Mfw actually have dysphoria and am transitioning

>mfw actually have dysphoria and am transitioning
>tfw meme spammers are making robots hate trans people

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just kill yourself faggot not that hard

lgbt faggots are not robots, they have a place where they belong.
With the rest of the faggots that are so proud to voice their disgusting sexual preferences.

You all need to shut the fuck up, you don't see me parading down the street yelling I LOVE BOOBS AND VAGINAS.

>tfw meme spammers are making robots hate trans people
I've despised you abominations since I was a kid, I'm just provided all the more reason to with every means of escapism I frequent being infiltrated and ruined by trannies. You're even poorly attempting to hide your inverse accusation of "spammers making people hate x" when, oddly enough, the real spammers in this board are making the exact same shallow rehashed template tranny shilling threads you're doing, ad-infinitum for the sole purpose of adding more to your ranks of self mutilating reprobates.

your issues are not relevant to the vast majority of the population, so it seems bizarre that anybody on this board besides other trannies and sjws would want to see tranny posts

This isn't a good place for you to be.
Good luck on transitioning

I have seen straight people yelling stuff like that on streets. Stop lying.
There are always idiots.
And stop identifying as a robot for God's sake. Have some self-respect and stop hating others for your lack of success.

>yo losers
>I'm a fetish worship me
how about no

>>stop calling yourself what you are
>>grow up kid
Get out normalfaggot. W are not normalfaggots that go outside screaming like that. Abnormalfaggots here, especially the robots, are all introverts.

Because you guys have a whole fucking board
at the very fucking least keep it too one thread if you want to so desperately talk to trans r9k users

I will drop the biggest truth bomb for you OP:
user's on this site don't want to be happy. They strive only to make others unhappy and sad. If they would want to be happy, they would do something about it, but then they would have to realize that they are adults and responsible for their own mistakes. No robot wants to admit that.
It is easier for them to just cry and whine about how unfair everything is and how it never ever can be their fault. They direct all the anxiety and stress towards other people who they don't like, be they just happy, learned to move onward or accepted their own mistakes. Robots are kind of people that would kill bag of puppies just because taking care of them would require effort or/and self-improvement and self-discipline. You aren't talking with normal people, remember that. I have added few robots on Steam and Discord, but it is usually very hard to get along with them as they usually barely get along with themselves either. Usually all conversation with them is about how stupid everyone else but them is. Even when you try to help and/or give advice, they just ignore it and starts ranting about something else. I had one friend who just cried how no women would like him because all women are sluts and after chads etc. You know the drill. When I asked him that when he tried to last time talk to women, he said that women wouldn't talk to him because chads etc. It just went back to complaining and whining which is annoying. Robots are usually very aggressive to other people online too, I haven't had a single game with a person from here who wouldn't rage madly in-game to other players. It is such a pity.
It's not about you or anyone else they call names and are mean to. It's 99.9% of time themselves being frustrated with their life situation. It is just hard as they won't take help even when offered. So no matter what robots say, just ignore it. They aren't worth your time, sadly.
Stay safe OP, ignore robots

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>You know the drill. When I asked him that when he tried to last time talk to women, he said that women wouldn't talk to him because chads etc. It just went back to complaining and whining which is annoying.
So basically you're just a dumb normalfaggot that wants to cope. Get the fuck outta this board you worthless fucking normie.

>be faggot who thinks that their biological constitution is misgiving given muh "arbitrary definitions of gender"
>take synthetic hormones to disrupt or block the endocrine regulation
>want to mutilate body like every other self-hating person on the earth who wants to escape aging, but in a more grotesque manner
>"y no one care or like me? must be transphobic"
>being to neo-liberal to realize people are just retardphobic

I am quite far from normie. Sorry that I at least fucking try rather than give up and cry how unfair everything is when I don't get it in front of me on a silver platter
Or is that what robot means now? A person who just gives up and blames everything else but themselves
Just like a fat guy who blames cheap soda for his obese body. Mirror is a good reminder for who is in charge
But hey, go ahead and give up. Blame trannies or whatever for your problems, that'll change your life to positive!

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What does hating trannies have to do with blame, tho? Seems you're projecting, tryhard faggot.

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People who cannot live without constantly hating something is scary. Your brain and body will rot from constant hate, no matter what the target of it is. There has to be a reason for irrational hate, and the answer can be found from within most of the time.
So user, why cannot you stop hating? Why are utterly and absolutely unable to not hate someone for the fact that they have a mental illness?
I cannot imagine hating someone for something they have no control over.

Not him but hating trannies is anything but irrational. Main reason is theyre like rabid dogs, they will try infecting others, take over communities they dont belong to and be a nuisance in general. You want to dilate? Fine, do it in the shadows. Keep your digusting shit to yourself and I will gladly ignore you exist. But no, they are all loud and obnoxious as fuck.

>no control over
lmao just.stop.being.degenerate. Its that fucking easy. Interesting how you have sympathy for trannies because theyre mentally ill but not for the first group you talked of. Those that blame their problems on others. Just to be clear I do hate that kind of people too, because your spot on about them. However, some groups are a pest, they deserve all the hate they get. Its not me blaming my problems on others, im well aware its all my fault. Its me reacting against an increasingly sad, decadent, insane world. A world where kids are told to chop off their dicks before 10, a world where people are put on drugs for the dumbest shit by that doctors that enable rather than try fixing them. A fucking world where whether youre male or female your fucked, cause youre cannon fodder and a hole to fuck respectively. Fuck you you fucking nigger. Youre a goddamn retard for generalizing the angry male stereotype as someone who is "blaming others for his problems" from a small sample of braindead zoomers. Try not hanging with literal incel redditors next time.

It's okay user, I don't hate tranners.
In fact, I often relate with them very well and they tend to be kind people.

I have only added people from here and I do not use reddit because it is quite a circlejerk
Sadly it seems that this board is the same. One can not just magically get rid of their dysphoria, just like you cannot change your face to one you would be comfortable with.
When you irrationally hate everyone who goes under a major term that you have set, it isn't helpful. You are just reacting to the image which you have inside your head. Now, look at OP and say with a straight face that they are responsible for 10 year old kids getting their parts chopped. It is the same level of argument as you are responsible for all school shootings because lonely memers did them too. You are just lumping people under a term so you can hate something. If you are against kids transitioning, then handle it rationally. Not by blaming someone with dysphoria.
Hating is pointless and lazy. Do something about it.
Also, try not hanging with literal tranny redditors next time.
OP is complaining about the meme "Swallow pink pill x3 Astolfo uguu~"-spammers. But its easy to put them all under the same umbrella right?

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>are making robots hate trans people

Actully its natural to have disgust for freaks

What the fuck is that shit in the picture, cum-filled crust pizza? Is that an american thing?

just carve my name into your body and mark yourself as mine and forget about everyone else.

I don't need spam to make me hate you. I already hate you and want you to kill yourself, which you will in a few years. Enjoy your fake happiness when you realize nobody likes you and a gunshot to the head will cure your dysphoria.

Well user I do not think it was a good idea to do that to yourself but what's done is done. Good luck bro.

>N-not all trannies

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That is all

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>tfw meme spammers are making robots hate trans people
dont worry user-kun. I hated trannys before i became a robot.