Its so funny to me to see r9k eat meat. like its the ultimate hypocrisy...

its so funny to me to see r9k eat meat. like its the ultimate hypocrisy. so many of you faggots cry all day about being bullied, how its immoral when normies, chads bully you in school and work. how its immoral when the government or other people screw you over, yet you hypocritical faggots eat meat and pay for animals to be tortured and killed for your taste pleasure. because cheesebugers and bacon and steak taste good, even though you can survive perfectly fine on a diet free of meat, cheese milk and eggs

im listening to jf's review of his debate with vegan gains, and its just so sad. meat eaters are ENDLESSLY disengenous and facetious. they are the epitome of hypocritical immoral normies. they dont care. if slavery was legal, they'd own slaves, if dog fighting was legal they'd fight dogs

its so sad to truly see people be this hypocritical. none of you faggots can complain about the injustices you've experienced in life if you arent a vegan. you're like a slave owner complaining about being bullied by other people

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i dont even know why this happens. why are people so hypocritical and evil?

is it something to do with the genes? is there some kind of evolutionary niche that they fill by being as immoral and hypocritical as they can, in the same way that parasites, cuckoo-birds fill?

its almost like they exist as a direct counter-ballance to vegans existing, or something

like, these people are not intellectually honest. jf, destiny, any meat eater really. ENDLESSLY disengenous hypocrisy. they just do what they can get away with

its all so depressing. it really makes me feel like life is a mistake

schopenhauer was right about everything. life is a mistake, and the only time life is good is when you get absorbed into escapism with videogames or whatever other autistic interest

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aren't you the nutjob wannabe monk who got voluntarily castrated? why the hell should anyone take the opinions of a low t lunatic like you seriously?

Because animals are not human, and I don't care about animals. Why are you being so retarded about where people draw their line of caring? It's not like you care about all living creatures like plants or shit...

i eat meat cause its tasty
i do not feel any emotion towards killing anything
done it back when i was 15 at grandpa's farm and then we had to skin the pig and put it trough the rod for the perfect roasting
would probably do the aforementioned things to a human if i had a reason to
in conclusion, who the fuck cares you basedboy

I think veganism is the ultimate hypocrisy. You will never be right because you ignore all the science and only use ad hom attacks anyway

kill yourself you braindead faggot. this is what i mean when i say meat eaters are the shittiest of people. the only thing you're capable of is attacking my character

>why the hell should anyone take the opinions of a low t lunatic like you seriously?
lets say i was even worse, lets say i enjoyed killing and raping babies in my spare time?

how does that change anything? how does my behavior affect the validity of my ideas or arguments?

fucking retard. if i told you that 2+2 is 4 and that water is wet, would you point out that im castrated?

if i was a turbo chad model, would that make my opinions and ideas any more valid?

>It's not like you care about all living creatures like plants
plants are not sentient and conscious


see what i mean! meat eaters are the most disgusting people. THERES NO SINCERITY WITH MEAT EATERS. honestly!

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Water is wet? That is just semantics. Vegan fad diets? It is a lifestyle choice that you think is better or moral but your life sucks and you have no morals. Nobody should listen to you or any other vegan because it is fundamentally a retarded diet and you do it for retarded reasons, except environmentalism which is exaggerated anyway.

You still have no testicles and you are still depressed. This lifestyle you chose is wrong

>You will never be right because you ignore all the science
what science? show me the science that shows vegans are wrong, please

heres science showing animals are conscious and sentient

like seriously, you people are so disengenous IT HURTS

why are people like this? i honestly think its some ballancing equation by god that produced genes that makes people disingenuous and facetious, because it helps them reproduce and succeed in the world

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because your actions show that you are clearly mentally unstable, and thus an unreliable source of information you schizoid fuckwit. as for "attacking your character", that is exactly what your OP is doing to meat eaters. and you call us hypocrites, wew lad

"meat is tasty" > "muh animal suffering"

Plants are still living. You cannot use the same argument that we use and then say we are wrong, dumbass. If you claim there is a difference between plants and animals, we can claim there is a difference between animals and humans. Go fuck youself plant murderer lmao

>plants are not sentient and conscious
How would you know? Just because they don't have what we can classically identify as a brain.
Do plants not react to damage? Do plants not bleed? Are plants not, like any other living creature, made off of cells?

How am I not sincere? I don't care about animals, to the extent that I wouldn't eat them.

Every single day you ignore every post that proves you wrong. You just get upset and leave

>its so funny to me to see r9k eat meat.
You don't see any one eat meat you stay in your room like the piggy sperg you are.

Well no one would attack your character if you didn't make the same thread and namefag

>its so funny to me to see r9k eat meat
I agree. Seeing you cry every single day has yet to get old.

>He made a tripcode for this

Eat shit, loser. Bet you'll like that.

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You're a hypocrite too. You want people to stop killing animals for meat, but you also want to kill all the livestock to further your vegan agenda, and you think killing animals that eat our crops is perfectly fine.

Imagen being so emotionally retarded that you don't understand the difference between a human being and a fucking pig.

