My friend just bought a 6 pack of beer and drank it all in one night, how can I get help for his alcoholism? Hes a construction worker and I'm worried about him, hes done this every weekend since getting this job...

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He doesn't need help for alcoholism, you need help to stop being such a faggot.

According to arecent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, moremale construction workerstake their lives than any other industry.

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a 6 pack of coronas would pass through his system before even making him semi drunk. your friend is not an alcholic.

when he starts sneaking in bottles like this or drinks in his room, then you can make this thread again.

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>worried about a 6pack of corona

Modelo is the better beaner cerveza btw.

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Does drinking a six pack in one session make you an alcoholic?! Shieeet im in trouble then

>tfw currently on a break from booze until Halloween
feels great and shit at the same time
but yeah OP, a 6 pack on the weekend is nothing. if I could limit my drinking to that, I probably wouldn't feel a need to take a break at all
>not Pacifico

>2 pints

describe the bender that made you take a break?

Sopa do macaco, sopa, sopa do macaco

Six 4,5 alch grade beers will do nothing to him, worry if he starts chugging something over 6 grades

it wasn't a bender, I'm just getting really disgustingly fat, and alcohol (especially the quantities I drink) has a lot of calories

>geting drunk off coronas
what kind of a lightweight is he

Yeah, the calories in most alcohols puts me off from drinking heavily that the prospect of becoming an alcoholic.

a WHOLE six-pack? Wow. How is he not dead yet?

Are you telling me we might see Jow Forums Samson? the world is not ready to witness the rapture

Corona is basically flavored water. You'd have to be a lightweight and chug them one after another to even approach getting drunk.
Emptying a sixpack over the course of an evening is completely normal.
Unless he starts drinking during the week the one having a problem isn't him, it's you.


probably not, I'm too lazy to lift, and don't want to spend the money for a weight set or deal with social interaction in the gym
yeah, booze has an insane amount of calories. each shot is at least 100, and I would take 10 a night minimum, plus at least 2 beers/ciders which can be twice that or more. so that's 1400 calories in booze alone on a light night, not to mention all the fast food I would drunkenly order

Dude I drink 6 beers in one night all the time. Its normal.

Lots of alcoholic cope in this thread. CDC considers anything over 2 drinks a night problem drinking for men, and they know much more about it then some coping robots.

>a 6 pack of beer

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except he's not drinking 2 a night, he's drinking 6 a week. IMO someone who drinks 2 beers every single night has more of a problem than someone who drinks a 6 pack on a weekend

For sure. I can easily drink a few a night.

Bruv I drank the equivalent of a water bottle full of vodka last night and barely got drunk

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Thats not alcoholism.

you must be morbidly obeast. only fatties brag about drinking entire fifths

Most end-of-life alcoholics are skelly as fuck because the stomach ache makes them unable to eat.

Damn dude if a 6 pack makes you an alcoholic then Im like the god of alcoholics at 12 a night