Are you drinking right now?

Are you drinking right now?

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I wish I had alcohol, I'd be drowning my sorrows since I don't have a job, friends, family or responsibilities, even left my guild today

Lmao you look like a transexual

Why does your house look like a crackhouse desu. The only time Ive seen tacked up sheets and blankets as curtains is in the section 8 area of my town.

>tfw not drinking
The shakes are slightly worse today, typing on my phone is getting difficult

I would have thought you transitioned by now you Grindr bottomboi faggot

you enjoy black heart's spiced rum?

I bet you get TOPPED by BBC and moan when they cum in your boicunt and pull your sissy hair

Nah, I'm more of a Sailor Jerry guy, especially with some ginger beer

t. pic related
seek therapy you literal bug chasing vermin

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No it's 10 in the AM

You would be better off taking estrogen and transition at least you could enjoy life

did i ask you?

t b h that guy got me to start nofap, every time I'm about to I see his face and it sends my boner to Auschwitz

So you like sailors uwu!

i haven't had a drink in 4 days (after drinking every night for about 2 years), feels good man.

what was the breaking point for you leaving your guild?

you should re-join it and leave it again after a drunken night of fighting with guild mates and creating long lasting drama

This. To fucking early.... tho I have done it at 9am before

do it user it'll be funny

you mean the coomer, or the grindrposter? they both seem like good reasons to stop browsing this fetid board to me

Casual, I used to start every day with a shot or two of hard liquor at 5-6am

And? You sound like a fuckup. Not something to brag or circlejerk about.

The coomer. The tranny/gay fuckers just make me wish for a second Holocaust

narcissistic, not a fuck up

>tfw samson could be a chad if he lost weight and toned down the intake of alcohol

No, youre just a fuckup. Dont know how you can be narcissistic when you have 0 desirable personalities and subpar intelligence.

See Course I'm too lazy to work out, so I'll just become slightly chubby again with a fuckton of loose skin

well narcissistic people love themselves without question..
so you can be thick as shit and still be a narc.

Got benched from raids for no good reason, never got any assistance with attunements or anything of the sort even though I always helped anyone who asked.

I'm at work. Tired. No sleep.

Samson is a fag.

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After being an alcohol for 10+ years, I decided to pack it in.
I feel 1000x better already and it's only been a week.

Yeah. Just had my first couple of the morning.

Yup, rum & ginger ale. Though I work nights, so it's a bit less taboo for me to be drinking in the mornings.

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yes. rakija + beer

You're still alive bro damn

yeah, I may be completely dead inside, but I can still walk around and stuff

sure, two bottles of wine until now

No i drank a lot yesterday and im constatly terrified about my body falling apart

man you've aged 15 years in the last 6 years or so

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OP you look dope AF, just sayin'

yeah, it's kind of scary. I went from looking like a troubled, but still fun and normal looking teenager to a worn out, middle age looking, morbidly obese, ugly loser after just 4 years of daily heavy drinking and working shitty min wage jobs

At least you still have very nice hair.

nice cold pint of milk, it's my third one this evening

About to get started. I'm gonna watch some youtube drinking game thingy
Don't have shot glasses, unfortunately, so I just estimate

not really, it's long but thin as fuck and receding. guarantee I'll have a full on skullet by 30

Woops, forgot the picture of my pfeffi

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Don't lose hope dude, you would be nothing withour your hair.

Switch to weed

No alcohol or cigs

Sleep more

Use all natural moisturizer on face

Get fresh air a lot

Try not to stress at work

Drink less

just wanted to say, dont stop faceposting samson. start your threads using a mobile IP that way if they ban you for a thread you can jist easily change your ip using an app.

fuck gook moot and fuck jannies, we've been here longer than they have and they need to learn to respect the culture of this board one way or another

This board was 10x better I agree

I didn't make this thread though, and that trick doesn't work when one is using a trip

im so stupid for cutting my hair, could have been as long as yours is if not longer by now

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I drank nightly for only maybe a year after rarely ever drinking before That and now I'm in constant pain in my abdomen and I shit weird.

I been drinking day after day for a month now, its the only way I can have fun without feeling depressed

Same, but there is always a moment in which I break down and feel even worse than I do sober. It's just worth it for the good feeling that comes before that

He means post face and then assume identity in another post after that

you could always just make the thread without the trip and then put it on afterwords

idk you're an iconic part of Jow Forums to anyone who has been coming here since 2010, used to see you on /b/ all the time back in the good ole days, you're part of the ship and part of the crew .

zoomies mad

>part of the ship and part of the crew
thank you sir, I will not dishonor the uniform of Robotfleet

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Genuinely surprised Samson isn't dead yet

