Becoming a girl changed my life

Becoming a girl changed my life

After I got on HRT, my life became much better, if you have dysphoria or you want to get attention just transition its literally the best thing you can do desu. i dont think any of you here have what it takes to make it as a man, becoming a girl might be your only option

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>just transition its literally the best thing you can do desu.

pic related

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you aren't a girl and never will be
your sex is immutable

desu nice hair, probably better than your decaying hairline.
Also if they lost weight they'd look slightly better :p

wow nice take mr. edgy, how many times did you say that phrase today? why do you come to those threads to hate ;(
Thats so mean you know niggy. You should try bettering your life, you sound like a sad 30yo repressor coping faggy. uwu.
You're in the minority here, cope more honey~

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how's that gender dysphoria of yours going, still feeling gruesomely asphyxiating?

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wow thats a disgusting shot, dunno why'd you attach that. To be honest this picture would make anyone uncomfortable if staring at it even for a moment. Idk what yer tryna do its hard to make me feel like shit, i usually do it myself to make my life less boring :P
You sound really salty, do you wanna feel special oh sweetheart?

Changing your body instead of your delusional thoughts is the most dumb thing you can do.

no matter how hard you try, you will never get to experience this

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you are mentally ill, seek therapy, not hormones

We just had a thread on this and you fucking niggers are already at it again.

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i don't enjoy 3D porn (except for amature rarely), to be certainly honest im jealous but thats not really true too. With modern surgeries and all that jazz ya know, no matter what you post im not gonna care because just with every year technology is getting better and surgeries and all those things ;p
but user, my therapist prescribed me hormones. What are you trying to communicate? I know im mentally ill but yk nothing wrong with that, if you think people without issues come to this board then you're the one whose slightly delusional.
Because you care, stop caring and we'll go away. I haven't replied here in months but your dumb attention threads make me happy :3

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You're going to be happy until somebody snaps and nails your fucking hands to the keyboard you love to shitpost on so much.

>my therapist prescribed me hormones
this is either bullshit or your therapist is shitty and dangerous

no one knows where i lives other than my boyfriend :P not so lucky there are ya?

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>when a post reminds you of Chris-chan
My dick senses danger.

Probably jewish, actually.

i have gender dysphoria, hormones are usually prescribed as treatment as well as social transition. Helped me quite a bit but i feel like shit sometimes still but i think thats just remains of my depression. You don't know shit and you talk like ya know it all
yes, the jews. Ultimate SPOOK there.

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so if someone is having gender dysphoria, are sure they want to be female and they go to a theraphist
what are you expecting to happen?
are you expecting them to be prescribed cough medecine or something?

I bet your really fucking hideous

transgender + resilience = T R A N S I L I E N C E

i'tz spielt you're anun

>so if someone is having gender dysphoria, are sure they want to be female
a mentally ill person cannot make decisions like that. It's like letting a schizoid jump from a bridge because they say the sharks want him to.

Thank you, I forgot to add that

I bet you're really fucking hideous.

atleast OPs neckbeard isnt as big as yours, you unwashed monkey man ;p
im for free choice, if a schizo wants to die they should desu. And also, therapist can deny this stuff yk, it usually takes MONTHS to get a perscription depending on all this shit you silly, yk you need to get a diagnosis... and all that shit.

I'm not going to directly reply to you because, quite frankly, you don't even register as a person. As an aside, you taste in music is a as trashy and revolting as you are.

They're cash cows designed to perpetually a source of revenue for doctors and psychiatrists. They'll be hooked on pills, therapy, social programs, and specialist consultation appointments for the rest of their lives. They're not even human, just resource nodes for industrialized medicine.

