I'm so filled with hate for affirmative action receiving blacks

that I just sit here and do nothing because I'm so filled with hate
What's the point of competing when blacks can be so underqualified and still get everything that's good (school admissions, job offers)?
The blacks in the pic were students at TM Landry, a school that doctored transcripts for their black students to get them into Ivy League schools

>>But user you can work hard and achieve your goals

And end up right next to a black who didn't earn it while I had to? I'd be more fucking furious then! what do you think user

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>be op
> super smart I swear guys
>yeah I would've tried harder but the thought of being around black people makes me see the so I decided to stay at the trailer park forever

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the problem has nothing to do with blacks and all to do with that you are filled with hate so all you do is attract negativity into your life, that has nothing to do with black people.

being black is like living life on hard mode, imagine living your life everyday that people have predetermined thoughts about you before you before you have even said a word shown them how kind/nice a person you are all because of the colour of your skin.imagine always questioning in your mind if people actually like you or are just being nice while they think racist thoughts about you in their mind calling you a monkey and other stuff. welcome to my life.

unironically, the thought of being around black people does exactly that. i hate them

>most blacks get trapped in poverty and government assistance
>become self destructive and ruin their lives
>handful get handpicked into universities and get special attention out of pity

calm down and focus on making your life better.

every single white person hates black people. they'll tolerate you at arms length but they don't want you in their neighborhoods, near their families, or in any intimate setting with an actual personal relationship. they wanna "bond" at the african music festival but then they want you back in your inner city nigger sanctuary. literally every single white person thinks this way.

t. white guy

Do you know what their transcripts look like? How can you be so sure that they're unqualified?

you only attract what is on the inside you user, fill yourself with hate then you just attract bad things, fill yourself with love then you attract positive things.

your environment is a reflection of yourself.
do you think top scientists have time to think about how much they hate black people or a specific race filling themselves with hate? no they have important science to do for all of humanity.

I think this is more of a reflection on how much you over estimate your own abilities or poor social skills if "underqualified blacks" get in before you

black people just dont belong at ivy league schools man. they just don't it looks wrong and it tarnishes the reputation of the school. they need to follow the cultural narrative that whites set out for them and go sell drugs and put in cages for the rest of their lives

You've obviously never worked a day in your life in a real job. As soon as the diversity quota is met (racial or gender related) people go right back to their biased hiring practices. It's not affirmative action means jobsites are only 100% hiring blacks, you fucking retard.

Most black people I've worked with have been nothing short of great. Even the one guy who was pretty shit at his job was still a joy to have around.

what about the trust fund babies that had mommy and daddy donate a new library for them to get in?

>black people just dont belong at ivy league schools
If you're qualified then you should get in full stop.
> they need to follow the cultural narrative that whites set out for them
Huh? What are you blaming whites for? What cultural narrative? Are you jewish?

>black people should not be allowed an education
>look black people are dumb monkeys even if we literally won't let them learn
>hahah look at the monkeys,they are so dumb and uneducated they should be smart like us

your logic makes no sense, people are people everyone deserves knowledge and education. there are good and bad people in every race nothing like a white utopia exists. murderers, pedophiles, abusers, rapists, unintelligent people exist in every race.

Don't bother, he's a racebaiting tard implying blacks are the way they are because of whites and their magical "cultural narrative" and not the (((you know who))).

They were the subject of a New York Times expose


>>unaccredited private school falsified transcripts for courses that never even took place
>>the actual curriculum was ACT prep
>>some of these dindus got into prestigious schools after the school faked their apps, parents and kids were in on it
>>they got famous several years ago for viral videos where the dindus opened Harvard acceptances and went nuts
>>the dindus will graduate in 2021/2022 depending on the dindu

some of their names:

this is my experience with niggers (theyre not people)
>lurk outside 7/11s in groups of 5-10 and just look menacingly at anyone who walks into the 7/11
>beggars that ask for money and get angry if you refuse or make an excuse
>lash out when they're on drugs for absolutely no fucking reason when im walking buy them on the street

my body automatically prepares itself for a violent confrontation everytime im in the proximity of a black person. i have absolutely zero control over it. i NEVER feel this way about any other race or people. fuck niggers i want them gone

Nice b8 thread Cletus, have fun dying of congestive heart failure at 44. Assuming you don't blow your brains out sooner.

Most people today really don't give a shit about your skin color. You can blame sjw and news media worsening race relations. Black people can be just as racist to white people, if not worse... Which one has worse social consequences?

that's a few bad apples, i got in school for being black, but do i hate white people, no. because i just know those are just bad people and not all white people are bad the same goes for blacks if a black person gives you a bad experience it's because they are a shitty person not because they are black.

Where do you live? The blacks here in Brooklyn are different. The beggars on the trains act humbly and I've never had an encounter with anyone on drugs.

*i got bullied in school for being black

I'm black, and this isn't the case at all. It's like, you being black mean you have to be in the like 95th percentile rather than the 98th percentile for ivy leagues. You are simply not as smart as think. Case, shut, closed.
You're mom loves blacks faggot.

t. Bubble boy brandon

95th percentile is mediocre and wouldn't even get you looked at if you're turd or Azn

percentiles are more more meaningful at the extremes, 40th and 50th is like the same retard, 99th vs. 99.9th is like a smart ass stoner vs. someone who will actually make it, a tech guy or doctor or lawyer etc

you: BTFO

>being black is like living life on hard mode
no one cares faggot. shouldnt of had such shit ancestors. be white or asian or brown next time. black is low tier before, now, and forever

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that's like not exercising caution around killer bees just because those SPECIFIC killer bees haven't stung you. A brain that has the capability to think ahead will naturally try to protect itself. Not even trying to be racist, but that part of the brain in blacks is underdeveloped at best.