Trust me it takes awhile with alcohol

how long has the guy been drinking?
is he fine?
>tfw for 6 straight years i've been drinking 4 to 5 bottles of 40% a week
>tfw stopped like a year ago
>my body still hasn't recovered fully
i couldn't imagine a life without being buzzed and now here i am bored to fucking death not able to enjoy anything, but hey, at least i'm not rotting from the inside that fast anymore

now that i think about it, comparing my current self with my drinking self, it's a day and night difference in health
constant diarrhea, stomach and throat pains were normal back then
if i had to go somewhere because of reasons i had to control myself and not drink 3 days before it so that i don't constantly have to think if i'll need to go shit my organs out like i do at home
god now i regret doing that to my body, don't drink anons and stop right now
not one last bottle but now, just stop, it's not worth it

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Have you tried kratom? I just make pills and pop them with a soda

not him but kratom is illegal in my state and I'm fucking pissed

These laws just getting ridiculous...

I think there are only a few states that criminalize it. and yet gambling just became legal here not too long ago

never heard of it, but that isn't the point anymore
the buzz is temporary, but the suffering will always be eternal

six years of alcohol mixed with drugs from time to time weren't worth it
the constant feeling like shit mixed with the mental state was a cocktail of death
just drink water, eat healthy and fill the void with video games and anime

Actually I'm just coming up on magic mushrooms( liberty cap ) because I'm not a worthless degenerate who has to deal with things like hangovers ,addiction or depression.

around 4 1/2 years. I've gained almost 100lbs in that time, get random aches in my abdomen, winded more easily, dehydrated often, tired when I shouldn't be, etc. I know that if I keep down this road, I probably won't make it to 40

I need a weekend/evening job, this boredom is making drinking far too tempting

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I want to drink but I dont want to waste my money on disgusting malt beverages, but i also don't want to drop 40 dollars kn a bottle of stoli's just to sit there alone in my room and drink

wish i wasn't bald
i miss having this look

i stoopped drinking much because i hated having to piss every 5 minutes
would nerve pills be a good alternative? assuming i can get prescribed them

who the hell regularly types on a phone
and why do you shake when not drinking?

because I'm an alcoholic you cumbrain
$40 for stoli, fuck. either move somewhere less cucked or learn to distill

I don't really drink but lately I've been trying to cope with dreadful depression and pains. Thing is, I'm really resistant to alcohol and can't seem to get drunk. Strong stuff (40 proof) doesn't really do much to me and I seem to have better success with wine and ale.
What would you recommend that could smash me?

Don't call me a cumbrain you fucking faggot fuck you
i know tons of alcoholics and there hands don't shake when there out you bitch.

cider, but that's expensive in the US
it's really not worth it long term though
it's a common symptom of alcohol withdrawal, your anecdotal experiences don't change that you fuckwit

kek genelet
keep your shitty side effects

>calls someone a cumbrain for asking a question
>somehow they are the fuckwit
guess alcohol really does fry the brain at least for some people.

Some good ol' Arizona Iced Tea - Arnold Palmer

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for asking a stupid question in an aggressive way, yeah. only fuckwits like you do that
overly sweet IMO. when I drink iced tea, I want to taste the tea, not a fuckton of sugar

Damn right it's sweet as af, but I'm a chubby guy, so this here's my shit

based and teapilled

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Nope. Sober 161 days somehow. I saw this old hobo alcohol at the store I used to drink and just staring at it made me salivate. Playing Skyrim really makes me wish I had some fuckin drink though. Drinking this La Croix and Bubly stuff 24/7 keeps the ritual and feeling alive. The feeling of a can... Fuck, the urge never leaves. Getting high sucks crusty fucking barnacle dick. I forget what getting drunk was like, but I'm pretty sure it was better.

I'm all about this stuff personally. plus I can grip n sip the larger bottle and pretend it's a 40

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yeah, I had the same problem last time I tried quitting the booze. the withdrawals weren't the worst part, the worst part was finding something, anything else to fill that void. personally I still enjoy getting high, but it's just not the same. like trying to cover a gaping leg wound with a band aid

Not a stupid question and not in an aggressive way genelet
never heard of that shit besides directly after a hangover
there you go, you waste of oxygen. now fuck off

>there you go, you waste of oxygen. now fuck off
say's the alchoholic kek

can you expand the samson pic and cheers the pic in tribute?

what's the weed alcohol like?

what is that lump on the hand/wrist?

it looks more like a cheap peppermint liqueur

good God how do can you handle the depressingness of sitting alone drinking to a YouTube drinking game???

i want to try that liquor tho, what is it?

Have you done kratom? It helps for alcohol and easier to get down then shots

haven't tried Kratom, I have some kava powder though

You should try it it actually hits pretty fucking hard for me anyways

The company I even order from is from San Francisco Bay

I might, but I don't want to end up with yet another expensive addiction

might hit up a dispensary tomorrow, if I can't have booze I can at least have some hash, even if it's overpriced as fuck

Alcohol is awful.
>t 31 yo boomer