Well guys? Why aren't studying, working hard and dating women? It's time to grow up you know

Well guys? Why aren't studying, working hard and dating women? It's time to grow up you know.

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>Philip Zimbardo

The Stanford prison experiment was already debunked

The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.
This bullshit has been told by every "Boomer" of history

Of course excessive porn use is crippling masculinity. It's not a secret. You're basically cuckolding yourself and denying yourself the real experience.

Porn is addictive. It downregulates dopamine receptors in your brain. It works on the same mechanisms as having sex and sniffing cocaine.

It kills your drive to go bang girls.. it spills over into all aspects of your life. FUCK PORN.

>studying, working hard and dating women
>Dating makes you a better person
One of these things is not like the others.

>It kills your drive to go bang girls..

Why waste time for fruitless chasing a roastie if you can be free to move on from sexual thoughts on 10 minutes? Imagine being a slave to your primal needs

>waste your time
>we are litterally hard-wired to reproduce
>failure to form a family unit is denying yourself happiness
>deep rooted unhappiness
>fapping is cucking yourself
>our entire substance is primal

Overall, cuck level 10/10. Enjoy being lonely

Than how come so many married dudes are unhappy?

Men are just catching up to women in terms of lazing about. #GenderEquality.

Nope, dating women leads to marriage and babies user, you have to produce more consumers

>you have to produce more consumers

you take from this that every generation is cyclical instead of it meaning there are recursive patterns generation to generation, you absolute fucking mongoloid

>Of course excessive porn use is crippling masculinity. It's not a secret. You're basically cuckolding yourself and denying yourself the real experience.
Pretty sure it's women doing that, faggot.

Just beat Far Cry 4 in two sittings; total 42 hours

Give people a valid reason to participate in society. The problem is the internet brought global awareness to where you actually stand, that you're like 3746363th worker or whatever. No one wants to be corporate slaves anymore or work 9 to 5. People are existentially bored. Media use is a symptom not a cause.


I'm not such an asshole to ruin life of my kids, so no thanks. Enjoy passing your beta genes and thinking of it like some kind of victory

Isn't that the prison experiment guy?

Grow up and do what? Pay taxes so I can be demographically replaced? Get married so I can lose half my shit and answer to a woman as to what I can and can't buy with my money and watch my dipshit son become a tranny if he doesn't die for Israel or oil in some retarded war, and my daughter turn into a whore?

Yeah, no thanks.

I'm good right the hell where I am.

>The Stanford prison experiment was already debunked

"Debunked" would be charitable. That would mean they drew the wrong conclusion from their data or that later repetitions of the experiment contradicted their result, etc. (Granted that experiment would be illegal under current law.)

It wasn't "debunked". It was exposed as fraudulent. This guy is a two-bit carnival hustler.

"time to grow up" do shit you dont want to do to fulfill a preconceived notion in your head.
real grown up.

>they show disrespect for elders
>They no longer rise when elders enter the room.
Elders actually used to have lots of useful life experience and information, and carried themselves in a respectable manner. Boomers today think they deserve respect simply because they exist.
Respect is given when it is deserved. If you do not earn respect, then you shall not receive respect. This has always been how respect works, dumb bootlicker.

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Im happy that these men give up. It has allowed black men more opportunities to have hot girlfriends and jobs, and Asian men to control the global economy

whenever i hear shit like this and then the word "masculinity" is thrown in there, i can't help but think all they really mean is "video games and porn are making men not want to work 16 hours a day until death for female and child cretins", that's literally all it is.

>he thinks he actually wants to play video games all day and be alone
They got you good but one day the reality will catch up to you lol. You know how many robots are suicidal right?

>philip zimbardo
This man fucked up the entire boston prison experiment on so many levels he's proven he's a brainlet to the world, this man has no idea what the word "empiricism" means so i doubt anything he says is nothing but frothy shit dribbling from his mouth

Kill yourself communist kike

What does the journalist want men to do instead?

>communist kike
What did i say that even indicated im a communist you literal fucking cro-magnon? Youve missed the mark so much im already shocked you can breath without choking on your own tongue but do tell sir genius McBigBrain, how am i a communist?

>Science doesn't agree with my all races are equal indoctrination
Facts don't care about your feelings, lefty
You need to go back

Robots have always existed it's we have a place to congregate and now suddenly it's a big problem

Shadilay, fellow MAGApede

Dudes just mad because he's a fucking NOOB.

I am not being ironic.

This just makes me want to blow my brains out more. Growning up I always saw no point in life we live to be slaves and all people like this care for is for men to enslave themselves to this fucked system. If we dont we get replaced by shit skins. Idk what the point is anymore.

Where did i say he doesnt believe in anything race related you slug? I said he has no idea what empericism means. Is that the word thats slowed down all 3 brain cells of yours? Because empericism means objective, rational, scientific approaches to things. He cant do fucking science right because he fucked up the stanford prison experiment from the start by participating.
>hurrrrrr lefty
Im an ancap you uber-bootlicker, how about you go back to the fucking congo because thats the only place with an IQ average where you would fit in.

wagecuck, pay taxes, breed

Serve the jews.


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It's like the boomers saying that ">you become a real man" if you go and do your mandatory military service here in my shithole.

they all should eat a bullet

posts of truth

It amazes me to this day that this fucking shit hole is better at analyzing the current state of society than any government agency or think tank.

Our government agencies work against us every step of the way of course we anazlize things better we do not hold power therefore only the truth is in our hands. They will attempt maintain their power no matter the cost. That is why they use lies.

