>Morally superior
>Better for the environment
Why aren't you vegan yet, Jow Forums?
I'm genuenely curious.

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I am but I still swallow my roommates cum

Of course! Lots of protein and completely ethical!
I hope...

>>Morally superior
don't care, crop harvesting kills billions of animals as well so I'm not sure why you think this
>>Better for the environment

>Morally superior
>Better for the environment

>Why aren't you vegan yet, Jow Forums?
Honestly, I simply enjoy meat, eggs, and dairy too much.

OP do you fucking think im some warrior in the name of justice or something? I dont care for that autistic kid getting their ass handed to them, i dont care about fucking animals fucking eachother to later die in a slaughter house, i dont care about normies and i certainly couldnt give less of a fuck about your veggies and your stupid crusade to stop accumulation of resources by eating more beans
Im not a fucking victim that goes back around to other faggots and lick eachothers wounds like you do. Im just angry, frustrated and so fucking butthurt that it never stops hurting and eating away at my mind. So i come here to distract myself from these constant and disrupting toughts of murder and selfharm, but then i see your fucking thread trying to guilt trip me for your idiotic cause as well as making some bullshit claim of Health just so more anons will agree with your retarded ideals, and i get more angry.

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Actually it is healthier is you keep a proper diet.
And meat and dairy companies both massively harm the environment and kill countless animals in cruel ways.
Actually, I can respect that, it is very difficult to change such fundamental habits. I mean, eggs are fucking awesome.

>more expensive
>takes more time to prepare
>much harder to get calories which is important for high metabolism anons like me

Vegan is healthier than SAD, it is not healthier than a normal proper diet with meat included though.

>more expensive
Myth. You don't have to eat weird ass berries from asia or whatever. Much of that is just superfood trends.
>more time to prepare
Again, it really depends on what you're eating.
Most stuff takes the same time, if not less.
There are a ton of high-calorie vegan shit.
Fucking french fries are vegan.
Vegans are proven to live longer, although, I will admit that most of those people are often health freaks and would live longer anyway.
But there is a microsopic amount of thing you can't get with a fully vegan diet, and it can asily be replaced by gummy vitamins.

Let it all out user. There there

I will shove this healthy zuchinni in your mouth and you WILL like it >:(

>Actually, I can respect that, it is very difficult to change such fundamental habits. I mean, eggs are fucking awesome.
I do try to eat clean. I get my eggs (and chicken) from my neighbor who raises chickens. Their chickens look like they have decent lives. They live more like pets than livestock and when they're slaughtered it's pretty much an instantaneous kill. My dairy, pork and beef comes from a couple of local farms. It's a little more expensive but not by much and the difference in quality and flavor is also very noticeable.

I only eat meat maybe twice per week. Primitive (pre-agriculture) humans ate a wide variety of foods that they foraged and didn't always have successful hunts.

I've been eating like this for about two years now and I've noticed that I'm a lot healthier, I have more energy, a more positive outlook on life, and I'm getting much better and cooking.

>Myth. You don't have to eat weird ass berries from asia or whatever. Much of that is just superfood trends.
No shit. I'm a poorfag and if it being vegan was cheaper then I would have already converted.
As with prep time and calories, you can't beat bulk chicken breast. Throw it in the oven the come back when it's done.
Also french fries are generally unhealthy unless you make them yourself and that takes time.

>Morally superior
>Better for the environment

wheres is your PROOF? all i see is baselesss claims with no proof

>Actually it is healthier is you keep a proper diet.
what does that even mean "proper diet"? where is your proof that your diet is the proper diet? all these assertions with no evidence

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>No shit. I'm a poorfag and if it being vegan was cheaper then I would have already converted.

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It's tasty and I don't give a shit
Yeah that must be why all vegans are malnourished lmao
that didnt take long

I'm currently on a vegan diet. Mostly lentils, rice, bell peppers, almond milk, peanut butter sandwiches (I make my own bread), spices, vegetable spread, salt, lemons, green onions, and that's about it. I'm scared for my health is why.

There should be noodles and bread and such on the right. That's trying to make non-vegans look unhealthy to the point of being biased.

Of course you don't factor in the calories and prep time.
Vegan is great if you're on a diet, but oatmeal and beans don't come anywhere close to beef or chicken in that regard.

i like eating meat, i really like the taste of meat even if all the people on this planet is becoming a vegan, im going to eat meat until i die

>prep time.
canned beans have a prep time of opening the can with a fucking can opener. i literally ate nothing but canned beans today with nothing added to them because im just that fucking lazy

like, you meat eaters think you're the ones with low self-control, and think vegans are these exercising daily perfect angels who never eat junkfood and have perfect self-decipline

nigger, im so lazy i regularly just have days in a row where i eat nothing but canned beans and canned vegetables because i cant be fucked to cook anything and its too expensive to buy fastfood. literally 5$ worth of canned beans and vegetables has like 2500~ calories easily. in canada .88 cents gets you a 540 ml can of chickpeas which has 250 calories per 250 ml

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sigh, op u dont link any evidence, so let me just take a nice informational vegan dump to educate people about the truth

comfy vegan street interviews:

horrors of slaughterhouses:

horrors of the dairy industry:

understanding why we eat pigs and love dogs:

philosophical arguments for veganism

how to get started on a vegan diet:

how meat causes diabetes, cancer and heart disease:

vegan weight lifter

vegan health documentary

environmental damage of the meat industry

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heres some science that shows animals are sentient and conscious

meat causes cancer, heat disease and diabetes

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no one cares, you schizophrenic eunuch. you know what else is vegan? bleach, go chug a gallon of it

I'm not lazy nor do I lack self control. In fact, I think most vegans lack self discipline.

> literally 5$ worth of canned beans and vegetables has like 2500~ calories easily
I need to eat 3000 calorie meals and $5 per meal is simply too much to spend.

>Mooooooom!!! Timmy is being edgy again!
Haha! now you'll lose your internet priviledge >:p

>Lots of protein
There is absolutely no nutritional value in semen. Stop spreading this lie.

>taking a post that tells you to drink jizz because it's vegan seriously.
wew lad

>Why aren't you vegan yet, Jow Forums?
I'm not insecure.

I am, and I'm going to get the lab grown meant coming at the end of the year.

>who cares?
Amazing line of argumentation soiboi. I'm gonna have a steak for dinner just for you

The guy is like 38 at this point.

Because steak is the best and humans need b12 to live

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