Day 14 of nofap

>day 14 of nofap
The vilest fucking fantasies are accumulating in my mind...I think I won't last beyond tomorrow. Lord, help me.

I am already thinking about tomorrow's fap...God, it could be a glorious fucking load of cum springing out of my hard-rock dick. But I must hold. Just one fucking week. One. Fuckign. Week.

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what happens in one week
and nofap is not even hard if you set your mind to it. literally made a month with ease from being a 3+ a day coomer

Next weekend I will do something where I won't be able to jack off all day long, and next week I will reach my first month of nofapping. After one month my biology should be reset right? How did you do after you did your month fap-free?

I couldn't jack off for 10 weeks in basic training. After I finished, the first thing I did when I got the weekend to myself was just jerk off a zillion times.

Masturbating isn't evil lmao

Oh yeah easy shit.
>basic training
When you get up early, train all day so you're exhausted when you sleep, no access to internet, you sleep with a bunch of guys.

You don't even need willpower to hold off that.

Now picture a guy like me. Sleazy guy who wakes up late two days per week with diamond-hard morning wood and blue balls with a mind full of lewd fantasies. Other times, I get hard, just by being on the computer and thinking of porn. Or shit like that.

>Masturbating isn't evil lmao
It isn't but I'm a coomer, I'm depressed, and not masturbating made me more confident in myself. Now it may all die.

>he's falling for the nofap meme

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Tell me, why should I keep watching gangbang and bukkake videos three times per day?

>After one month my biology should be reset right?
this is a meme right?

>How did you do after you did your month fap-free?
after a month I had a fap cause I reached my goal. wasnt even a good feel just a shit ton of pressure built and shooting like a hose.

overall it didnt do shit for me, didnt do much with my life at that point either so yeah nothing changed. overall got more depressed cause i also did no caffeine

Hey listen up user and listen closely... I have recently taken bacopa and it has nearly destroyed my sex drive almost entirely and I didn't intend it too honestly. The reason why is because it's actually a dopamine antagonist that also lowers blood pressure. I only took it because it's a nootropic, but apparently it reduces male fertility in rats and reduces libido. Now, everybody has a different body and different response to certain stimulants and drugs but I can testify that it has gotten rid of almost all sexual desire. I don't necessarily want that so I am going to stop using it, however this may be helpful in your case user.

>this is a meme right?
But I should be "cured" of the addiction, I should feel better, happier, more confident? I know it won't cure everything. Two weeks on and I'm still a sad shit.

>overall it didnt do shit for me, didnt do much with my life at that point
Same here. I thought I would be able to get a cutie but nothing...Overall I'm just more focused and more confident...When I have now led thoughts, of course.

But why did you do nofap? How did you hold for so long?

I just want to beat my coomer habits. Drugs won't help since I won't take them forever and I don't want to end up infertile.

You fap in moderation, to tasteful vanilla porn, stupid.

>But why did you do nofap? How did you hold for so long?
decided to do it to test willpower/falling for the meme. a month seemed a reasonable target. hit it without problem. just decided to do it.. nothing more than that

>But I should be "cured" of the addiction, I should feel better, happier, more confident?
idk bout that.... fapping alone doesnt do anything. if you do productive stuff then you will not have time to fap at the same time too....

Jerk off but don't use a stimulus to get off.Literally anything positives you hear about no fap don't come from not jerking off, it's quitting porn

Satan is trying to get you to break.
Don't give in. There's a spiritual war taking place and you're in the frontlines.

Just give in. You can start in Nofap November.

hey OP, since you're on a hair-trigger right now, you could probably bring yourself to climax by mere touch alone

that would completely avoid putting more sexual imagery into your mind, removing the fuel from your warped sex-drive, and have the added benefit of making the experience less satisfying and so not something you continue to rely on

the only reason I started no fap is because I had ED when seeing escorts, I mean that was a massive redflag
also i want to stop feeling like a cuck from watching other people have sex, it's really some disturbing shit if you think about it

Yeah. ejactlation is healthy, pornography is not.

>coom to both imagination all the time and porn or images
>still doesnt matter at all

Did quitting porn reverse my hair loss and improve my prostate health?
No. it was the fact that I haven't ejaculated in months.

Ejaculation is not healthy if you do it all the time.
If you're ejaculating more than 1-2 times a month, you're doing it too much.
You're best off never masturbating. Channel your libido into your life, don't waste it.

Doesn't work, I tried. I always go back to the vile crap sooner or later. Slippery slope.

It's not about productivity, it's about self-confidence. Jacking off to vile shit makes me feel like shit. Why did you give up and not carry on, if you were good at holding back?

And after that one fap, I'll go back to hand-jerking again...

>Why did you give up and not carry on, if you were good at holding back?
didnt gain any self confidence from it at all. in short a meme. no point in continuing

I did gain self-confidence in not even two weeks, user. I do agree that my life remains very fucking bleak, though. But at least I'm more focused

>And after that one fap, I'll go back to hand-jerking again...

sorry pal, i know it's difficult to deal with addiction

still, you seem to be breaking it down with some measure of self-awareness, and if you continue to improve even if by small increments; you're weaning yourself away from that dependency

I remember I broke my two week no fap once and the following orgasm was really weak and underwhelming and I felt bad for ruining my streak for something that didn't even feel good.

I wonder why it was like that? Usually if I don't cum for a while, the resulting nut is glorious

yea unless you are actually horny and try to just fap for the hell of it or havent fapped in ages its really underwealming

None of those things actually happened but whatever helps you feel better i guess

hair growth after 1.5 months of nofap

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results of nofap you say..?
Because once I google searched that image, it led me to an article about using massage and coconut oil to regrow your hair.

Why lie like this?

Nofap doesn't cure hair loss and it doesn't improve prostate health.

It's just a meme.

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Nofap hair growth results pt 2

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That image has nothing to do with nofap.

It's from a website advertising hair plug surgery.
If not masturbating has done anything for you, above all else, its made you into a bad liar.

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Not him, but most NoFap benefits are your your psychological being, not physical. As I said, the boost in confidence is real. Still depressed, and shitty, but now I can feel I'm more confident. I'm not ashamed anymore, I even help old ladies across the streets, or say hi to people I barely know.

Most Nofap "benefits" are non-existent and you feeling more confident is just a placebo effect.

It's worthless to do no-fap, nothing will change at all you just have 30 erections a day