Any other guys here bisexual but chose not to fuck dudes? Why?

Any other guys here bisexual but chose not to fuck dudes? Why?

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Mmm, this pic look pretty hot user but I'm sorry to tell you that real dudes don't look anything like this. It's pretty much a girl with a penis.

Homosexuality is degeneracy even though I do think boys are hot. I would never publically admit to being bisexual. Nor would I ever engage in sex with another man. My family would disown me, my friends would clown me, and I honestly think I would be ashamed of myself tbqh. I prefer for me to just fantasize and masturbate to boys and fuck/marry women, the way it was supposed to be.

I guess I'm technically bisexual since I've seen some real faggy homos that were so feminine that they were basically surrogate women. But I'm so picky I'll probably never do it with a dude, much less marry, love one or take it up the ass.

I don't think its degenerate but it does have its downsides, and hopping from dick to pussy your whole life is messy. I'm pretty much on the same page as you as far as how I deal with it, but I don't think its a good idea to be ashamed of it. I'm not going out of my way to tell people but I don't mind if they find out either. What worries me is having to explain why I won't have sex with men, because people really hate guys who don't embrace being a fag.

It is my belief that gay sexual experimentation in childhood is the vaccine against homo urges later in life.

How many of you bis want dick instead of boipussy?

I'm bi but sex in general sounds awkward and sort of disgusting so I guess I'll stay celibate. Nothing to do with my potential partner's sex.

Both sound appealing, but bussy has to be attached to a feminine or androgynous guy. Dick is good whether it's owner is masculine, androgynous or feminine.

Boys can be cute/hot and dick is nice but masculine guys, body hair, romance with anything less feminine than a femboy, and anal sex are all complete turn offs for me. So unless there's a feminine boy who doesn't want his bussy fucked I'll keep it to fantasies.

real gay sex doesn't look like your PIC. The top 10% of the cutest femboys don't even look like that.

Im not delusional/desperate enough to do any of that shit yet.

This, if real men were able to look like this I'd be all up for it but the truth is that real men are just straight up repulsive when compared to these pictures, I can't see how anyone would want to stick their dick in some guy's ass

I normally masturbate to traps but recently I've been looking at slightly more masculine boys. I like how the male torso looks but I don't think I'll ever be able to get over masculine faces. I still look for feminine and smooth faces or at least as boyish and unmanly as I can find. It sucks because very very few guys irl have feminine faces, even if they have feminine body shapes. I don't really care if a guy is muscular or smooth I just can't get over the face.

> anyone else here a poof but too scared to display it in public, so you walk around with a chick on your arm? while trying your best to convince yourself you're not gay?
That is what bisexuals are. You're just another form normaltrash that helped ruin this board and drive the real robots out because having your own containment board just wasn't good enough.

In this boat

I am bi but choose to not fuck either dudes or gals
This sorta

Traps are just a gateway drug into "bisexuality". It's just a transitional phase as you discover how your brain is actually wired. You'll be wanting chad's cock 9" up your ass in a year or two.

Bisexual here, yes I chose not to fuck dudes because although I am in good shape and fairly good-looking the types I attract are usually fat, predatory, middle-aged balding men with small penises and they do not know how to pleasure a man like a woman does

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I actually like self inserting as the trap getting fucked, I still chose not to have sex with men though. There's no point, whether you wanna fuck traps or get fucked its all the same bullshit.

To follow this up I have many pics of cute anime boys saved and I love them but irl guys look nothing like anime guys. Maybe I should look for feminine asian dudes or something.

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I've done it. It feels pretty soulless. Nothing compared to having a gf, let alone a gf who wants to stick things up your ass.

I think its better to just leave it a fantasy, chasing after the rare femboy is like chasing a 10/10 stacy. Anime especially presents an idealized form of homosexuality where the guys are feminine and cute like most real guys aren't.

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>I've done it. It feels pretty soulless.

That's exactly what I mean. I never did it but I could still sense the pointlessness of it all.

Sounds like you just didn't have the right guy. You want somebody who is actually interested in helping you figure out your feelings. Guys like that are forced into hiding by society though.

