Moral question:

Should we (normal people) try to help the USA to stop penis cutting in whit logic and reson,or we should just keep laughing at them?

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I will never understand why the United States is okay with this kind of crap. Circumcizing penises in the name of religion. How ridiculous.

We really should be helping. On a humanitarian level, it's absolutely crazy what people can justify and just throw under the rug as "traditions".

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The US needs to be hydrogen bombed off the face of the earth but only after Shanghai and Beijing have been hit to keep China under control.

If you ask me, to justify it with "tradition" is still better than making up fake science to support it.
But it's retarded both ways...

If they did it to themselves it would be fine but they do it to ignorant children.

>Western European
>no foreskin
My parents are both agnostic/atheist. How powerful was the Jewish doctor that convinced them?

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Leave them to it.
They're the ones that think it's normal to have a mutilated cock, and laugh at us for having ours fully intact.

jokes on the mutts...

glad i live in eastern europe..

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You're preaching to a choir here. I'm an american and I want my dick back.

#Cutsquad AGAIN, and FOREVERMORE living in wormdicks heads RENT FREE LMAO!!!

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I'm unironically going to blow my brains out to get revenge against my retarded boomer parents for mutilating my dick.

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uncut dicks are the equivalent of roasties

>n the name of religion
Amerimutts don't circumcise in the name of religion. They do it out of peer pressure and because "it's cleaner".

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American girls also think uncut cock is gross so theres that too

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good goy, protect your masters traditions

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>atheist parents immigrated to the US from Europe in the 90s
>still circumcised
A cruel date indeed. What country are you from and have you ever asked why? Your case must be extremely uncommon

I know only one person who is cut, due to phimosis.

I'd rather have phimosis than be cut but my parents and the Jew doctors never gave me that chance

yes, cutting for phimosis is bullshit, you can cure it yourself by steroids and strretching

My only hope is winning the lottery and completely funding foregen, I was born with a foreskin and I intend to die with one

>practice that has only been in existence for a bit over 100 years in the United States

>But the doctor botched my circumcision
>Penis looks like the one on the left even though I have barely any foreskin
What did they meme by this?

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kek, i know you are joking but i'm glad i am black as black parents don't do this to their kids

Unless you're in America.

I find it odd the more I learned about it. It made sense in a time where people could never bathe for weeks and shit would get rank af. But now there is no reason for it. I actually admire the appearance of a uncut penis. I feel bad cause my bf has issues with his which I'm almost 99% sure is due to circumcision.

Only because they aren't used to it.

Because feminists parade about how female genital mutilation in Africa is awful and women can't cum and about how it's not comparable to male genital mutilation because men can orgasm so they're presenting it as okay.

Been an Anglo thing since Victorian era

most female circumcision doesn't remove the entire clitoris, it's pretty much just analogous to the male circumcision: taking away the clitoral hood. look at the wikipedia article on it, the argument can easily be made that male circumcision is actually worse in the vast majority of cases because the frenulum (male g-spot) is removed.

Obviously but people never research do they? "Normal" people just parrot what they hear from others.
This whole
>Oh noooo Africans are cutting vaginas
Thing started because some Egyptian ran to the west and started whining about her thing while some men in the US said they were unhappy with that for decades and everyone just goes
>Deal with it and grow up you can't change it

> But the doctor botched my circumcision
sounds to me like the doctor was redpilled to the bone and didn't want the jews to take away your g spot

Or he just fucked up so bad the dude has skin ridges which is bad

I'm pretty sure it's because my micropenis made it prohibitive to do his job, but I appreciate your optimism. And your trips.

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Please, for the love of god, end it. I am so fucking sick of mutilated men. Any other american women getting really fed up with circumcised guys? I think its honestly the reason I hate sex. Every guy I have been with has been cut, and every single time its been borderline painful. All I could think to myself is "just finish please just finish" as they jackhammer away at a million miles per hour trying to feel something. I never realized that wasnt normal, I just thought that's what guys had to do to cum.

Any fembots been with a non-mutilated guy? How is it? I've read about it and it sounds like heaven compared to being with a circumcised man. Actually having something inside me that doesnt cause friction burns and isnt cracked and dried out would be grand. Honestly, not only that, but just being able to make the guy feel good would be a nice change of pace. I always read that guys feel less pleasure than women during sex, but I think it's just cut guys. I've seen uncut guys in porn and they have so many pleasure buttons and sensitive spots. You can do so much with them. I compare that to the circumcised boys I've been with and, with them, Its always the same thing of going ballistic on their penis head or right below the head just so they can feel something. I always had to use lube, too.

I dont know, I'm not trying to be mean but I'm just tired of it. I want normal sex with non-mutilated men and I wish cut guys had to tell you they were cut beforehand so you could avoid them.

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This is an erect versus flaccid dick, you could come up with any sort of image pairing 'proving' the opposite from 5 mins on google.

No it isn't are you braindead?

Not really a issue caused by feminist.

That's so sad, my guy is cut. I feel guilty though I know it isn't my fault. I bet it would hurt me less if he wasn't cut. Sex is painful for me too.

The same villages they're going crazy about are performing circumcisions too.
B it they never mention that, all those women think it's simply evil bad men tying women down and making them experience no pleasure.
They had all the opportunities to bring up how crazy it is its happening in the United States a supposedly western country but they didn't.
They would rather use it to compare female mutilation to male one to show how bad it is/how it's not so bad for men

I am really lucky to be born in where I am that I have an uncut dick.
I can't imagine not having a foreskin, whenever my dick pops out my foreskin and rubs itself against my pants it makes me almost moan out.

There's literally no point in these posts.
If someone's cut because he's American or because he had phimosis doing this shit to make him feel bad over something that was forced upon him is just as bad as laughing at burn victims.
>I hate mutilated men sex with them is so bad
>God I'd kill myself if I didn't have a foreskin it's the best thing
Isn't anything more than crying for attention and you know it's not helping but yet you do it to feel good about yourselves like the scum you are, instead of saving others you'd rather go to the victims and exaggerate how bad it is to make them feel worse.

Well, I'm autistic, that's my excuse.

Everyone acts like cutfags chose this for themselves, I hate it too.

I'd get a circumcision if it put an inch on my dick. Most ppl in America think circumcised dicks look better anyway. Even the women. When I was a kid an older kid saw my dick and said it looked mutated.

therebis still an option not to circumcise your kid right? you just need to spread awareness without that crazy autistic muh jooz conspiracy theory bullshit

this image is retarded, if anything is "male g-spot" it's the prostate. call me a fag if you want but that's how it is.

I'm not able to love myself.
I'm not able to love anyone.
I feel violated & insecure.
And I have a burning rage that I'm not sure how to deal with.
I don't talk to any family members because they betrayed me and have no respect for me, my body, my rights, my voice, my autonomy.