> if you have dysphoria or you want to get attention just transition its literally the best thing you can do desu

I can't tell if you're missing the point intentionally or you're actually retarded. A person cannot be allowed to make decisions that may harm them whilst they have a mental illness, because their mental illness may be influencing their decision. Going back to my example, wanting to jump off a bridge because the sharks want someone to is not a rational reason. It's a delusion. The person enduring the delusion cannot see that however, so it's our responsibility to prevent them from harming themselves.
Do you understand this?

so..... you're saying people shouldent even go to a theraphist in the first place?
would you rather have them just do this stuff on their own, end up going to black market for hrt and things? that'd probably be worse.

at least I have dignity to identify as a male, and at least i didn't cut my dick off

If you work in the bakery of my store let me say SIR you do not fucking pass, putting on eye liner and growing out your hair does not do shit you ugly FREAK

my tastes great :p
go back to Jow Forums with yous schizo NPC theories and your crowd raging friends.
i'll even give you a friendly hand.
Im so glad im still better than any of you cocksuckers.
nice cherrypick nigger, have you read the 'gender dysphoria' part? :p
give me any proof how hormones harm someone especially in prescribed doses under medical observation.
Also, show me your PHD mr. doctor (((money)))
Do you understand this?
well, atleast im happy enough not to go out of my way to shit on people you have never even met with no reason ;p

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man, you're so autistic you can't even bait in the slightest. You should learn to be subtle and less obnoxious ;p

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I'm not getting paid to have to deal with you like your social workers and therapists are, so go quietly decay in a corner instead of fucking up my board.

at least I don't bait kids into using hrt on discord.

Dilate, you failed male loser.

>give me any proof how hormones harm someone especially in prescribed doses under medical observation.
>who is Alan Turing
>what is the 40%
>what are mutagens + carcinogens

consider using filters, faggot.
never did that, never will. Stop assuming everyone is from some"EBIL BRANNY MAFIO" going to kill your non-existant kids, incel.
im a loser and im as happy as can be. My life is way less miserable than yours because i don't go out of my way to shit out your funny le ebib r*ddit DRUMPF memes, dilate yer ass niggy >w

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This falls under spamming/flooding right?

please delete the discord trans mafia
they are ruining my poor christian children's lives!!

I love trans people

also none of your statements disprove what i said, im asking for legit sources not your shitting outs and annecdotes.
BTW i can even disprove them with this funny meme image haha :DDDD

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how dare you call a manly man wearing women's clothes and a wig "sir"

nope, thats not how spam works. faggot.

Yes. This exact pasta is in their pastebin, as is that picture.

another proofs autists aren't good at trolling. You cannot put shit effort into making a subtle bait without being obnoxious, no talent. Years ago you'd get laughed at for this spergshit your fault, shouldnt have bothered to give attention. You do it and you get this niggy 030

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If you need to tell others to filter your posts, your content is garbage and of low quality. Consider suicide to remove the affliction your presence presents to this board, "niggy".

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not my thread, not my posts. Giving advice so you faggots realize how dumb you are replying here.
My content *is* garbage but its way better than
>blacked threads
>egirl orbiting threads
>supposed fembot threads
>cash begging threads
>any threads related to females
>avatarfaggots with proxies flooding the whole board because theyre sad with lowest qualit shit
None of you bother to make this board better, if you stop sperging over everything you'll improve the quality of this boards and faggots like me and all others will go away.
But no, this board is full of normalfaggots. Thats why under no circumstances you should use chans on clearnet, they suck ass. Niggy ;3

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That's funny, you only see those kinds of threads on /b/. Maybe you should post on /b/. Maybe they'll give you the praise you want.
If those threads actually happen here, then take a screenshot and show it to us. Nobody can make this board better no matter what they do, because this board is filled with spergs, neets, and doomers.

yet here you are replying to my poor, low effort bait, and you're also trying to make me feel bad about it. "spergshit"? like you are any better, you crossdressing, hormone-taking, mentally deranged faggot

hi newfren, take a look around. You mustve stumbled here after r/incel got banned hahah! I know you heard about this *evil Jow Forums* somewhere on the news and all this stuff! haha i bet you call yourself a doomer right? is the slowed down 'the light that never goes out' so relatable do you? I know you might be underaged but yk i dont judge, you need to get your feet burnt to grow up a bit you dummy! Those threads are a speciality amongst r9k! r9k is actually just like /b/ but with more idiots and less porn but we seem to get closer everyday, honey :3 ! Thats so funny that you come here, take a look around newfriend, remember to be civil and nice and lurk moar before you post again! haha, i can't spoonfeed yer mouth much more ~! ^w^

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>points out bait is dumb
ok mr. inbred

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Back to the abyss where you can cope and dialate more.