I chose to get fucked by them instead.

I had a great guy who straight up asked where I had been all my life. He was fine, it was me who could tell I'd take that and crash it to the ground. I simply prefer women.

same, if I wanted to fuck something i'd fuck a woman, plus im 5"8 so a sizebale amount of women are below my height and most men are taller than me, so perfect bottom bi height

I'm bisexual but I don't like the idea of anal sex. Poopoo is gross and the hole it comes out of is gross. The only thing left is oral sex, which I wouldn't be opposed to. But my jaw is very tight and I can't even fit a banana in my mouth without my teeth scraping it. If a cute guy wanted to just exclusively make out and suck my cock without any reciprocation then I would be down but most gays want more than that.

It's not that I choose not to, it's that I'd love to be a guy's bitch in secret but the idea of doing it IRL is too impractical. I'd have to get out of the closet and try to meet guys, way too much effort and risk.

It doesn't help that I'm not cute.

>Mmm, this pic look pretty hot user but I'm sorry to tell you that real dudes don't look anything like this. It's pretty much a girl with a penis.


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Never really got far with two people as it died down rather quickly and I haven't found anyone close to OP pic to even consider it.

Where to find willing tomgirl bottoms?

Yeah but hes like 1 in a million, and most of those types are whores because of how rare and sought after they are. You're not gonna have a quiet anime romance with this type like you fantasize about, they are all slutty e thots.

Same way with me. I am attracted to everything feminine, except vaginas. I would rather suck a dick than eat out a vagina,they just weird me out. Anal is gross to me too. I am doomed.

Innie vaginas turn me on more than anything else, I would eat one out any day of the week. Most women are roasties unfortunately.

god I wish that was me. I want to make a condom belt.

This. Traps that passable know their worth.

I haven't yet because I'm not entire sure my attraction to traps and femboy butts would be as strong in real life, and I'm more thank likely just prison gay anyway, so I wouldn't want to break a cuteboy's heart if I can't guarantee that I'd still be attracted to him after I've finished ejaculating inside of him

Every one of these rare guys who are cute enough to fuck are also camwhores, every single one of them. Being a feminine fag boy puts you on the same level as a porn star in the fag world. You literally have a higher chance of dating a stacy than one of these guys. And if you want one that badly, you have to lower yourself to becoming a thirsty chaser because you won't meet one in any normal way.

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One day dog and cat boys will be created in a lab and will be perfect and human femboys will be eternally btfo'd.

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I would date a cute boy (does not need to be a trap). But I am under six feet, so I am pretty much invisible. I did date one cute emo guy but he cheated on me.

Probably for the best. Anal is not my thing but I do like cute guys.

Only if they also have a non-shit filled Yaoi hole for designated fucking.

You can clearly see how low res that camera is.

>literally has tits
Are you trying to be retarded? That's a tranny and they're on HRT.



Who gives a fuck? We have many common threads. This is a legitimate feel just as much tfw no gf.

>Internalized homophobia: the thread

I think it's so cute you don't think that looks like a man

i'm gonna internalize robot dick

Nah, its more of a MGTOW thing, only applied to gay sex. The juice isn't worth the squeeze imo.

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Please do mmn

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i don't look like an anime girl/boy at all though gomen

still going to ride dick

I'm only ever attracted to straight dudes.

>I don't look like an anime girl/boy
Are you telling me you're not a 2d drawing?

Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for the best lewds of females and traaps!

discord gg/CTpwssN

>Any other guys here bisexual
No. There is no such thing as male bisexuality. You're either gay or straight, unless you're female. Then you can be bi. But men don't work that way.

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incredibly no i'm flesh and blood but mostly a skeleton

Don't forget my cum in your asshole

>90 iq subhuman post
Whatsup 90 iq subhuman?

I'm bi but I'd never have sex outside of a relationship and I can't feel romantic attraction to dudes, so I might as well be straight except for the occasional fapping to gay porn.

you need to put it in there first friend

>ooga booga
>me not bi
>that mean no men bi
>me smart

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This board is for autists, not retards.