Not everyone resents boomers/their own parents. Some of us actually want to have children and raise them the "correct" way and have solid traditional values. Also sex isn't that bad and I haven't played a good vidya in close to ten years

Stop contributing is the only way to force jewish rich powers on their knees whos with me

I was quoting Socrates showing that bitching about the new generation is something very old, not saying that Boomers deserve any kind of respect

I don't play video games, they are dumb, but western civilization is fucking doomed, so why bother trying to "achieve" something? I'm only of average intelligence, I will never create works of meaning; my best choice is to relax while the world around me collapses. I, of course, collapse with it, but so will everyone.

I stopped playing video games in high school and now I'm a khhv wizard. It's not just video games. Also, it's not porn -- I don't look at that shit either.

What are you, my mom? Fuck off

>muh society is in danger
holy fucking shit is this is your concers just go back to r*ddit.
i pray for global annihilation like any decent intelligent human

why do people like this pretend like being in a relationship means everything automatically becomes better?

you're so unbelievably naive to have horrible things can go wrong in a marriage. Alimony, childsupport, the inability to retire, alienation from a man's own children, etc.
>enjoy being lonely
its a small price to pay to avoid ruining my life you clueless faggot

once again, you have no idea how horrible marriage can go wrong you naive and worthless rodent

Based professor Zimbardo. Any male over the age of 18 who still indulges in video games is not a man, he is a child. If you had an ounce of self-respect you would be spending your time studying ancient religious texts and esoteric manuscripts in search of enlightenment, or reading through the bibliographies of the greatest philosophical minds in history. The miracle of faith gifted unto us by God is what should fill your soul, the truths of Wittgenstein, Kant, and Augustine should fill your mind, and the poetic beauty of Goethe, Homer, and Dostoevsky should fill your heart. Never consider yourself a man if your time is spent playing Fortnite and Smash Bros because you are too afraid of going without constant technological stimulation, lest you have another panic attack and cry into your stuffie, so your doctor has to up the Cymbalta dosage because you're too cowardly to simply stop feeling sorry for yourself and fix your pathetic life, once and for all.

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t. feminist and religious funded junk science bullshit

Yeah I wanted a family so bad the girl I was with for 6 years left me when I asked her to marry me over my job not paying enough. I really wanted a family and to raise them right I wanted it more then anyone here but it did not work out and now I suffer every day because of it. Vidya ruined my relationship i would use my free time on that trash because I worked myself to death trying to provide for my girl. I just wanted an escape from enslaving myself and from how fucked the world is. I seriously hate how everything is Im so close to ending myself I really am.

How many times does the average """Chad""" have sex to reproduce?

Why did you play video games if you had a woman? Maybe you should have payed more attention to the world around you. Some of don't waste time on vidya and still can't find a woman. Fuck this I am going to the gym, the only solace I get

>miracle of faith gifted unto us by God
Disqualifying everything else you may say.
Blind belief in your big imaginary friend in the sky is pretty much the exact opposite of growing up. It's a childish habit of clinging to make-believe because you can't deal with reality.

There's a lot of delusional failures on this board but christfags really are the worst of them with their idiotic selfrighteousness, all the while following the mandates a bunch of self important old child molesters invented to keep the peasants compliant.

Fucking nice. Society is fucking falling and it cant be fixed.

Kill yourself commie, go back to your trap porn

>women have an average of 7.7 sexual partners
>~7.7 different women a week from the age of 16, Chad is a respectable man after all
>400 different women a year
>average age of first child father is 31
>6000 different women by 31 assuming no irregular increase from unexpected one night stands
>gets married and has a child at 31
It will take about 6000+ women for Chad to reproduce.


some posts don't need dubs or trips to be based

Why bother when i can sustain my desired lifestyle by working as little as possible and getting my dick wet is as easy as going to the nearest bar and picking up a women looking to get laid?
I don't want a relationship or marriage were my SO is constantly nagging me and bringing children into the world as it is would just be irresponsible even if i wanted any.

Sure, i can see why OTHERS would want me to do those things, but why would i?

Any male over the age of 18 who still indulges in others males ideas is not a man. he is a pseudo.
If you can't come with your own ideas over the age of 18, you are pathetic.

Because it was something I enjoyed ever since I was a child. And my problem was I did pay attention to the world around me. Shit is completely fucked so I tried escapism. I go to the gym too as escapism. Still whatever I do I find no peace from the problems of modernity. Still the girl leaving was mostly due to my shitty job not any of my escapism.

6 feet 6 inches 6 figures

6 steel reserve for me

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>Some of don't waste time on vidya and still can't find a woman
shit is infuriatting
I used to have the typical "110-130h last 2 weeks" in steam but now I'm /lit/maxxing and carrermaxxing and it didn't changed a single bit of my wizard level

I read Heidegger and Nietzsche and play Doom and GTA. What does that make me, christfag?
All these statistical averages are laughable though, the results you postulate imply that Chad doesn't pick his women.

Of course nobody wants to be alone. You think I engage in escapism and self-isolation because it's enjoyable? I don't want to be alive, I notice I get treated more poorly than my peers, and no one cares to be around me except when my presence has some immediate financial or social benefit for them. Let me be alone in fucking peace.

So that's the response of someone studying ancient wisdom and the great philosophers. You sure showed me your enlightenment and maturity.
Shouldn't you be above that and turn the other cheek? Or at least be capable of a rational argument? You're a Real Man after all.

Why dont academics respect my 1 taps, aces, clutches, noscopes, etc?

They didnt have vg or porn in that era bruh

I will refine my shitpost when ONS starts recording Chad's sexual habits

I'm not that user, I'm just calling you a fag

People have replicated the experiment and were unable to reproduce the results.

Didn't Greece collapse and get invaded by Ottoman Muslims?

They didn't pull themselves up by their bootstraps and didn't shake the Venetian hand firmly enough