How come women never get awkward or lost for words while talking?

I notice when i talk to women and have conversations with them they are complete experts at finding the right thing to say and dancing around with words. They are 10/10 in banter. I never notice a woman get aspie or awkward while having a conversation. If they say something misplaced they immediately rectify it to save embarrassment. They always have the right words to fit into the way the conversation is flowing.

Essentially what i am saying is how are women such master communicators in all situations with every person? How do they never mess up or say the wrong thing?

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It only seems that way to you because you are so far beneath them socially that when talking to you they're totally relaxed and have nothing at stake.

If you had a servant hanging around who was your complete social inferior in every way and was just your lackey, you'd be able to talk to them with total glibness also.

It's because all they do is talk. Do something long enough and you get good at it.

Women have the tendency to talk more when they're nervous. Girls often do get lost for words if they are one on one with a guy they are hot for though.

they do, but only when taking to chad

i rarely meet women who can match me in conversation and not just be going on infinitely about themselves.
by match i mean keep the convo going, not beat me in debates or some autistic shit like that.

the women who tend to out talk me are like 50 year old story tellers who just go on and fucking on, not a real convo.

It's because they are above you in the social hierarchy. I've noticed this about myself: I can get awkward when I talk to people as my equal peers, or girls that I am attracted to, or my bosses etc, but if I talk to f.ex. a subordinate co-worker, I am never awkward. Instead I am, if not eloquent, then at least confident and more fluid in my speech. That must be how women view the bottom 80% of men, knowing all the power they have over them.

>10/10 in banter.
stopped reading here. women are good communicators because they do it so often. this applies to very social men as well. people who have developed social lives dont banter very often though. that behavior is reserved for people who communicate for pragmatic and competitive reasons i.e men (mostly)

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They weren't sexually lobotomized at birth.

The fuck, OP? I always notice the exact opposite.

Some do user.
I always struggle to find the right words and talk messy in general. Sometimes I say things that are completely out of context or have a total shut down when I'm asked something. It's not even insecurity, just being freaking awkward.

Read just the title but its obvious
>any and all pressure is on you (the male)
They are the ones choosing.

Are you nervous when shopping? Because that is what socialization is for them, shopping or just window shopping.

most of them are boring af, what you talking about OP

>like like like ummm like umm *vocal fry* *pitch raising at the end of every sentence* ummmm
>wtf bros how do they do it

They're actually laughably bad with language. They've just never been denied the right to talk so they can traverse conversation smoothly.

It seems that way to you because you have a low IQ, your conversations revolve around very mundane and mindless shit, most women have low IQs so of course they will talk to you endlessly with abandon because they can relate to you and the comfort they feel around you will prevent them from seeming awkward and unsociable.

As far as having deep philosophical and intellectually stimulating conversations that is something that they are inept at.

because women's brains have more developed emotional centers than men. this makes it easier for them in general to read people's emotions which is important for conversations
then on the opposite side you have autistic guys like me who couldn't read someone's emotions even if my life depended on it, and can't have a conversation without being on the brink of a panic attack

Dude, just say whatever the fuck you want. Don't even think about it, just speak what's in your mind. Why would anyone even care about muh "reading people's fee fees"?

that's how people fucking talk to each other dude, don't pretend like people just constantly blurt out whatever pops into their head. they usually lead into things and adapt based on how the person they're talking to is reacting and what they want to accomplish with the conversation
>Dude, just say whatever the fuck you want
I never know how to say what I want to say in conversations because I have no conversational skills

I've always just said whatever the fuck was on my mind and people are cool with it and sometimes they laugh.

and you're able to do that because you're confident in your mind when you say whatever comes into your head that people will appreciate your openness. you are reading the emotions of the people you are talking to. I'm not able to do that and so I can't confidently say whatever comes into my head because I'm paralyzed with fear that they won't appreciate it.
I think you misunderstood my original post, paying attention to people's emotions is a very subconscious thing.

What this guy...
And this guy...

Women spend a lot of time talking, and since they're always in the position of being the ones who judge you, but they themselves can't be judged (because then it's sexist), they don't feel any pressure to say the right thing in order to impress people. A girl can just call you a virgin or a loser and you immediately lose the argument: girls know this and it makes them confident. Imagine if you could just call them sluts whenever they disagree with you, and it'd force them to shut up. You probably wouldn't feel very nervous when talking to them, because you'd know you're in control.

there's an aspie girl cashier at a gas station nearby and i kind of want to flirt with her because its really cute and endearing when she starts to sperg out, as an aspie myself i'm really proud of her for being able to handle a job that requires so much social interaction

>you're confident
As if. I just stopped caring about what people thought of me. They're going to hate me or think I'm a weirdo or a sperg no matter what, so why bother? I literally have no confidence in myself, you just need to realize trying to appeal to normies is a pointless waste of effort.