Why do liberals self segregate from people they disagree with?

Why do liberals self segregate from people they disagree with?

I noticed this last night in a chat room I was in a trump supporter and a liberal guy got into an argument over why the trump supporter supported him. While he was calmly explaining his position the liberal guy started turning to petty insults to him and the chat room for letting him express his opinion. He then called the entire chat retarded and left on his own accord to return to another chat where admitting you like trump gets a permanent ban lol.

It made me realize that liberals can't accept any kind of chatting venue that isn't heavily moderated into their favor so r9k why do you think that is?

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I lean left with most issues, and even i think most liberals are retarded.

"Hurr durrr what's a debate? I'm right and you're wrong because the news told me so."

Conservatives are almost always open to discuss their opinions, and the dialogue that comes from it is intelligent and generally enjoyable. You might not agree, but at least it's civil. Liberals shut down their opponents because "racism"

Yeah I noticed that last night fully and honestly it kind of saddened me.

It's why I like Jow Forums it's rare for a thread to be a circlejerk and I think that's what puts a lot of people off.

Where are all these intelligent conservatives your talking to?

>Conservatives are almost always open to discuss

Thats bullshit, they are the same as SJWs
If you put any non conservative idea here you will be autimatically labelled as a cuck or a shill

Anybody you encounter on the internet is a liberal. Any "conservatives" are just liberals LARPing as conservative.

>Hurr durrr what's a debate? I'm right and you're wrong because the news told me so.

LOLNO. Liberals, for all their faults, are a lot more grounded in reality than conservatives are. This "OH I'M RIGHT BECAUSET THE NEWS SAID SO" shit is more likely them just not accepting your bullshit hypereemotional framing like "MEXICO IS INVADING AMERICA!!!!11" or "FAGGOTS ARE CORRUPTING THE YOUTH AND TURNING THEM GAY!!!11" or "ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY AND WE MUST SUPPORT IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!11"

True redpill is left leaning economically and right leaning socially.

Maybe the chat rooms are different that I'm on but it's opposite experience for me.

The more conservative chat will shit talk liberal views but they'll still engage and not outright ban you. Where as the more liberal chat in my experience won't engage in any kind of debate and even saying you like trump gets you banned.

So I guess it really depends on what conservatives and liberals you're dealing with a retard is a retard no matter the political affiliation.

I mean anybody who actually still supports Trump is a fucking retard. Sure you're entitled to your own opinions, but they can still be wrong. It's annoying that those people with garbage opinions can spread misinformation with no consequences, but ultimately it's up to the community to accept or deny those opinions.

>The more conservative chat will shit talk liberal views but they'll still engage and not outright ban you.

This is the most obvious difference, and it's so universal that anyone who denies it is an obvious liar.

Right-wing people are, if anything, *happy* when left-wing people show up and talk smack because it gives them an opportunity to argue. And, yes, , they may insult you while they argue with you and call you a cuck and a shill. But they will do that in the context of arguing with you.

Left-wing people don't want any discussion at all. They want bans. This is largely because (in the US at least) a significant part of leftist ideology consists of *pretending* that the mere exposure to "mean thoughts" is so debilitating that it destroys one's ability to function. It is necessary for leftists to pretend that this is true because it's a huge part of their lawfare campaigns under the CRA and the ADA.

Yeah idk about that man. Conservatives "debate" by being as aggressive as they possibly can and trying to "own" their opponent. It might seem enjoyable to the person that's doing that, but to others you just seem like a twat.
What's wrong with using news as a source? There's hundreds of outlets with differing levels of biases.
It might seem like liberals are always calling you racist, but have you considered that might be because conservatism and racism go hand in hand together? Your party doesn't seem to care or police itself, so other people have to do it for you. Because face it, you wouldn't change a thing if people didn't call you out publicly.

What's the point of name calling in argument? It's childish and does nothing but alienate the person you're ridiculing.
I don't see why we should allow those who argue in bad faith to be on the same level of legitimacy as those who argue with good intentions.

>I don't see why we should allow those who argue in bad faith to be on the same level of legitimacy as those who argue with good intentions.

Peppering an argument with insults does absolutely nothing to make that argument one offered "in bad faith". I don't think you understand what a bad-faith argument actually is. You fucking retard cuck shill.

Nice. Your style of argument isn't about truth seeking, or finding compromise. It's about "winning" at any cost, including bullying your opponent. Why defend your ideas when you can just call somebody a sissy beta libtard?

>Why do liberals self segregate from people they disagree with?
Liberals created 8ch, Gab, Brietbart, Bitchute, etc.
They did this to isolate themselves in a hugbox.
Jow Forums would never do such a thing, they only want to ban "degeneracy" and save "white society" by removing people who don't agree with them, and keeping themselves from being exposed from ideas and people they do not like.

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This is why you don't argue with right wing millennials, you just humiliate them for being too stupid to have a cohesive worldview.
Pic related.

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I got banned from the_donald because I called Trump a narcissistic liar

Could you have the decency to at least next time?

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Once again, this is not a liberal thing, it's a college thing. College is where people learn to be hostile to new ideas, it's also where they learn the fallacy of argument from legitimacy, where if you claim somebody's ideas are illegitimate, they need not be refuted or engaged with directly, they can simply be ignored or suppressed as invalid, categorically.

This is a dangerous mode of thought because it not only creates the typical echo chamber of ideas that forms when you ignore anything that contradicts your beliefs, but by using "legitimacy" as their criteria, they lend themselves the authority of absolute righteousness. You will never hear a college educated person voice any doubt about their own beliefs, mostly because they don't really engage in introspection at all.

I'm left on many things, I want redisitribution of wealth and the abolishment of private ownership of things like hospitals, schools, heavy industry etc.
Still I loathe left people, the meme that they are less inclined to be into mentally taxing jobs and fail to excercise themselves properly seems to be true.

>Why do liberals self segregate from people they disagree with?
You're actually fucking retarded if you don't think all sides of the political spectrum do this. Jesus fuck, any right-wing community also has insane censorship and banning practices.

But user right wingers do it to save civilization

Ah yes, spoken like a true brainlet. I know the meme is to pretend like all college students are liberal arts majors that need safe spaces, but what you're describing is literally the foundation of science. People aren't just pulling things out of their ass and claiming them to be true, claims are based on experiments/research which can be peer reviewed and replicated. Good scientists actually pay close attention to the things that may prove them wrong, parsing that new information with their previous assumptions gives them a more complete idea of what's going on.
I'm not denying that this process can create echo chambers, for decades we believed the sun revolved around the earth, but we changed our minds once a better explanation came about. It makes sense to doubt ideas that are aren't based on evidence or haven't been replicated, we would be a bunch of gullible idiots if we just accepted every new idea as true.