Post your setup, anons! i just got a new monitor

post your setup, anons! i just got a new monitor.

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Great taste in anime and music. Are you by chance a female?

setup? you mean my bed and my laptop.
wtf user but nice pepe plush

Based and LOTGHpilled

yes but thats got nothing to do with anything

pol is giant meme how could u not lurk?

and yes post ur bed and laptop user. comfy comfy

What's your discord ID? Please user I need to know

post dick :-DD

What kind of pills/vitamins are those behind the camera?



biotin vitamins



use flash cowards

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>No one has posted their setups yet
I'd post mine except it's literally just a laptop, my bed, and an empty toybox I used for my keyboard and mouse when i'm playing FPS games

It's called a monitor because that is it's function: FOR GLOW NIGGERS TO MONITOR YOU

post it fagmeister

Actually really happy with my setup right now, wageslaving has let me carve out a moderately comfy lifestyle.

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new desk, very cozy corner

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>left handed
>non-uniform monitors

based taste in games, are you by chance a femanon?

>right handed fapper
>its A&W not KFC, they are in the same building where I live (a shitty middle of nowhere town)
>two 4k monitors, one 240hz monitor in the middle for top tier cs:go gameplay

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and no, sorry user

tranny then? that sucks user

>he's a "robot"
>he has money for anything better than a dusty crt beigebox and a blanket

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I get disability so I can afford crap like this.

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no? i just think pink is a comfy colour

>I don't want to be a girl, I just think pink is a comfy color.
>I don't want to be a girl, I just want to wear long socks.
>I don't want to be a girl, I just want to wear a skirt and frilly panties.
>I don't want to be a girl, I just want to experience the pleasure of being cummed inside
This is how it starts, dude.

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Desks are for work

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Comfy bro

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wtf is with all the gloves?

How much do you get in disability? I have it but only get $1050 a month

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i'll admit i used to crossdress but don't really have the time anymore
it's just a nice relaxing colour that's easy on the eyes and goes well with most things if you want my honest reasoning

fuuuck I used to have the same minilab but I broke it and now I'm sad because I stopped making music after that

wtf is that stuff on the right next to your light

>tfw can't get my computers mailed to me because no mailing address yet
>stuck with just laptop
I really don't like the battery implications of my current solution.

Are you talking about the speaker

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>no image
I am tard.

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I spent hours cleaning it up earlier so why not. I don't keep the turntable there but I just got it and I wanted to show off the vinyl I bought.

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Blessed taste in games, user.

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Nice night drinking some mountain piss water

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Feels very millennial.

user wtf is with all of the gloves and what did u mark out on the ground?????

>this board is filled with rich normalfag wagecucks

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I'm a NEET, I get money from neetbuxxes, also a lot of stuff has been given me as a gift, so please fuck off.
Although I got PC details from wagecucking and then quitting it

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>I can afford crap like this
crap like what? BOXES OF GLOVES?

did u just finish basic or some???

Yes, just finished tech training though not basic.

NICE. what branch?

It ain't much but damn it, it's the one I got and I love it

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Harman Kardon designs are for sure an acquired taste, I quite like them though. They're actually the oldest things on my desk and are due for an upgrade, though I usually use headphones for serious listening I like a break from them. I have my eye on some compact monitors but I'm not sure if I want to go for bigger ones at the sacrifice of space.

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>what branch?
Air Force.

thats p cool. i have a friend who just got out of basic like two weeks ago. same branch

yes i poor

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i need a job and i cant get hired

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Tell them to make sure they don't step on the commander's grass. New turf is expensive.

Well, why the fuck not? I ain't doing anything else.

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are you me

Nice fan.

Yep, I am you. You have DID. Sorry you had to find out this way, me.