Asian female worship thread

let's worship the beauty of Asian girls

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I love asian holes

>worship women

How can I get myself an asian girlfriend, bros?

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approach an azn girl and ask her to be your gf. it's that simple.

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ops that was meant for

worship ASIAN woman

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what if im indian

Sadly where I'm from is filled with Niggers and Mexicans so there's not many Asian women around. Know where can I met some cute ones online though?
Sorry to tell you this but you're fucked, bro.

why is there no hope for me

Most women are not interested in Indian men mostly because they smell like shit and act like creeps so your chances with Asian women are slim to none. Best to just find yourself an Indian girl to settle down with.

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you should better try to find a western Asian girls because they are more open to date other races

if the media was able to change the way females perceived blacks than they could do the same with indians

I've seen some cute Indian girls, though I have a thing for darker women so perhaps that's just me.
But holy fuck, imagine if I'm not weird and a lot of white men are interested in Indian girls. Then you are truly fucked and even your own women will abandon you.

That's only applies to white chicks. Asians hate niggers

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What does "worship" actually mean in this context?

Going to require sauce and yea, my azn gf hates blacks.

I want an asian girlfriend so bad but me being 5'6 really does make me just not bother. I just dont see hoe anyone could love a short person.

Go to the Philippines and be white, the women will be drawn to you like flies on shit.

>Asians hate niggers
I would not say "hate" but yes they are not that well viewed by them

recognizing their superiority

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>worship ASIAN woman

What if i told you i dont want to be a walking stereotype?




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You sure about that one white boy?

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dios mio....they look fucking hideous sorry bro

>Normies look worse than actress and models
In other news fire is hot

Oh hey i can post pictures too! Watch!

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Do you have any that look a little more superiorfit?

>aznidentity manlet posts black guys dating old/ugly asian girls.
>humble attractive tall white guy posts young beautiful wmaf couples
Fuck asianbros.... they just keep winning, huh?

its a funny new Asian Incel tactic
they want white men to feel cucked and scared when black men are with Asian woman but they still cuck themselves, pretty pathetic

>tfw no Korean convenience store clerk gf
Before I started watching her stream I couldn't care less about Asian girls. But now white girls feel inferior.

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fuuuuck I need to coom to an azn


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sorry dude. the answer is NO

you don't have a fucking choice in the matter you manlet faggot. go get some squat pinay pussy in the philippines or cry harder

i'm so glad i'm black asian girls love black guys, especially the Japanese because they like how

>black guys have gravity defy hair like anime and how soft it is to touch
>they like our music and our culture e.g jrap, japanese jazz, japenes hip hop
>they like how more assertive and less shy black guys are
>they like how big the average black guys dick is

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got any insta accounts like this?

sorry my dude asian girls don't really like indian guys much, it's not impossible but indians are very much religious focused and to a lot of outsiders indian religions sound extreme.

it's possible to get a japanese girl as an indian but you would have to be not religious and be one of the handsome indian guys like fouseytube.

a black guy or a white guy has better chance with an asian girl than a indian guy.

But literally every single statistic says that asian girls have almost no preference for black guys. You're kinda stupid, as you're obviously just assuming they will like you.

>but muh statistics!
literally memes

t. black guy who has dated 3 asian girls

I am angry. White men could easily get this if they wanted to but asian qties would never give a nigger like me a chance because of memes. Fuck this gay earth 6

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oh boy thats a massive cope right here

>statistic guy
i have been to japan as a black guy they are more curious about black people than anything ( as a lot of them don't know many black people and there is no major bad history with black people, in fact the first non japanese samurai was a black person called yasuke), even when i was walking on the street i was getting a lot of comments about my hair as lot of the girls were using the japanese slang term for cool to describe it.

also i got a few girls ask to touch my hair and i would always smile and just say "sure go on" and they seemed to really like the texture. i'm not just speaking from assumption i'm speaking from experience. Japanese girls really do like black guys.

