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Hey Chris! how's your weekend going?
Anyways mind answering some questions from the last thread? Has Karen stopped birth control? are you two now seriously going for the baby? what was your reaction finding out about Karen's delayed period? what about Karen's? In short give a green text it has been a long time since we've had one from you,

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I don't do greentexts really though. I just kinda describe what is happening or happened. Maybe I did a few times.

Anyway no she has not stopped bc, we aren't seriously going for one, I was a bit excited not going to lie, she was happy but seemed really worried at the same time. She did end up starting though so she isn't preggers, I think it may have been like the other user said and was stress. I might see if she wants to be a stay at home wife because I make plenty of money and we are about to have a house anyway. We are going out today so I may not be around much.

Yay the thread's back I can finally vent.

I don't know what the fuck disease or virus I caught but it's been the worst. Fucking was almost better and then I broke out in hives on friday and all the worst cold symptoms came back. I think I'm finally almost fine but I have absolutely no voice today, it's actually funny. Fucking wanna kill my brother because he just threw up a lot and then was fine but I'm basically dying.

Also we probably made my mom suspicious as fuck because he's a dumbass. I wanted to go home when the hives came because I just couldn't deal, brother came with. I let my mom put whatever the fuck lotion on me because I was dying and my brother walks in like it's no big deal while I'm topless and takes fucking way too long to be like whoops shouldn't be here bye. At least I was loopy as fuck so I have an excuse for why I didn't react much but still.

Also I don't remember the last time we had sex and I'm about to lose it blaaaaaah. Anyway glad you're good chris.

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You should be fine. You may need to goto a doctor though to be frank.

Probably should've gone yeah. idk I don't like doctors and I'm fine almost so whatever.

Maybe you should go see a doctor, you have been sick for pretty long time now. It might be something serious. But look on the bright side youo probably got to skip work for a few days with the hives and all.

Doing Sunday breakfast at my mother in law's house so phone posting. Husband and I each had physicals on Friday, both lost weight and my husband is off of his blood pressure medicine (yay). My husband, son and myself each got a flu shot which sucked - daughter missed out since they didn't have the under 3 shot yet.

Husband says we can't keep the kitten, we're going to register her as a foster and she'll stay with us until she hits 2lbs. I'm hoping he reconsiders since the kids and I are quite attached to the little baby. Other than that, just been doing school and waiting for Vegas next month. We're talking about aiming to go to Chicago the week before Vegas, that could be too much though.
Flu season is coming up soon, it could be that - especially if you're in a place where the climate it getting colder. The hives are a bit concerning though. I'd definitely see a doctor if it doesn't get better.

It's weird because it kinda goes away and then comes back with new symptoms. I might've just caught two separate things back to back actually, since my brother had literally half the symptoms for half the time.
>skip work
Nope lol. Good news is I have a four day weekend, bad news is this is day three and starting tuesday I work five days in a row so bleh.

Also yeah if it gets bad again I'll see a doctor.

Since your parents probably already know, maybe you should just come out and tell them.

Bump tim

Yeah and what happens if they didn't know after all and then they kill us?

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You just wing it from there.

tie your parents up and fuck in front of your parents to show your love,and then bury them in their backyard. They can't kill you if you kill them first.

Still be a good idea to make a contingency for if they do find out. It's better to have the logistics ready and conversation lines prepared ahead of time when you're still calm and can think straight.

I heard Rhode Island is beautiful this time of year, just saying.

Why Rode Island?

I hope you feel better neechan. I'm hiding in the bathroom because I've been getting constant attention all weekend. Its sweet but I need time to myself too.

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It's one of the only two states where incest is not considered a criminal offense - in any other state, one can get prosecuted and incarcerated for having incestious intercourse

what happened to make you decide to hide in the bathroom?

I asked my dad if he got with any women when he was traveling for work and he said women don't talk to him :

What is the other state?

>have been ignoring calls/messages from family for over a month
>they stop calling
>mfw they've finally given up

This is good, as long as they don't conclude that I'm dead or something.