>love girls and guys platonically
>love girls sexually
>cant bring self to love guys sexually
and my friends wonder why i like i traps

Keep lying to yourselves, anons, but the science will never change.

If you're talking about that shitty article that was posted her the other day. It said men with a low libido lean more to bisexuality while men with a high libido are more gay or straight. Literally read more then one sentence in an article you fucking retard. That's why I said you're 90 iq, not because you said bisexuality doesn't exist.

Same. It seems like most bisexuals don't have an equal attraction to both sexes, usually its a limited attraction to the same sex and they just use them for fun while seriously dating the opposite sex. I'm just not slutty enough to live the bi life, I want to be a 1 woman man.

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I'd get fucked by another dude if a woman wanted to watch it but that's the only context that makes it interesting to me.

>I'm just not slutty enough to live the bi life, I want to be a 1 woman man.
Exactly. Glad I'm not just some oddity.

That's not the article I'm referring to. There are a plethora of studies on the subject that reinforce what I said.

I'm a woman and I want to watch you get fucked.
Start uploading, user.

I don't even get how people don't think bi guys exist, you have tons of them openly fucking men and woman all over the world. If thats not bi then what is?

>I don't even get how people don't think bi guys exist
They're right to think so, because bi guys do not exist.
>you have tons of them openly fucking men and woman all over the world.
Except not really. They'll tell you they fuck men and women, but really, they only stick to one. They're lying to you. Inb4 "but what about bi porn," surprise surprise, money makes people do things they don't really want to do.

Any hole is a goal, but not mine.

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>t. attention-seeking liar
Seek help for your narcissistic personality disorder ASAP, user.

I just want intimacy with another human being, I'm not picky on if it's male or female.

Denial, the femboy army is being produced as we speak.

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Oh please.
If a man said he wanted to date you, you'd slink away so fast. You just want the attention. You want to feel unique.

Is this you offering to date me, because I totally would. I'll prove you wrong by sucking your dick, faggot.

Because I am a androgynous boy (which most girls don't like, they want a real men), pretty shy and insecure. I would be an incel if I would be heterosexual.

I've had sex with girls, hooked up with horny dudes on Grindr to get my dick sucked, but never had the intention to fuck one even if they asked me to. It's just not for me.

Why bother lying like that on the internet? Are you trying to get cool points from your anonymous friends?

You are not bisexual. And if you are, you're not a man. Accept it instead of trying to bully and abuse me.

so you'd date a nigger if the opportunity presented itself?

>I'm a woman
got any proof?

bisex men, give me your opinion on this post

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would the bisexual males here kiss this boi?

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would the bisexual men on this board kiss this redhead boi?

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>why bother lying?
Why bother trying to disprove something you have no evidence to counter against?

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Bi dude. I'd only fuck another dude if he was loyal to me. Also if he looked feminine or at least androgynous enough.



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This is actually correct

I think I'm bi, but I'm not so sure because really masculine guys (like gigachad) are a huge turn off and I don't see myself romantically involved with a guy unless he's feminine. Maybe I'm just picky. I've not yet had sex or made out with with either men or women, so I can't say for sure.


Uh... user... I don't need them to tell me anything when I myself feel attraction to both guys and girls

The "bisexual" men on this board need to find a regular looking boy and kiss him, or suck his cock.
You will never know otherwise.

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I don't have to even try to disprove anything because there's already a shitload of evidence disproving male bisexuality already out there for you to find. You just don't want to find it because then you'll have to find some other lie to use to differentiate yourself from the normies.

Notice how none of the 47 supposedly "bisexual" male posters on this board responded to this? There's a reason for that.

hot, but not really my type 8/10
he is truly a 10/10
would love getting fucked by a man like him

honestly, people on this board aint even HALF gay, they're just CONFUSED!

to be honest (with you my family) i am just going to post attractive men in this thread, feel free to reply or not i dont care

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Cute, would date
Nah bro, that's gay
Sure, why not
Yes, but only a bj, no sex

>Uh... user... I don't need them to tell me anything when I myself feel attraction to both guys and girls
Here's that attention you wanted.

Ew, no. I meant humans, not blacks.

You are just lonely