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here you go user cope with this

>tfw just cut off 6 months worth of hair

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they are actually not liked because most of them there are criminals
and just because they want to touch your hair does not mean they like you lmao

you are coping when you think that girls like you because they touch your hair
thats a typical Incel thing to do
>a girl gives me 2 seconds of attention

>most black people are criminals
hahaha now i know you are just baiting
black people and black culture is not just limited to african americans and gang culture.

i'm black and British and am in university, and draw anime art in my free time. stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason user.

asians and blacks a very simular and both know what it feel like to be racially discriminated, even bruce lee used to face racial discrimination and he is a legend.

saying all blacks are criminals and gangsters is the same as saying all asians are kung fu and martial art masters or all Italians are mobsters

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i never said the asian girls were sexually attracted to me, i said they liked me, and that asian girls can and do like black guys be it as friends or sometimes more.

no most blacks in Japan are criminals and in the yakuza you absolutely moron
and no just because you talked to a girl for a few seconds does not mean they like you
and no you did not date a hot Japanese girl because all japnese girls who date foreigners are garbage anyways

fuck off nigger whites only

yea sure pal.

fucking nigger

well you said that they love black guys because they have big penises????
thats really funny how everything changed so quickly lol

There's a good reason why people hate Niggers, nigger.

>imagine being this butthurt you start making stuff up

the yakuza is a very heavily japanese run crime organization sure there are few black people in it just as there are a few white people in it but it's mainly japanese.

yeah it does, if someone is kind to you that means they like you, liking someone is not as deep as you think it is i'm not talking about in a exclusive sexual or romantic way, just a generic overall covering all the bases kind of way in which japanese girls like me and are nice and kind to me just as i am to them.

I used to be an athiest but then I caught yellow fever and realized that asian women are proof of God's existence.

>the way females perceived blacks
twitter and ghetto, the only places on this planet where females aren't disgusted by niggers
even here in cuckistan (SWE) zoomie girls hate blatta and people say we're the most jew'd commies

but that had nothing to do with them just generally talking to me.

noice thanks, you are also my nigger! *gives you a fist bump* :D

nah most people love me because i'm a nice person who opens the door for people in public and always gives people way before myself. i get a lot of thank you comments.

>he does not know about the Nigerians in Japan
it seems you dont have a lot of knowledge of Japan even though you claimed that you were there

and anyways I never said that they will fucking hate you and kill you or some shit but the claim that "Japanese girls love Black guys" is just wrong
Japanese girls also dont love any other foreigner besides Koreans

get yourself a pervert gf

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I had a really perverted asian gf, she was obsessed with WMAF porn and would randomly say shit like "I want you to plow me" or "I WANNA FUCK"

i'm not nigerian and they are everywhere not just in japan
they are not the whole of africa and they are not the whole of blacks, they are again a small portion of the bigger picture that is black people and culture. belive me or not i don't care japanese girls do love and like black guys as much as you don't want to believe it i have experience that says otherwise so i don't care.

>japanese girls don't like any other foreigner besides koreans
that's when i know you don't know what you are talking about, don't you know about the comfort women from korea that were taken to japan?
user please don't claim you know a lot about asians when you don't, there is a bit of tension between korea and japan and japan and china

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you are so fucking redaed and you have no idea about Japan I have been there multiple time Japanese girls LOVE Korean guys because of something little know as "kpop" you maybe head of this before
and again you say they "love black guys" but the only experience you had is them touching your hair lol
so just stop lying man I have as it seems much more experience and knowledge than you

What's up with this "Whites VS Blacks" thing extending to who gets to get with Asian girls? You fucks are absolutely obsessed.

insecure polniggers

because it seems like Black guys are really insecure so they have to show off their "success" with Asian woman

delusional niggers derailing the thread

The one thing you idiots all have in common right now is that you're all insecure and delusional.

not really because the thread started out as a Asian woman love thread and then blacks come in and scream THEY LOVE BLACK GUYS for some reason its not even related

>doesn't know about "jpop"
sure there are some japanese girls who like kpop idols but japan has it's own jpop industry in which japanese girls like, it's just that jpop didn't blow up outside of japan as much a kpop blew up outside of korea. also japan has a bigger idol industry than korea of female idols it's just less known because the idol fans are otaku males and not females screaming about staning their idol on twitter.