OP is PETA levels of misanthropic and thinks humans should just quietly lay down, die, and let the animals have the planet.

so its okay to kill animals for fun because they are not humans?

is it moral for me to curb stomp dogs until they die of brain damage because they're not humans?

where do you draw the line between humans and animals?

are niggers humans?
are chimpanzee's humans?
what about the extinct evolutionary link between humans and animals?

endlessly facetious and disingenuous

to anyone with half a brain who sees how facetious meat eaters are, even to other meats who see it, i wonder what you think about meat eaters?

how does it make you feel to know that most people are okay with breeding, enslaving and killing animals by the hundreds of millions for their amusement?

its all so sad. you're all disingenuous facetious rats. life was a mistake

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Food is not necessarily amusing. 90% of the words you use are out of place. Try learning English

>life was a mistake

If you really feel that way, then you should just kill yourself. Do it! PULL THE TRIGGER, YOU PUSSY!

>so its okay to kill animals for fun because they are not humans?
No. But not because your killing animals, rather because receiving joy purely from the act of killing is pretty fucked up.

>where do you draw the line between humans and animals?
What a stupid fucking question.

>what about the extinct evolutionary link between humans and animals?
Being evolved and being extinct is not the same thing fucktard.

I think he just learned a couple of new words and couldn't wait to use them.

This ballless fag really just asked where the difference is between humans and animals.

Uhh brainlet, how about the literal scientific definition of human?

Stop being an obnoxious vegan OP. I'll forgive you if you've been vegan for less than six months. btw you're not gonna make any difference in the world on r9k. Go outside.
t. vegan

>what about the extinct evolutionary link between humans and animals?

What OP meant by this is that there is a continuous series of species that connect us to apes. These species are all extinct. Imagine, however, that they were not. Where do you draw the line in our evolutionary history, beyond which it is morally okay to eat those species?

It's a valid question.

I guarantee that I've done more to help other people, society, and the environment than 90% of vegans out there.

Vegans are terrible at math and understanding the broader implications of individual actions.

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ive been vegan for 1 years and 10 months, and he previous year before that it took be a whole year to transition to being a vegan, so largely reduced animal product consumption

its all so depressing. i was going to buy vegan chicken nuggets, but i just want to lie down and watch hearthstone videos

i sent my parents a long email detailing why theyre immoral hypocrites. my parents noticeably more intelligent than most of the retards in their board, but even still they eat meat. i knew they would never go vegan, i just wanted to make them immoral

the funny thing about vegan activism is that you make people immoral

if someone never even thought about the ethics of eating meat and they ate meat, they arent immoral, because they're IGNORANT. they just never thought about it. but if you thought about it and see the truth, and still choose to eat meat, then you become immoral

ignorance is bliss, after all

i cant play d2, honestly im depressed. i found mara's kaleidoscope today, but still i feel emo. im going to lie down

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>i sent my parents a long email detailing why theyre immoral hypocrites
what a loving and accepting child who clearly understands how change happens

how enlightened you are
did you try lying down in their kitchen screaming?

>what a loving and accepting child
lol. i am a problem child of the highest order. i ran away from home at 16 and was endlessly fighting with my parents. i threatened to kill them when i was living in homeless shelters and got charged and had to do court ordered diversion to remove the charge off my record. lol

but to me fair, my parents are the epitome of unloving uncaring pieces of shit. i never remotely felt loved or cared for by my parents, which is why im a isolated loser virgin today. maybe ill lose my virginity maybe not, but my parents are pieces of shit

my parents love to point out the white genocide in south africa or muslims imigrants raping and killing white women. such fucking hypocrite

>waaa waaa black on white crime rates =OOOO
>waaaaaaaaa white genocide in south africa ='(((
>huuueeeeee muslim rape gangs in europe=O

yet they do a 180 and pay for animals to be killed for their taste pleasure

its really isolating and depressing being a vegan

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>its really isolating and depressing being a vegan

Do you expect us to feel sorry for you? You chose to go vegan. You chose to look down on people who eat meat. You chose to alienate your own family because they eat meat. You chose to cut your own balls off. Your suffering is entirely self-inflicted. You are undeserving of sympathy.

>It's a valid question.
Not really, as it's not really relevant to the current dilemma.
If you treat that as a valid question for this topic, then you should be able to call other species related topics into question with it, such as bestiality.

>yet they do a 180 and pay for animals to be killed for their taste pleasure
well also for survival

humans are omnivores
it is unreasonable for you to expect people to stop eating meat
however, we eat on average way too much meat. Maybe you should focus on getting people to reduce their intake. You can make lots of good scientifically backed health related arguments. You'll likely save more animals in the long run with that strategy than just sperging out about it and being an extremist

however, the real heart of the problem is, overpopulation
7 billion vegans is still too many humans.

>however, the real heart of the problem is, overpopulation

You know what's funny? People who say overpopulation is a problem never think to help solve it by killing themselves.

I was gonna kill all the vegans first

Do you actually think overpopulation is a problem, or are you just looking for an excuse to kill people you don't like?

OP do you fucking think im some warrior in the name of justice or something? I dont care for that autistic kid getting their ass handed to them, i dont care about fucking animals fucking eachother to later die in a slaughter house, i dont care about normies and i certainly couldnt give less of a fuck about your pigs and your stupid crusade to stop accumulation of resources by eating more beans
Im not a fucking victim that goes back around to other faggots and lick eachothers wounds. Im just angry, frustrated and so fucking butthurt that it never stops hurting and eating away at my mind. So i come here tl distract myself but then i see your fucking thread trying to guilt trip me for your idiotic cause

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This image is literally backwards from the way women actually think.