Just want a weeb bf to love

>Just want a weeb bf to love
>Black and unwanted

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Consider /r9gay/

Are you a black queen or a black kang?

The potential exists user, I was courted by a weebo brown femoid before and im white. Just gotta know where to find em

What the fuck do you think, dumbass?


Are you willing to ride and worship white cock when told to?

....black q-queen?

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I am sorry oui oui, please re add me I was being a cunt and was just surprised to find out you were black, the only other black women I have spoken to all fit the stereotype whilst you did not. Forgive me

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what are you watching this season OP?

This is why you're unwanted, nigger

i can be your black weeb bf if female

but clearly you want white robot chad

white robot weeb chad reporting in.

get in touch with me OP discord: liima#7673

>if female
You are a moron.

A girl wouldn't have a problem.

Nothing this season. I'm just clearing my backlog of older shows.


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you're missing out friend, lots of good stuff this season. How can you miss Mom Isekai and the second half of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vinland Saga, and Dr Stone.

This board is all about
>no gf
Nobodys looking for men here thats why your having success, go to /lgbt/ i think thats where youll meet more gay people, good luck user we all deserve someone even if ur black/red/yellow/slavic

Not jews tho

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Totally forgot about Vinland and Demon Slayer.
>tfw no bf to watch them with

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what kind of bf do you like user?
you sound cute. I'd take you.

>awesome anime comes out
>spoil the whole thing by binge reading the manga/ light novel it's adapted from

why do i do this to myself? That said, vinland manga is the best thing i've read since Berserk

> S-Sure.
Nice, add me on kik, though I'm probably just gonna friendly chat rather than try to lewd you, derpderp3200

What anime do u like to watch ? :)

I don't know. I'm not picky, don't have the right to be. A bf that can love me even though he knows I'm black would be great for starters.

It's still nice to watch what you read but animated. Especially seeing kino scenes redone with great soundtracks. It doesn't ruin it for me. I can definitely confirm this for light novels.

I only have a Discord and Steam.

I like many. Not too comfortable with mech shows though. I think my favorites are the one with supernatural/psychological vibes.

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Especially with Demon Slayer, the animation in the fights in that anime is so good, and I'm excited for certain fights in the future of the series to be animated. I hope UFOTable is animating the whole series and doesn't pass it off to a studio who isn't making love to the source material.

Do u like gory stuff like aot devilman crybaby berserk ?
I also like psychological anime but psychological horror is my favorite

>A bf that can love me even though he knows I'm black would be great for starters.
post discord cute blackbot, I'd date a black boy for sure.

>black fembot

just find an azn incel. studies say male asians and female blacks are the least wanted on the dating market. you're perfect for each other.

you probably have a working vagina GTFO

> I only have a Discord and Steam.
Alright hit me up on Discord then, Nyanbiguity#5940


transcel detected. go dilate sweetie

> imagine finding masculinity so fragile that anything remotely cutesy threatens it
Also nice reddit spacing.