What method would you use to kill normalfags who post on r9k?

I personally would drug them woth carfentanyl then drop hang them from a high height then grind the skull bones so its unrecognizable and bury the body under a dead dog so its identified as a false positive.

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edgy. Don't you know that you need to be at least 18 to post on Jow Forums?

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This is why i hate normalfags. They are obsessed with social hierarchy and patronize anyone who shares a non conformist opinion. Typical NPC...

Your entire logic is flawed, anyone who has an intense hate for such a big group of people is a literal brainlet

You should browse Jow Forums more retard

It pertains to my end goals which is to exterminate most of humanity so i need that hatred as the fire

Wow incel, why don't you get laid.

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Nice try,you glowing chimp nigger

>being this much of a brainlet
Everyone knows greed is what has literally exterminated more life than anything, not hatred.

>get laid
This phrase really disgusts me because it devalues sex from an emotional act to nothing more than a disposable material commodity. People who say that phrase are often unintellegent and low class
Fuck off and die avatarfag

Okay but like why though? You got bullied in school and now you developed a hatred for all of humanity? You can't expect anyone to really take you seriously

I reply with 'kill yourself' to their posts so they do it themselves saving me all the work.

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Pic related looks like a good time. Maybe more Zodiac like you FED faggot.

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Jesus fucking christ what happened to this board? It used to be filled with people who could relate to my misanthropy now you just mock it.

>unintellegent and low class
This coming from the guy that chooses a gang nigger shooting a cop as his OP.

I would tickle them to death

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I mock it because as I see it, it's ridiculous. Still if killing normalfags is what you want to do go for it. I'm just trying to understand the thought process

Throw a live grenade in a crowded place. Make sure to remove pin first

Its a symbol of the power of technology as an equalizer. Some emaciated dindu who was raised by a single mother that dropped out of school in 8th grade can destroy the life of someone who is strong intellegent and well trained that has a loving family and social network in an instant with just a gun.

If you dont also want to massacre them then fuck off you dont belong here

sure. Totally not because you're a nigger.

Dip a thick towel in water and roll it up then open their mouth and force it in all the way until it reaches their stomach while holding the towel the entire time which makes their stomach try to digest the towel and puts them in so much pain and only when they start crying from the pain I would let go of the towel so that it stays in their stomach and blocks any digestion and let them crawl on the floor in extreme pain until they die

Ok cringelord

Why would I do that? Sure they ruined Jow Forums but that doesn't warrant a death sentence in my opinion, besides I don't want to rot in a jail cell for the rest of my life

Woah a LIVE grenade? Holy shit thats fucking EPIC!

Sic the Death Twerkers on them.

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Based orignigi

scaphism. look it up. it would be fucking hilarious to do to normalfags