>the only experience toy had is them touching your hair
oh there is more experiences than that , hehe but i have only shared casual experiences, there have been romantic experiences though i have had.

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I can't blank post, but I can't articulate my feelings. I wish I was attractive to women.

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sorry no you don't have a clue bts and kpop is much more popular in Japan
I can really smell the lies in your bullshit I'm sorry but Japanese girls don't like foreigners black or white just get over it

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americans are very obsessed with racial stuff. please be patient, they are autists.

again sure the male kpop idols are popular in japan but the female ones not so much

when it comes to female idols japanese otaku males prefer jpop idols and their own idol industry as it's a lot easier to have a crush on someone and support someone who is closer and lives in the same country as you.

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you said that Japanese girls dont like Korean guys????
why are you always changing???
first you say that they love and worship black guys and then all of a sudden you say that none of them have been sexually attracted to you wtf? can you please keep your opinion for more than a few seconds?

and btw Japanese hate people like you who think they are superior and can get girls easy
just that you know for the future

>you said japanese girls don't like korean guys
user please don't speedread i said
"sure there are some japanese girls who like kpop idols but japan has it's own jpop industry in which japanese girls like"

i'm not changing anything
i never said the worship black guys but they do love and like us it's the same as how black girls love and like white guys it's not the case for every japanese woman but it's not an unlikely as you think it is.

also i never said none have been sexually attracted to me, i was just in that situation talking about the fact that they like black guys and are curious about them so i gave the example of wanting to touch my hair as proof.

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i'm not superior in anyway i'm just your average black person (meaning that i'm just a person and my skin has nothing to do with the way i act and think), and i don't think i can get girls easy but i do think i am a kind gentleman and all around nice person and know how to treat a lady right :)

you begin with this talking that you are superior and that they LOVE youand now its not the case anymore
what is going on??????

Japanese women belong to the Zainichi

when did i ever say i was superior, i said i was glad to be born to be black and i'm glad japanese girls like these traits in black people. what is it a crime to be glad about stuff? should i hate being black and that people like certain physical or emotional traits about me being black?

>all Japanese woman want to fuck black men
>not thinking he is superior
alright that makes sense

Japanese girls hold their noses as you walk by because you smell, you swarthy jungle ape

Can we all just ignore the retarded dindu and get back to talking about Asian goddesses

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hehe here is your (you)
nice bait

nice bait bait here is your (you) body odor is a common thing among all human beings even women, to not have a body odor would imply you are not human which is probably what should have gone with instead of implying i have a common human function.

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no but seriously Japanese have no body odor and dislike the smell of whites and black look it up

>Sadly where I'm from is filled with Niggers and Mexicans so there's not many Asian women around.
Exact same thing here. It's causing me so much suffering. It's to the point where I'll have no choice but to travel just to see some qt Asians

yeah they have a reduced body odor in terms of how potent it's smell on average is to a lot of other races but they still do sweat and they still do get body odor when do a lot of it.

they just have slightly less smelly sweat but they sure still do a lot of it as they have a lot of warm hot days during the year.

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*when they do a lot of it.
*they just have slightly a less smelly sweat

i hate this auto spell, it's messing me up

fuck it
*they just have a slightly less smelly sweat
i'm going to turn off this auto correct it's so bad one sec

anyways Im done
you must be delusional if you think that they like foreigners
I know many of them and they are never really liked regardless of race
I mean just look at the marriage statistics only 1% of all marriages are international so there you have it

U lucky bastard

>statistics guy
user that's not how the universe works or the world works or even how people work read up on a bit of quantum theory and human behavior and psychology. statistics are like a general estimate for the most part they are rarely ever 100% factual especially when it comes to people and human behavior,

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This is now a thread for black Queens.

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Dating an Asian woman is the most beta thing you can do as a white guy. Dating a black woman is the most alpha thing you can do as a white guy.

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How the fuck are skinny flat assed Asian girls supposed to compete with this?

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okay whatever floats your boat user, but all girls are queens in my eyes

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