It doesn't matter how many hormones you have taken or what kind of surgery you are planning...


and you never will

then whats the point of "gender reassignment surgery"? its literally in the name.
also, nice reddit spacing

i don't need a validation from a glowinthedark r*ddit spacer, go back where you should be

also try for losing some of those winter layers
i lurk in the dark, im not the usual here anymore. Although, its so easy to get you fags to shit on me that i like to visit from time to time~

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shut the fuck up faggot, run back to your gay diaper-wearing discord server

shut me up first~ 0;
man, you're so SHARP on me dude, calling me GAY? Thats so mean bro... not fair dude, not fair ;9

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RE: changed your life

so, you called that a 'life'?......

your pathetic existence was 'changed', alright....

much like coughing a loogie onto the concrete dries it up into hardened mucous....

you were never meant to be born....
....and no matter how much you pretend to be 'happy with yourself', we all know that you're lying.

Fortunately for you it's never too late for an abortion... I would recommend using an overdose of toxic medication that puts you to sleep so it's painless, because you are obviously a coward

you drip too many tears to fit in my cup dude, stop you're overdoing it. Jesus a literal fucking lolcow

Every facet of your personality is obnoxious and repulsive. Disgusting fucking trannies. You deserve all the hate you get and more.

yes, I know all about this evil "Jow Forums". I used to browse /b/ and /v/ in 2013. It was better back then. I would browse r9k sometimes, but there was never tranny shit like this. Calling me an incel (Even though there is no possible evidence within this thread) won't work because everyone else would be considered an incel, given how everyone says they're alone and how they worship asian women.

well, my boyfriend loves me. Tbh couldn't ask for more, he's caring and passionate and we both enjoy the same things and he's a successful programmer. Im not obnoxious, just doing it for show now for yer entertaiment. But i ain't gonna breakdance for ya baby.

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the point of SRS is to delude yourself you have a new genitalia while in reality you pay a butcher to cut a grotesque festering hole on you

btw, is this reddit spacing?


am i reddit spacing yet?

fucking mongoloid

yes that is reddit spacing

Your boyfriend fucks men in the ass, so it's safe to say that his opinion is irrelevant.

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Although I've never been to Reddit in my life, I love it when these douchebag losers in here accuse me of using Reddit spacing....

Apparently, they HAVE been to Reddit, or otherwise they wouldn't know what Reddit spacing is...

But if people in Reddit type like me, I think that's a very good sign

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you're delusional as fuck, your bf is as real as you are a woman

You forgot to mention that you are both worthless and disgusting homosexuals, each of you quite literally being cancerous to the existence of the human race....

This obviously negates any rationalization for your existence... Please stop wasting my oxygen

Transgirl here.
I hope you're aware that encouraging people do be prison trans does not work. If someone doesn't actually want to be the opposite sex and you have to goad them into it with shitposting/psyops, they'll just be dysphoric once they transition.

*grabs you firmly by both of your ears*

*spits a thick greyish-green wad of phlegm into your mouth*

*headbutts you unconscious*

you should go to for this shit.

please transition 6 feet into the ground

Daily reminder that trannies hit the wall way harder. One day you will no longer pass (in that rare case that you now pass) and you will look like some frankestein monster with rotting axe wound. I personally would not fuck any tranny who is older then 30, and even that is borderline.

Fucking kill yourself disgusting subhuman science experiments gone wrong niggers

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he doesn't because i don't enjoy anal. I'll never enjoy sex in my life and i know that well. I'll never be satisfied with anything but mere fantasies of what could've been ;x My boyfriend doesn't really enjoy this kind off stuff too so we fit together well.
my boyfriend is real and he loves me, here's a picture of him ;p
nice fucking spergtalk, dude you're not smart nor inteligent by talking like this ''your'' human race doesn't fucking care about you, you're an alienated faggot that got bullied in highschool and probably doesnt even contribute shit to society, you're probably also underaged.
bro stop posting cringe, you lost subcriber
>complains about random board being a random board
trannies usually stay younger looking for way longer due to estrogen. Check your facts, faggot.
here buddy, you lost your way home

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Im actually NOT even vaguely joking when I say that I would LOVE to physically assault you.

i don't give a flying fuck if you pretend to be a female or not.

you were born a male, and I am the type of dominant alpha male of my species who would instinctually exert my authority and physical power over you, publicly knocking you down to size in front of the rest of the pack, and injuring you relentlessly, until fight-or-flight finally kicked in, and you ran off into the distance begging for your life...

