Do you make the cut r9k?

Do you make the cut r9k?

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Don't forget they want uncircumcised penis too

They could have saved themselves a lot of writing by just saying "Attractive+Halo Effect."

>all those demands of perfect physicality
but if I say out loud that I want a skinny girl with fat tits that's a good cook, I'm all of a sudden misogynistic?

F for Marvin (and his roommates)

>Not Marvin
Poor Marvin ;_;

Probably save for religious and cute smile

no, bitch i make the rules

Now hold on, perhaps they say that because Marvin already pumped and dumped all of them

The teenager who wrote this will end up fucking strangers in toilets.

The only quantities i have. My life is over isin't it? should i just kill myself?

> tfw hit everything on the spot

but sorry girls im already taken

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this isn't an entirely baseless claim either. based on the emphasis on religion and parental respect, these are probably weird culty southern christian women and thus will inevitably turn to porn.

>Colored Eyes
What do I win?

women don't actually

>coloured eyes
Wtf does this mean? Everyones eyes have a colour

I actually match all of these except for the life goals and shit together part's also the friend part I don't know who made this I'm still a khhv regardless tho.

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not br*wn

I think to be mysterious someone actually has to be interested in getting to know things about you.

it's a PC way of saying no niggers

>colored eyes
well i got that

My name is unironically Marvin so no I guess

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