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I wish you luck with "foster failing" (what our group calls keeping the kitten instead of adopting them out), and hope you have a nice time in Vegas. If I recall, your husband has now had his procedure? How has he been doing?

You are the user that was trying to encourage your father to date again, yes? If you don't mind me asking, what is the story with your mother?

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I think that it is New Jersey.

He won't leave me alone. I mean I'm okay with all the attention and he has been being really nice and sweet but it has been continuous. I would have figured he would have gotten bored but no.

I have some time since he dozed off.

>wake up
>empty space next to me
>go out room
>he is cooking breakfast
>he makes me sit down while he finishes
>he made me some chocolate chip pancakes
>enjoy yummy pancakes while he stares at me
>ask whats up
>he says my messy hair looks sexy
>feel little self conscious so just go back to munching pancakes
>he cleans up for me and sits with me in livingroom
>holds my hand while I try to finish waking up
>end up getting held by him and I fall back asleep
>wake up few hours later still in his arms
>feel warm and he just watched tv while I was asleep
>decide to go shower
>he joins me
>nothing lewd happens he just wants to wash me
>end up talking in shower about plans for the week
>then talk about food and anime
>just casual shower conversation
>go for a walk together and play some games together
>he lets me win and I get irritated because its obvious
>still love on him though
>he lets me pick whatever I want to watch and just cuddles me
>makes me dinner and cleans for me
>rubs my shoulders while we watch tv for the night
>some kissing happens and he has my heart like puddy in his hands
>he is really gentle and makes me feel really nice
>end up falling asleep on couch watching ghost documentaries

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Have you asked him why he decided to be so sweet all of a sudden? Assuming this is his first relationship, it's not hard to see why he's over-excited.

Why were you first drawn to him? He seemed pretty cold to you, but I suppose in a way that just makes the moments he was sweet to you so much more memorable.

He was always kind but in a roundabout way. Iunno I've always adored him and he has always taken care of me and been there for me. He would be cold sometimes but I could always feel the love there. Anyway I need to get him into bed.

>If I recall, your husband has now had his procedure?
Procedure is this upcoming Friday, I'm nervous but he seems fine. Unfortunately I don't think he'll be cleared (unless he jerks off once a day) by Vegas but it should he fine since I'll likely be on my period during that time.

>Haha I'm exhausted so I'm going to sleep at 9PM like a normal human being and I'm gonna sleep for so fucking long and kill the rest of this sickness
>Wake up feeling great holy shit, lemme check that clock it must be like 6AM or something woooo
Um, okay. What's up.
How do you have a not lewd shower, even if we try to do that I feel like five minutes in I'm like "DICC" and he's like "BUEB". Everything sounds great though but I'm sorry he's being overbearing suddenly. And thanks, I feel way better than I did.
He said he'll handle it and I said I'll live under our bed for the rest of my life, solid plan I think.

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>How do you have a not lewd shower, even if we try to do that I feel like five minutes in I'm like "DICC" and he's like "BUEB"
I audibly snorted. Being sick has made you no less hilarious.

>he said he will handle it...

But really, do you two have a legitimate plan or will you just wing it when they find out?

I mean I really do trust and expect him to do most of the work since I'll be completely useless. But yeah I guess we would wing it mostly.

Humty Bumpty sat ona wall, wondering if he should kill himself. He did.


Holy fucking shit I actually started laughing at that.

Interesting. Is that really how you think of yourself - completely useless? If I do recall, you're the one who took the initiative to seduce your brother and make him delieriously happy, social norms be damned. Sure, your methods were unconventional and there were a few bumps along the way, but in the end you were still quite effective at getting there.

Anyways, the inaccuracies of your self-assessment aside, it's still a valuable exercise to come up with your own plans - it's good to have faith in your brother's capabilities, but that's a poor excuse make him shoulder all of the decision making.

No it's just I think I'd be useless in defending our incesty situation to my parents, I would get way too stressed and anxious and scared and angry and all the bad emotions. I just have no idea what I could do that would be actually helpful.

Going back to sleep I guess.

When I was 7, my big brother made me suck his cock for money
I got extra if I wore collar and acted like a dog

>tfw whole family is in a cult

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