast then I will grind SM until I am level 40, got to level 36 last night AND got the 1h mace from cath!!!!

I wear "female clothes" most of the time when I go outside

>meet a guy at work
>shorter than me by 1 or 2 inches
>i'm 181cm (ball hair over 5ft11)
>he claims to be 6ft
>I tell him i'm only 5ft11
>he starts trying to tell me that there's no way i'm under 6ft

Why do people around average height lie? I get it when 5ft5 manlets do, but 5ft9 and 5ft10 isn't SO bad to the point where you need to be insecure. What gives lads?

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>tim is released

you better behave this tim or ELSE

people who are 6ft and above lie as well. It's weird but some people always wish that they could be taller, no matter how tall they really are.

5ft11-6ft1 is ideal range imo

insecurities of the modern world i guess, women with their 6 foot and over shit on tinder

>Matthew Moore, 30, and his partner Aaron, 28, were set to fly from Belfast to Cyprus in two weeks' time for their wedding - but have been left in limbo.

>They fear they're going to be left out of pocket for the dresses, suits, flowers and decorations they've already paid for if Thomas Cook goes bust.

LMAO who's wearing the dresses tho

Why can't I find a job in the UK?

Is he really though? 1 tweet in 15 hours. That's not our man.

im guessing the gaysmaids
why did i make that joke, im gay