>no one cares faggot
OP clearly does since the thread topic is on black privilege speedreader

true but here me out as a black person

all racism is dumb and only low iq dumb people engage in it. intellegent life will fight over anything that it can recognize as different even if everyone was white people would still fight e.g the Scottish hate the english with a passion. they even made a joke about in a rick and morty episode were the only difference between a race of aliens that got them to fight was the fact that they had different shaped nipples. people even fight in london over stupid shit like post codes and then make gangs based on location difference so it doesn't even have to be anything psychical about you to have a reason to fight.

don't be a low iq person wrapped in being racist and fighting people who are different instead be high iq and look for all the ways you are the same.

But you feel that way only around blacks so it can't be because of your naturally evolved in-group preference since it's only one race that triggers you, not all of them excluding your race.

Washington D.C its all the same shit. I'm ready to go. i alternate between doing 150 pushups + 76 dips (so far) one day, and all kind of bicep work the other. I'll lay a nigga down if i have to

white people used to hang and whip, black people for years forcing them to do grueling manual labor they didn't want to do, do i still hate white people, no. do i see white people as a killer bee threat, no. user again it's just a few bad apples. shitty people are shitty people, you could spend all your life fearing black people and then it's a white person who does the biggest harm to you in your life. same goes for me i could spend my whole life fearing and hating white people and then a black person is the person to hurt me.

I'm just using those numbers to illustrate a point brainlet.

The fears of those in this thread are not unfounded.

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Yes, that's a baseball bat.

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Do you cross the street?

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Except you'll be in STEM while he fails classes and any attempts at getting a job in the field afterward.

>black people are the only ones who hurt other people they should be feared
>doesn't want to mention the kkk, doesn't want to mention nazis, doesn't want to mention the mafia, doesn't want to mention yakuza.

yes they are not unfounded but for the wrong reason you are trying to spin it as, it's just a case of humans being shitty humans.

aite tyrone.

Sometimes you don't have the option to cross the street.

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Stop making shitty excuses for being lazy and worthless, stupid incel.

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That's just natural selection, I've never been mugged. Taking the most basic precautions prevent this.

so when are you going to post footage of yakuza memebers? japanese and asian people also do crime.
or white Italian mafia members?

>so when are you going to post footage of yakuza memebers?

Why don't you post it?

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People always say, "Well, other races do it to." But they never seem to have any webms to post.

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If it happens, post the webms.

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If the races were reversed here, you would know both of their names and this would have been a national news story.

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>why don't you post it

i don't have hatred in my heart to store images on my pc of crimes committed only by specific race of people to spin a narrative of all the worlds problems are caused by one individual group of people and if they didn't exist the world would be some kind of utopia were everyone holds hands and everyday there is a rainbow in the sky and everyone lives forever.

Most people don't have schizophrenia and post the same exactly niggerhate folder webms when they get the chance.

Imagine following an elderly man just to punch him to the ground.

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Feels good to know that schizo wh*toids will be extinct soon

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White people use nepotism and cheating all the time and you have no problem with them. Heck, there's just been a massive scandal revolving around rich white kids paying to get into schools. Why focus your ire on blacks?

imagine having an elderly man getting punched stored on your pc, what kind of sicko gets enjoyment out of that?

>But they never seem to have any webms to post.
If you want to see other races being dicks then sure I can get some, though I doubt anyone's perception here is getting changed

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>do you think top scientists have time to think about how much they hate black people or a specific race filling themselves with hate?
Fuck yeah they do. There's time for everything!

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OP is a literal NEET schizo who spends his time telling himself that being an absolute loser isn't his fault.

Can you post a national news story like that?

>pepe dad
>time for racism over the advancement of humanity

as a black person it makes me concerned that you think we are low iq, when there are non black people on this site who think being racist is worthwhile spending time to the same level of human advancement.

Here's a little secret. I'm a fair-minded person. I've actually sought out video evidence of whites or Asians committing the same acts of random, impulsive violence like this. The material is few and far between and the ones I did find almost invariably came from Russia.

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here's a whole compilation of wh*tes

now if you dont mind, you can stop posting in Jow Forums's webm threads too.

>white kid smiles at Native American man

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What are you implying, (((white guy)))?
>Oy vey, if you're not willing to let double digit IQ crime factories fuck up your neighborhood and mating press your wife and daughters, then YOU RAYCIS, AND THAT'S BAD!
Fuck off Moshe.

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Lameass white people scared of the black man lol.

Imagine being such a loser that you become a serial butt stabber.

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black user here, why are you wasting your life doing that, there are people who have cancer fighting to have to live and instead of doing something more productive you spend it collecting crime footage? you need hobbies, try taking up making art or anything more positive that will give you some kind of legacy from all your free time.

a lot of japanese people draw manga in their free time, i also draw in my free time consider seriously finding something more constructive with your free time to do than collecting crime videos.

>is talking about blacks but randomly defects to native americans
Could have sworn there was a goalpost here a second ago

KKK, nazi, mafia, yakuza = self-defense.

You absolutely did not look very hard. Especially the asian one, really? I know you go to pol.

Going with your "the jews" shit you could pass KKK and nazis. But the mafia and yakuza are literal crime syndicates

there is nothing self defence about hanging black, killing innocent jewish people, starting gang wars and taking out john f Kennedy, and starting underground brothel rings while you terrorize the streets.

black people are not saints, but no race is and the sooner you recognize that the sooner you stop living in delusion.

I'm pretty sure that was just bait anons

>being black is like living life on hard mode, imagine living your life everyday that people have predetermined thoughts about you before you before you have even said a word shown them how kind/nice a person you are all because of the colour
>implying that every other race doesn't get the stereotyped in