Does life always find a way to make your life suck? Probation for being black here

Does life always find a way to make your life suck? Probation for being black here

I made a shit load of money and all my dreams came true. All i want is drugs, a car, and to move to a big city. But NO.

I lost everything. I have a shit load of money but now my life is shit. I used to be so much happier just dumb and broke in high school with friends smoking weed and no troubles and shit. Now i have nothing. I used to be happy just with some cheap liquor or something in my room and a friend or some youtube shit but now i am literally never happy and i have fucking MONEY.

I see broke fuckers that are happy just with whatever they got some stupid drug or some cheap shit alcohol or something but no money just making due in their room or whatever but i literally have no happiness. I just chase whatever to impress society with no joy in my life.

I used to at least be happy smoking my little bit of weed and shit and jacking off in my shit broken down house now literally nothing

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>tfw no depressing black bf to save from upstate ny

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>tfw no depressing black bf

not him but please be my gf.

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Please keep it on topic and just complain about the loneliness please

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Drugs are illegal you stupid nigger. Don't do illegal shit if you don't want consequences.

Oh yes Id much rather wear dresses and sit in my room alone crying about being lonely all day

I mean i do that because of my small town but i am normal its only my small town that causes this and i still dress and look normal at least

>probation for being black

Dirty mayate.

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moecuck avatarfags not allowed

are you in nyc? if not then sorry

Why do black people unironically use Jow Forums? You know white people won't EVER, ever like you bro. No amount of Kanye West based black confederate neo-nazi regalia wearing shit will save you from the DOTR. I won't even waste the energy to say 'nigger', because it's pointless, you BLACK PEOPLE will always still masochistically come back like a cockroach. Nobody likes colored folks, c'mon now dude, let's stop the bullshit and start being realistic. I'm not saying become jaded and disenchanted, but realize that shit is real and white people are being thrown under the bus, all of this white genocide shit, all of this cuckoldry, you are a lucky coon if you are not beaten the fuck down by a Aryan God in the middle of the streets. That's all man. Don't personalize, politicize, or emotionalize this because it's just FACTS. Stop fucking with white people in 2019, please stop fucking with Europeans, Oh my God, it's so cringe and bluepilled. Goddamn, you need Jesus you coon.

I get a very strong feeling that you aren't white but I'm not sure why

Well irregardless, racial dynamics and science proves that opposites do not attract. OJ Simpson hurt white women, got away with it. That should've been the end, that's all.

To answer the question there are many reasons why someone would use Jow Forums. It doesn't make sense to use race as a reason why someone wouldn't since the site is anonymous. Jow Forums itself is about 70~% white based on some polls and all those nonwhite flags despite being the most racist board. No I don't think blacks use Jow Forums to improve racial relations.

Racism is retarded and so are you. Do us all a favor and fuck off you asshole

>Racism is retarded and so are you. Do us all a favor and fuck off you asshoIe

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That's the thing buddy, I use my language specifically and with intent, purpose and meaning; non-whites shouldn't "USE" Jow Forums, especially unironically because guess what? The OP is stating that he is 'black', most people come here for attention-whoring and narcissist bullshit anyways, just look at Boxxy and all of the other e-whores and e-male thots with their trap nonsense. Non-whites, Jews, and other minorities (not even racially but perhaps sexually) will ABUSE Jow Forums by trolling or saying dumb shit but that's just being petty and evil at that point. Anyways, information WILL leak out, consenually or non-consenually. So if you're mexican, jewish or black, why would you announce it on a majority white openly racist board that is... (drumroll, please) ANONYMOUS? PLEASE, answer that. You cannot avoid this fact, because you know what the response is going to be anyways when you state that you are black or non-white.

It's not racism to recognize social-racial dynamics, racial biases that are natural, the history between certain races, and the fact that human beings are tribal and usually stick to their own races. All of this PC liberal nonsense is bullshit and fake. I'd rather for black people to be honest and just say 'fuck white people', and vice versa rather than put up a show and try to manipulate people for narcissistic and egoistical attention-whoring.

>So if you're mexican, jewish or black, why would you announce it on a majority white openly racist board that is... (drumroll, please) ANONYMOUS?
That would depend on the topic. While I very rarely do it, somethings leaking parts of your identity helps to enhance your point.
For example if I said:
>Blacks love Yu Yu Hakusho
then you could assume I'm correct on that, however being anonymous you have no way of verifying if what I said is true. Maybe I'm just strawmanning the whole race because of one black dude and in reality the majority of the race hates that anime. But if I said:
>Blacks love Yu Yu Hakusho
>t. black
Then you have a bit more to work with. If the poster is black himself then his words must be somewhat more dependable on what the black community likes. He grew up in it.

Now why would someone make a whole thread stating they are nonwhite? That would have to do with their intention. OP for example might be trying to interact with black anons in particular because of unique black feels. Or maybe an user is being a masochist and is in the mood for debating some white racists. On Jow Forums there are sometimes threads where nonwhite anons try to garner sympathy or advice. There more to use Jow Forums for than racebaiting.
>I'd rather for black people to be honest and just say 'fuck white people'
I don't hate whites

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Would you two fuck already?

how did you make money


Does using curse words make you feel like a grownup
You have no self awareness

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I would've felt for you if not for the drugs
Fuck off nigger

>he thinks we want white approval

This is essentially one of the few places on earth where men don't have to larp as NPC's.or normalshits.
Not much elsewhere with as high a concentration of relatable experiences, redpilled types, common interests, sense of humor, etc..

Also it's pretty cool to see whitefags actually be human beings instead of progressive cucks. Especially when they're essentially punching bags in every other social setting. I grew up in a multicultural environment where everyone was piece of shit that was poor and racist and hated eachother so it's cool to get some of that experience back. Racial identity, nationalism, talking shit, being racist in general is pretty comfy idk. My bullshit meter is unfit for modern society i guess.

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you have depression and probably something else given that you persist to post this garbage without realizing how stupid it is.

You haven't said what the issue is.

not everyone buys into the pol shit like you do, but i'm a kike so i guess my opinion doesn't count

No, I'm on my Trump shit tonight. I'm going to be ME and WIN. That's all. It's not all HATE, we need to start the conservation with GOD, family and love. So before people accuse me of being an asshole I'm not upset, like Michael Jackson said "with the love though" alright? LEAVE WHITE PEOPLE ALONE.

>Or maybe an user is being a masochist and is in the mood for debating some white racists
You can't do that. People are not playing around, it's 2019, don't you know it's PC and then it's race war on the other side? You can't have your cake and eat it too.
>I don't hate whites
It doesn't matter. Whites and blacks are incompatible and humans are naturally tribalist, meaning that if racism was eradicated then people would just still stick to their own races.

It's not about this side or that side dude, it's the fucking truth. Hitler doesn't matter, the alt-right doesn't matter, the 'white supremacists' do not matter. What matters is FACTS. And the facts is written on the wall, everybody hates each other. People will always find a way to start some drama, conflict, disharmony, or anything negative. Your Jewish background has nothing to do with that, it's apart of our genes. Society is full of fake people with 'mannerisms' and 'politeness', all of that PC shit is just a entertainment show. Black people will always have a racial bias against white people, it's genetically programmed into them. This isn't racism, this is what God intended. People to stick to THEIR OWN tribes, THEIR OWN races. God is impartial, God doesn't accept and love everybody. God doesn't forgive everyone. Blacks will never forgive white people for slavery, NEVER. Even though it was a choice and 400 years ago.