Would you want an asexual girlfriend? You can hug her, kiss her, maybe she'll even blow you just to be nice...

Would you want an asexual girlfriend? You can hug her, kiss her, maybe she'll even blow you just to be nice, but you can never have actual sex with her.

This is my situation. Forever alone or basically self cucking by staying with a girl who doesn't want to have sex. What would you have done?

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keep her
It's pretty much safe to assume that she won't run away to the next best guy with a big dick and chads can't cope with not having sex. Also depending on her she might try out sex once or twice but don't be pushy

Think of the upsides, you never have to worry about being cucked.

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>You get all the benefits incels would die for and have a decent relationship but you won't get sex
hmm very hard decision

>asexual girlfriend

It's called having a friend, you dummy

This is true. She really loves me and would never have sex with another guy, that I am sure of.

The reason she's asexual is that she was sexually abused by her stepfather for years, it completely destroyed her sexuality. She is afraid of sex. This is also a big reason that I don't want to leave her, it's not her fault she became like this.

That sounds perfect. I wouldn't even care for the blowing, just the kissing and cuddling ontop of a romantic relationship would be perfect.

There could be hope for you, user. How close are you to her? Is she actually asexual or just on the asexual scale? My only good friend is somebody who always said they were asexual but has recently changed this to demisexual. She generally doesn't care for anything sex related, but if you get the right guy and the right connection forms and she opens up. In my years of knowing her this has happened exactly twice.

But to answer your question, I would. Sex is cool and all but give me a gf I can cuddle and touch and go on cute dates with and I'm satisfied.

There you go, you love each other and you help her out with her trauma. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.
I don't really get why you want to leave her considering the chances that someone else is ok with her condition are pretty damn low

user my gf was also asexual and I was really okay with this god I miss her

Just get an asexual tomboy chick friend who hangs out with you every day like a complete bro. That's what I found.

Since we're such great pals she does favors and such and that's great. The rest of the time we're busy raping the markets in MMO's, trolling people, and etc. It is especially fun watching her shutdown every guy who comes nearby, and she goes off on roasties too.

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>asexual tomboy who goes off on roasties
This needs to be fucking government mandated like the sexbots

What happened between you two user? Why'd you two split

>you can never have actual sex with her.
No children = no relationship for me.
I don't care about the sex per se, but I definitely want to have children later on.

Not all asexual people are repulsed by sex, but being traumatized by abuse is gonna make it harder for her to be that intimate with you. I'd still stay with her if I was in your place.

She was bipolar and manipulating me from time to time she would be the nicest person on earth for months and than a total cunt I was addicted to her and could still not get over her

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My main concern would be about having children in the future.

she's not asexual you're just not physically attractive... take what you can get bro

I'd prefer it, I have a small penis.

Sure, I think sex is gross anyway and I don't know how to have sex. I'd probably poke her sides and tease her a lot until she gets angry and bites my arm out of irritation, then I'd give her a big hug and squeeze her head against my chest, suffocating her with overwhelming affection. Oh and don't forget tucking her into bed when she's nearly asleep and reading her studies on the teachings of John Wycliffe.

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I've read your posts and you're right, I should stay with her. We love each other and I don't think I could live with myself if I left her, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Not a concern for me since I don't want children, ever. Also I'm sure she'd agree to get inseminated with my sperm or something if we really wanted children.

>tfw had asexual gf who was sexually abused and raped throughout her child and teen years
>Forced sex on her

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Where are you from? You sound like her evil ex.

Why did her "evil ex" call her out too.

Also I'll let you in on a secret OP. It's not that she doesn't like sex. She just has a high tolerance. You got to fuck her hard to get her off.

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personally, I would dump her. sex is one of the few reasons I would consider all the inevitable pain, annoyance, and time/money expenditure that comes with a relationship. if you're ok with not having sex then stay with her, but otherwise leave and find a girl more willing to meet your needs, as being alone is better than being in a shit relationship. also, for anyone saying "well at least she won't cheat", sex is not the only way to cheat, and you're assuming she's telling the truth as opposed to just not wanting sex with OP

He was a highly manipulative sociopath who knew he was hurting her but still demanded/forced sex. She left him for me.

is she ok with you cheating on her? like hooking up with someone else and then continuing the "gf experience" after. if yes, then dont break up

As long as we can cuddle up close and intimate.