Don't ask me why... it's just an instinctual desire of mine to put you in your place.

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Sure I experience that, as the one fucking not the one being fucked. Why would I want to get fucked? I'm completely happy with my male body, my male mind. I am a conquerer. You are the conquered. I'm so grateful to be me, instead of you. I think a lot of you tran-wrecks have just never felt powerful in your entire tiny lives, so you go overboard on the one thing you feel you do have control over, your body. The problem was never in your body, but in your mind. You are just the current meme, a passing trend, soon you'll all die out and be forgotten. Thank you for cleaning the gene-pool from your weakness. Something so weak was never meant to survive or endure.

.t betamale
most ugly hons would beat you up so bad you'd call them ''my dear lady'' after they're done with you

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Friendly daily reminder that my wife and I rescued THE most handsome cat on Earth

She named him SEXY.....
and it fits him perfectly....

Hes such a good good boy

(now you may all return to your previous nauseating disgusting conversation about gender dysphoric faggots who perceive themselves as being females)

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LoL !! you really ARE a lonely little homo, aren't you?....

wow... just wow....

The fact that you have that picture downloaded on your computer speaks volumes about your loneliness and your ineptitude

>Don't ask me why... it's just an instinctual desire of mine to put you in your place.
And we're supposed to be the mentally ill ones here.

That's indeed a handsome cat. He's the derek zoolander of cats. You should make him a male cat-model. Breed him.

cute kitty, i love cats. I have four myself... one of them loves to sleep under my piano or on my shelves, she also loves petting and is slightly skinny :c She just is like that though, she's a healthy cat otherwise ^ ` ^. All cats are beautiful, i love petting them and caring for them, they make my life so much brighter.
no i googled "ugly muscular tranny"
you can check it, it pops up if you look that up ;p

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On second thought, I just realized that there's no reason to go back to the conversation about effeminate men who perceive themselves as being females...


I think I would rather look at photographs of SEXY

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i hate tripfags so much. I didn't even notice at first, holy shit kill yourself, you waste of oxygene who doesnt even try just writes a fucking screenname like a r*dditfag. I feel bad for your cat.

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Funny you should mention that because my wife and I I have decided we are going to try to find an ad agency that can lead us to the right talent agency to get in sexy in some advertisements for cat food or maybe calendar work

Yep... I love all animals (except for the worthless piece of shit two legged animals known as human beings) but it's safe to say that cats are the most Superior form of life I've ever dealt with...

Cats bring me so much happiness that it's impossible to put into words

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your cat is indeed cute. I love all cats a lot.

You know what's interesting about your comment?....

Absolutely nothing.................

You know what I hate?
Idiots that can't tell the difference between a tripfag and a namefag

cat looks like a little tiger. Stripes and all.

epic. truly, what a fucking btfo'd me.

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I'm going out of character for a second, so enjoy this, but don't get used to it...

I'm actually not homophobic at all, and I couldn't care less about anybody else's sexuality...

I have no problem with anybody regarding their sexuality or their skin color or their religion or anything like that...

I believe everybody has the right to be happy and to pursue their happiness, no matter what it entails, as long as it doesn't destroy anybody else's life...

I simply enjoy being confrontational and pushing people's buttons, so you will see me ragging people for being faggots in here a lot...

But in real life, that's the complete opposite of the way I behave on a daily basis...

holy shit stop r*ddit spacing you jew, you sound like you're 16 and your cat picture edits make that claim even more valid.

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The day I give enough of a shit to waste my time creating a trip code, I promise you will be the first one I notify...

........until that day arrives.......
You can get on your knees and stick your tongue up my feces enrusted shithole and stfu

what a waste of digits.

Number One: i indeed AM superior (jewish)

Number Two: please refer to number one


When somebody has stated their intended goal of making you miserable, perhaps it's not a smart idea to tell them what they are doing that makes you miserable

Now I know exactly what to continue doing to make you unhappy in here















alright, everybody....

Im going to go make lunch, then my buddy and I are going to go buy some shoes.

Check out this pair of boots Im about to buy

(everybody have a safe & happy day)


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