And when the thrill wears off, and it will wear off, then what?

having a partner is overrated and over romanticised. It wont fix your problems, it wont make you less lonely. Stop waiting for the special one to hold your hand and fix your life for you.

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Having a partner gives many people a thousand times more motivation to fix their own life than being alone

>That pic
Who's the shota?

bullshit. If you enter a relationship for the thrill and the motivation of feeling good youre in for a world of hurt

only true for women and pathetic, feminized "men".
not OP but you should seek fulfilment in things that aren't women, the vast majority of women are the fucking scum of society. working on yourself brings way more fulfilment than getting nagged at by some cunt.

>Stop waiting for the special one to hold your hand and fix your life for you.
Understanding this is the key to really getting along in life.

>be me
>contain spaghetti for the first time
in my life
>get gf
>sadness and loneliness goes away for a bit
>after a few months it hits me like a truck
>still have mood swings
>still have trouble sleeping
>still unhappy with everything
>still disinterested in everything that i used to like
>feel obligated to tell my gf i am okay and nothing is wrong because when i do open up about feeling like this she recommends seeing a doctor or a therapist etc which makes me incredibly uncomfortable
call me a normalfag if you really want to. having a girlfriend does not fix you and i would wager that it only makes your problems worse.

I am not waiting on anyone to fix me I just want to have the experience of having a gf.

If she leaves youre more sad thand before with no gf trust me

Thats why you aim to find your best friend rather than a stunner.

I have a twin sister (im male) and we have a really close bond. I'd go as far as saying we're best friends. When we fall out all is forgiven within 5 mins. I'm never bored around her. We're comfortable in the same room and not saying anything.

She's basically the only person in the world where I can act natural around and not feel judged. I'm anxious around my friends and to some degree my parents too.

If it wasn't for my sister I would not believe that it was possible to have a really close bond with a GF. It's given me motivation to sort out my anxiety so that I can start dating and find 'the one'. Im almost 25 and never had a girlfriend so time is ticking.

>t's given me motivation to sort out my anxiety so that I can start dating and find 'the one'. Im almost 25 and never had a girlfriend so time is ticking.
But user, your best friend and perfect life partner has been staring you in the face this whole time....

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you sound like you dont even know what you really want, whats " the experience of having a gf." exactly?

I can not really tell you. I have never had a serious relationship.

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So you really are sitting on your bum waiting for "someone". Go figure

I'm not waiting for anyone to fix my life. Sometimes I do feel sad because I've never had a gf and feel like I never will. Am I not allowed to feel sad sometimes? I think that's perfectly normal, although I could stand to think about this "problem" less.

Still better than rotting all alone. That's why most people stay together for years.

The picture undermines the point of the text so hard that now I not only want to fuck, I want to cuddle afterwards. Good job, OP.
Then you sing the blues

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so you just want to "rot" and do nothing with your life but with someone by your side? Really romantic......

I don't really want to rot, although I kind of expect to. I certainly don't expect someone to be by my side as long as I'm a loser.

then why the fuck did you enter this conversation? This thread clearly wasnt directed at you

It's Elle Fanning.

>get qt nerdy bf
>sex sucks
>plethora of medical issues stemming from sex
>don't even cum from sex
>barely even masturbate anymore because I feel no point
>even more depressed than I was before
Self image doesn't even improve. I'm just as ugly as I was before. If he breaks up with me I'm going to go volcel.

Nothing more to add, nothing to take away from this. I already had a gf and my depression was gone for that time. I had motivation to fix my life.
When it ended, my depression started to kick in back again.

>and pathetic, feminized "men"

>Wanting to fuck a woman
>being "feminized"

nice cope, inceletty

you literally cannot function without someone by your side being an emotional sponge for you.

Same. I just enjoy being loving and affectionate and having sex and being able to chill with someone who gets me.