Parents kick me out of the house because Im a 22 year old loser working dead end physical labor jobs and not "advancing...

>parents kick me out of the house because Im a 22 year old loser working dead end physical labor jobs and not "advancing my career"(as if I dont want to)
>mom cries and says I am "ruining the family and wasting my potential" I just got home from 3 years in the army and chose not to go to college because im 2 stupid
>tell me "you can't be a part of this family if your wasting your life like this"
>say "ok" move out, making it on my own just fine in another town
>a month later they are guilt tripping me and trying to make me feel bad, as if I was the one who turned my back on them, as if THEY didnt tell ME to fuck off
lmao the worst part is it actually works, I already feel like shit and hate myself, and now I just feel worse

What the fuck do I do?

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lmao you told me to get lost not the other way around

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Sounds miserable but go along with it man. Flipping your shit won't do you any good. Just accept the fact they've been unfair to you and you can't do anything about it. Pay your dues and move on. Nothing good will ever come of ruining your relationship with your family.

I want you to be successful user. I want you to work HARD and get filthy rich. I want you to own a conglomerate of businesses.


>parents push you away instead of helping you
I wouldn't talk to them if they did this to me.

It seems like you did absolutely nothing wrong and your family acts really shitty.
Keep your head up and don't let them talk down on you.

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your parents are pieces of shit man. cut them off. tell them their fuckin failures and make sure they suffer and you never talk to them again. fucking worthless rodents. i can't believe they would do that after you just came back from the ARMY which is a pretty heavy sacrifice. leave them to rot

lmao don't tell them where you live. They'll make your life hell. Cut contact with them desu.

dude I just wanna be able to pay rent, afford a doctors appointment every few years and buy non store brand pasta sauce, right now im making like 800/wk at some bar and its plenty for me

fucking stupid solipsistic white cunt piece of shit with her false enthusiastm exclamation points. i fucking hate white women they all need to die

just wanted to say thank you for your service man. it's really cool that you served your country. thanks again.

Did they actually kick you out or was it your own decision

Your parents might have acted retarded here
And you should make them admit that

But don't fuck up your relationship with them
Maybe move back in if u prefer that

Don't let them make you feel bad since they started it

Try to hage a good conversation about how they made you feel by kicking u out and stuff and how you actually do want to progress career but that it's just hard

Nice trips, armyfag. I'd disown you if you decided to be a pawn for the state, too.

That aside, your parents gave you a shitty ultimatum and you called their bluff. Live your life how you want to live it, it's yours, afterall.

Wtf dont talk to your mom. They disowned you, disown them!

Guilt them and say "if you wanted to interact with me, you shouldn't have kicked me out. People have different abilities and luck and some get money faster than others. Just because I wasn't making as much money as you'd hoped wasn't a good reason for the way you treated me."

>am I pushing my luck
Just answer "yes."

>I'd disown you if you decided to be a pawn for the state, too.
Except this scenario wouldn't come up because if you were someone's parent you'd teach them not to get cucked. Obviously this guy didn't have good parents. They probably encouraged him to join the army and then got butthurt afterwards.

Just because you are a baby killer and you let the state push you around doesn't mean you have to let your parents do the same. Fuck them, they kicked you out and now they are trying to make you feel bad about it. Don't bend OP.

God your parents sound insufferable. Typical boomer worldview, if you aren't working then what's the point of living? They've probably convinced themselves that they're making the right decision, giving you "tough love" when you don't act like they expect you to. Those feelings of guilt will probably disappate with time, but for now maybe it would be best to ask your mom to give you some space. Having her constantly contact you is obviously affecting you negatively.

