How many robots are dude weeders?

How many robots are dude weeders?
I'm trying to cut down, but I don't think I'm really trying.

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Guys ganja

Im dude weeding rn m8

Man marijuana lmafo

nah weed is cool. realistically one can only function on weed throughout this shit tier life while high on substances. Hitler and Winston Churchill for instance used drugs responsibly prescribed by their doctors

does anyone have experience with synthetic cannabinoids?

since it became legal in my shithole back in 2001, absolutely no one smokes it any more.
I guess kids don't find it cool and edgy when its legal

>he doesn't know all the cool kids are doing cocaine

We are about to harvest dude! Got a big bud drying in the oven... Did you know weed is legal in ten States? You can grow up to 12 plants on legal states.

>doesn't know all the cool kids are doing cocaine
I know and they literally are.
Never seen any thing like it, kids in highschool selling all their shit for cocaine

Keked at this dunno why. The lmfao killed me

To OP and others in the thread, for what it's worth I was a heavy user for ten years age 17-27. I was smoking hash oil daily until recently I decided to cut back heavy. I took a break cold turkey for about 30days. Then I started back again smoking straight flower on a big old bongo, two snaps got me stoney. Now I am going to take another two or three weeks off before smoking again, I think this is a healthy balance for now.

i used to because my brother was a drug dealer, before he moved
now i'm too awkward to get a irl dealer and too lazy to learn how to get it on the net so i just use kratom instead since its legal. i miss weed

Not smoked in 2 weeks and feel fantastic.
Debating not picking up tomorrow when I can afford to again.
Kinda flirting with the idea of quitting for good.

I was until I ran out of money. Currently applying for jobs so that I can smoke. And people say that weed makes you lazy.

I just counted and all in I have 30 functional pipes water/non water etc. I may stop smoking sometime sooner than later but I probably won't stop collecting

i quit almost a month ago today, i smoked one time this month just for the hell of it and all it really did was make me anxious and i realized how terribly boring and one dimensional my stoner friends were, i just chalked it up to a waste of 15 dollars and havent done it again since

i've bought several video games that i wanted ever since quitting and i really see no point in doing it again any time soon

>dude weed totally isn't addictive dude

How many robots are chronic masturbators?
I'm trying to cut down, but I don't think I'm really trying.

Sounds like you switched up your weed addiction for vidya addiction

Saving up this month, I wanna buy a VR setup next month and I'll need to save so I don't end up starving by the end of it.

desu i havent even been playing any of the games i bought, spent most of my time on this garbage ass website

I know what you mean user, I can't get away. the internet seems so much fucking smaller these days, this is the only place I feel normal at

I prefer magic mushrooms or even lsd to weed but at a pinch or a after a stressful day when my set and setting isn't right weed does the trick.

Some age better then weed some are worse Google them to find out.

>be neet
>in shitty state of USA (most are)
>also robot (tier)
>can't thus get weed

i got some from my brother