E girl thread. Belle Delphine not allowed

E girl thread. Belle Delphine not allowed.

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look at how soulless they are. what happens when they hit the wall

>orbiting "e-girls"
>being proud of it
>having it define you

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middle is the only one even worth a damn
you cucks are pathetic

That's why I'm glad I live In America.
I'd just pull out my gun and shoot that fucker.

suicide, millions dropping dead every minute

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The dad looking like some Vice writer makes this hilarious.

implying you could do that after the first hit lmao
heck, i'd rape you after i knock you the fuck out, bitch

What a fucking hipster gorilla

More like Smelle Delphine

Girls don't commit suicide, there will always be men to cater to their every need

that was painfully to watch. how can you be such beta faggot. atleast could try to kick him

>implying you could do that after the first hit
>all those hits and the guy still couldn't go down
KEK, yeah as soon as that dude lets up he'd be fucking worm food

Why don't you just fuck off instead?
Sick to fucking death of seeing these absolute nobodies being posted constantly and worshipped as if they're actually worth a damn.

>heck, i'd rape you after i knock you the fuck out, bitch
lol ok

What do you just keep it at your hip? By the time you wake up and recover, the alpha would have deleted all your bitch delphine pics and planned money donations. Then you would just go find your gun and kill yourself because what is an insect without its queen?

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She is such a cuuuuuutie i want her so badly.

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Reminder that e-girls are disgusted by the very idea of you. Stop worshipping them. The sad state of this board...

>By the time you wake up and recover
Once again you dumb fuck, I wouldn't be out.
All those punches and the guy is still up.


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Too ugly to be an egirl

fuck off with your ewhores, go worship them on reddit you pathetic fucking betas