I was 18 and needed health insurance and money, idk what else people usually do shits expensive and muh 10$/hr job just wasnt gunna work
A little secret 75% of the army doesnt give a fuck about any of that shit and is just there because they are broke and retarded

have you tried not being a brainlet pleb?

you're a pathetic loser and only have yourself to blame for being her little bitch boy

this, cut contact now, they aren't doing this out of love but because they want to control you and now that you're out of their reach it makes them uncomfortable
clearly they dont give a fuck about you so don't give a fuck about them either, maybe whenever you're thinking about telling them something or talking to them, write down a list of shit they've done and reread when the urge strikes
its been about 3 years since i cut contact with my shitty family and i've never been happier

>please don't cut me out of your life
holy fucking kek boomer shithead parents dont even try to hide what their real intentions are, this cunt just wants attention
the saddest part is their kids are almost always brainwashed into buying it and say shit like "t-they taught me life lessons haha"
hopefully this thread is a wakeup call for you

Wow this is sad.
My parents guilt tripped me a while for "giving up on life" but once I explained to them I don't care about a career and want to live a meek life they understood and told me as long as I'm happy and healthy they're happy.
I'm so thankful they didn't pull this on me. They let me live at home.

This is fucking dumb, you and your parents are both retarded.

You should feel proud of yourself, fuck ttheir narrow grasp of the world

You don't need to do nothing. You did everything right. Keep going with your life. Every smart person hates themselves.

Shut up fat fuck your larper miltia is gay and so are you.

low iq post my man

>grow up on farm in middle of woods to family of 12 kids, fishing, hunting, farming for food
>his father dies when he's 13, kids keep taking care of themselves
>drops out in 9th grade
>becomes a merchant marine at 17, lying about age
>sails until he is 20
>joins the army for a few years
>best sniper and 2nd highest IQ among 300 men
>becomes a welder and works heavy construction
>works so incredibly hard everyone respects him and he becomes general contractor
>starts making 200k+ per year back in the 1960's
>often asks for paid leave for months at a time so he can go hunt/fish
>becomes one of the best shuffle board players in the country cause he spends so much time in bars with his brother
>marries a few times, has several kids
>retires, goes back to hunting/fishing/farming

He has never once indicated to me he questioned the purpose of life or felt dread over the pains in life

you should unironically go to college. if you have the gi bill you can get paid to workout and be around girls worst case you get a meme degree for free and ur in same position now

>Holding your family emotionally hostage and being proud of it.

You're shit and you don't deserve them. You'd do them a favor by killing yourself. The irony, of course, is that would probably kill them too.

Can't you read how manipulative that text is. They're acting as if it's all his fault. You must not have experience with a manipulative mother.

I spit my drink out when I read your post. My mom's issues make this kid's life look golden.

However, being withholding just to be petty is immature and unbecoming. Obviously OP isn't giving the whole story, and even if he was, why are his parents shitty for wanting a son that did more than just enlist, fester for three years, then come home to toil away forever at a minimum wage job.

How fucking dare they want more for their son. They definitely deserve to be dragged along and treated like shit.

Hey user, your parents are kind of weird... But you should just keep doing your thing, enjoy your new life, but, start fixing the relationship with them.
Dont go back, but fix that shit. Dont let them control you, be kind and firm.

His parent's seem like they're babying him to try to get him to do what they want and he's corresponding. From what he's shared I don't see where OP is at fault besides being a loser on Jow Forums, yet you criticize him. That's why I gave the example of my own father.

My father followed his path of drifting around the country working whatever construction jobs he could get and turned out making 200k per year. He hit the road when he was 17 and didn't spend much time with his mother.

His friend who often hired him became worth many millions and offered to partner with my father, but my father declined cause he thought he wasn't educated enough.

>if your parents are alive you aren't a person and you aren't allowed to presume to know what you want, your job is to want what your parents want for you because they're your parents and that gives them magical insight into how you should live and it totally isn't about them wanting to feel good about their kid's life fitting into their image of their own lives

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You know, there's a really easy trick to not letting them guilt trip you like a cuck. Just block their numbers and cut off contact. Cant get guilted into talking to them if you cant read what they say.

I wish I was financially independent like OP to move out and keep my distance on my terms like he does.

Fucking hate living with my abusive mother. The cunt is all about saying I'm a horrible person over inane bullshit like home tasks, calling me names, threatening me, comparing me to my father while painting him as the devil (classic single mom move) and so on.

You'd think I must be doing terrible deeds to earn the noise, right? No, all I ever did was living my life without raising problems, from childhood to now, studying, meeting friends sometimes - average stuff.

Can't wait to be able to turn my back on that sea of bile.

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