She's only "asexual" for you OP, if Chad came along it would be a different story.

I've never asked her that but pretty sure it would hurt her feelings, a lot. Also it wouldn't feel right.

>you can never have actual sex with her
The keyword is "you". Any of them would gladly eat Chad's shit, just because he's Chad. While you is " not the right one" for any act of intimacy.

>He was a highly manipulative sociopath who knew he was hurting her but still demanded/forced sex. She left him for me.
She probably still fucks that dude.

No this was years ago but with her tendency to be a people pleaser with a thing for retarded edgy hippie faggots I wouldn't be surprised if she dated another guy like me after me. Where are You From?

I will tell you after you've told me where you're from.

why would it hurt her? it's not like she's losing anything here

>implying she wouldn't fuck Chad anyway
God, you guys are dense.

She'd feel emotionally betrayed and worthless is my guess.

You're a good man, user.
Take good care of her.

Whatever then. I'm from wakanda nigger. Not outing myself any further.

she already isnt involved in your sexuality so how would it be betrayal? if she's asexual she shouldnt care imo

Describe her ex and I will tell you if it's me or not xpp

It shows your partner is not good enough you dummy, which will ruin the relationship.

but she isnt, why would she even contest it. if you have sexual needs and she doesnt, it's literally more than obvious

Nah, you will tell me where you're from. If I describe him and you're him, you could figure out who I am before I know it's you.

>She says she's asexual
I would say: How are you different from a friend then? You're not ready/able to be a in a relationship, this is the end

She's having sex, just not with you retard.

Nah m8 my interaction with this girl took place 4 years ago

For how long did you know her?

"""Asexual""""" girlfriend
How is that every single time this happens, it's the dude getting played?
How is it that you NEVER hear of the reverse situation, an asexual dude with a concerned girlfriend?

Few weeks lol

Asexual dudes are thought of as weird loners/pedos I suspect. Hard to get a girlfriend.

And she told you about her childhood, the traumas and everything right away? Ok.

IS she at least willing to do mutual masturbation?

And for the people who think she's fucking someone else: we're with each other all the time, literally. Right now she is sleeping in another room. If she was fucking someone else I would notice.

Honestly I might if I weren't a desperate virgin. I'm not a very sexual person, I just really want to lose my v-card for psychological reasons.

What about fucking prostitutes? If it's legal in your country ofc because I know there are a lot of american bots here.

lel. You;ll say that until one day you find she's blocked you on all social media and is pursuing some Brad who gave her the time of day. You're just a resource node.

>I'm from wakanda nigger
Kek, my sides, based user dabs on OP

Based samefagging retard

oh great a crazy chick. Hell no! I want a cute asexual gf with normal background for cuddling.

My friend is asexual and is still very popular in college( lots of friends, always elected as the class representative and any charge he wants)

Get buttmad nigger

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Depends what she's willing to do despite her asexuality. If no oral, no handjob, not even letting me jerk off in front of her, I would be very disappointed. Then again, I'll take what I can get so maybe I'd accept that and learn to deal with it. I assume every couple starts having less sex at some point anyway.

I wouldn't see an issue, as long as I can masturbate I can nut so, what's the problem? In any case I'd advise you to do your best to be supportive. If you love her then even if she stays asexual then her smile coming more frequently will make you happy and who knows, maybe she'll decide to give it another shot? But don't be entitled to that, it'd be a possibility, nothing more. Only fate would tell.

I would love a asexual gf, she won't cheat on me or get into degen s*x cu-lt-ure , she won't need it because she 's self-aware and understands herself.

damaged goods. 99% chance she cheats on you over the next year. its not that she doesnt want sex, just she doesnt want sex with YOU

Well you have each other for your emotional connection

Then when she leaves for a weekend girls trip, you wip out the crowbar to break up the floor boards and blow up a sex doll with her face a photo of her face attached

Problem solved

Keep her, retard. One day you'll realize she's right not to have sex with you.
An asexual girlfriend > a whore girlfriend

You don't like sex, user?