How do you write the letter y Jow Forums?

how do you write the letter y Jow Forums?

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Right one is faster and goes better with my writing flow.

Left is upper case
Right is lower case

Exactly. Are you retarded OPee.

SPBP mute my ass


how is there no option for this?

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looks retarded and who would even write it like that

Kind of like this. Its just one stroke.

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I have never seen anyone do A before

Do you never write in uppercase?

My uppercase looks like this, it's pretty much the same as:

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i write it like that you piece of shit

I do A for uppercase but draw the lines upwards instead of downwards.

I do it in a stupid retard way I picked up from my mum.

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niggas in this thread not just writing the B way because its the fastest and sickest baka

Where do you stand when it comes to the great debate, Jow Forums?

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A's the upper case one,B's the lower case. Y and y, you morpn

You have been muted for 8 seconds, because your comment was not original.

left, right, left
my lower case zs look like stupid 3s though

B A (B when lowercase) B
Fuck doing 4 like that tho, it looks like a 9 and I always fuck my shit up cause I can't tell it apart. It's a bad habit if anything.

left hand side 4 and z, but right hand side for Z.
I cannot decide on 7, but leaning right.

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like Times new Roman

A is for uppercase! OwO
B is for lowercase! UwU

Left all the way~! Also, I add a short horizontal line to the "tail" of the smol q and similar lines to both ends of the big I (so it kinda looks like the Roman number one~)! And sometimes a little hook to the lower end of the small l! :3c

>>>not having this as an option
op is retarded

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i like writing with a little bit of style

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y because handwriting is obsolete

Chad numerals coming through

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2 strokes because I'm lazy

Let me ckeck...
It appears I use both options. Cool.

A bit unorthodox but it's the way I've always done it.

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why did you write your zero as a null

Imagine not writing in cursive
Why do Americans write in ugly print letters?

oh shut up you arrogant fool

Why cross your 7s? I picked up the habit of crossing 0s and Zs from my math studies, to differentiate them from Os and 2s. But 7 is pretty clear already.

How am I being arrogant? Everyone I know writes in cursive, including other Europeans. Americans are the only people I know who don't.

The line in the 0 isn't supposed to go completely through it, that turns it into a letter (which for some reason, you can't post on Jow Forums as it just comes out as a normal O, even on boards other than Jow Forums)

Not him, but in certain contexts I do this to make it easier to distinguish between O (letter) and 0 (digit).

I'd say young americans don't. I see old people all the time writing cursive. Cursive is an obsolete writing style anyways.

>Felons Claw
Um user...

It's faster, more convenient and prettier. It's obsolete only if you were raised on the internet.

>"Basically the person that has this trait will seem like the nicest, sweetest person you've ever met, but then will end up back-stabbing you for what appears to be no particular reason."

The actual great debate

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yeah it is but only if they can actually write it, like 75% of people i see write cursive just write unreadable trash on the paper

left: F
right: literally fucking what

>it's faster
Nope. When speed is a factor block is more legible
>more convenient
It's messier and often unlegible, print conveys same information and is more readable in a variety of handwriting styles.
>it's prettier
For the 1% of people who put effort into there writing. When under pressure or when speed matters the resulting cursive is disgusting
>it's only obsolete I'd you grew up on the Internet.
Everyone on this website grew up on the Internet. If you honestly think there are any oldfags here your genuinely retarded.

feels good to be a handwriting chad

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It can look legible and be written quickly, you retarded faggot.
I'm 22 and I didn't have internet until I was 16.

Huh... would you look at that.

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>Why yes, I do write exclusively in cursive. How could you tell?

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Here's how I do it. I try to minimize the number of pen-lifts

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>Not writing normally but still connecting each letter
This is the true patrician's writing style.

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How about your Ks? I do c,C but can't remember who I stole it from.

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Left 4
I do either z depending on my mood.
My 7s used to be like the left one, but I recently picked up this way of writing them because people here can't tell the difference between a regular 7 and a 1.

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More than often, I'll write it like this: a kind of half-assed cursive f.

Usually "b"/"B", but I'll occasionally do an "a" as well since I used to teach preschoolers.

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Because it looks far superior, also there's no way to confuse it with a 1 with a head and no base.

Like this, single stroke, much faster

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I write it like this, I thought it was standard cursive but I just looked it up and it doesn't really seem like it

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I write the capital Y like that

For the 4, I actually use both. For Z and 7, well, it's just plain retarded to write a line through it.

all left, used to do my Zs and 7s like the right but made a conscious decision when i was in like middle school, i think it just looks nicer