Really want a girl to beat me up

>really want a girl to beat me up
>can't even talk to them

should i just pay strippers to hit me?

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Why don't you stop being a beta degenetaye? Have you yried that?

what's that?

Degenerate soam filter bs.

ah i see
well there are worse degenerates than me, its not so bad to want to be beaten to a pulp by a cute girl

Go into a busy women's bathroom in a bad neighborhood

this is just a terrible idea

>tfw no fighter gf

I would beat you up under two conditions. A) you let me tie you up first and 2) you let me do whatever I want to you.

ok but my conditions are this
1)be a biological female
2)be not a whale

Alright I am female and a human being not a marine mammal.

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any way to prove this?
i don't use shitcord
but first: if you hate niggers just ignore me and leave the thread

I don't hate anyone expect people who don't use discord and are vaguely smug about it.

good bye tranny

How much money will you charge?

Nothing if you agree to my conditions.

It seems to good to be true but I'm too turned on to care

where would femanons hit me first?

>It seems to good

sorry user i wouldn't feel comfortable beating up a retard.

It's just a typo, I spelled it correctly twice right after.

Where are you from user?
I have a lot of built up anger and need to take it out on someone

>I have a lot of built up anger and need to take it out on someone
Are you a girl?

Femanon mommy dom here; I'd beat the fuck out of you sweetie pie :)

you're a real girl?
i'm from USA
east coast

i don't want a mommydom that'r creepy and weird
a caring gf to bully and tease and beat me up would be nice though
but you aren't a girl

Please one of you be in the upper Midwest. I can do whatever you want as long as you beat the shit out of me

Yes, are you close to PA?