Monkey's Paw: you get a gf but shes fat

Monkey's Paw: you get a gf but shes fat.

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My last gf was pretty pudgy, technically overweight, but she was cute.

OK, so what's the monkey's paw part?

my oneitis in college would be considered mildly overweight

I once fucked 20 pounds off of a chubbo and would do it again

>two negatives
what kind of shitty hypothetical is this

The joke's on you, fuckwit.
I like 'em large and in charge.

Is her face at least cute?

Fat, obese or chubby?

Not appreciating a chunky girl can be pretty damn close-minded.

Depends on whether she's at the "smells bad" level of fat.

wait, fat like that? she's literally perfectly chubby, just a bit of extra softness and dam i bet her boobies are HUGE, fuckin perfect OMG thank you based monkey paw. the loneliness is over im going to go have sex and cuddle.

>but IRL:
>"not interested user i only date chad"

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For my second wish monkey's paw; I wish she was fatter.

>that pic

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Heh. Joke is on you, fagtard. I dont even WANT a gf. Heh. Fuckin idiot. Got em

Will she be willing to sit on my face with her big fat ass? Because if so then yes I would take a fat gf so long as her face wasnt ugly.

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as long as she's not repugnant fat i'd be fine with it as long as she's fun to be around and would be a good mother for our children.

who the heck can''t appreciate a belly gf?

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Everything about her is perfect, is OP an actual faggot?

I don't care man imma just post the bellies

Call the cops, no one can stop me

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Keep posting, she looks great.
Her face is surprisingly slim considering the size of her.

Belly gfs are the best though

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Unfortunately girls like that won't stay like that, they'll keep getting fatter and fatter.

>Monkey's Paw: you get a gf but shes fat.
That's your monkey paw? Ha!

fat like pic related? that's actually super hot, I'd love a gf with a nice soft squishy body
as for fatter though? I mean loneliness has driven down my physical standards quite a bit so I'd say I could overlook weight problems more than most people can. my limit would probably be around 300 lbs for a girl I would date, could be flexible though depending on her personality

Wouldn't the amount of caloric surplus needed to continue gaining also increase though?
Like, to maintain that size you'd have to maintain a +2,000kj surplus (or something) above what you ought to eat, but you wouldn't get fatter unless you ate even more than that.

guy that recently lost his virginity to a landwhale gf here.
That other user is right, the weight will more than likely increase.
Eating changes aren't the only thing that can affect weight gain.
Menopause does, medication side effects can, genetics can also screw women up.
The biggest thing that does it though is metabolism changes in your body as you age.


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Fuck yeah benevolent monkey paw sorting me out

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yeah that was her claim to fame

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Are you unhappy about having a fat gf?
The fact that she's your gf and not some fat girl you slept with implies you like it, but you also called her a landwhale.
How did you start dating?
How big is she?

we keep it GOING

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As long as I can caress and fondle her soft body, that's more than okay.

she knows it, she FUCKIN NOS IT

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want to squeeze it

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That belly makes my mouth water

Would getting much bigger have a deleterious effect on that navel piercing?
How can her lower half be a pile of woman, but still have modest breasts?

no fuckin brakes on this shit

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fuck, I wanna cup it in both hands and jiggle it lightly

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This. A chubby girl with a cute face is 100 times better than a butterface.

Well to explain it with some detail: I was a 27 y/o kissless handholdless virgin until I got her.
I'm not unhappy about it, it isn't her fault she is fat. If I was that superficial I wouldn't be any better than roasties judging guys based on height or dick size.
Landwhale is the quickest way to describe her appearance, anyone here already knows that word.
Started dating her online. She has a lot in common with robots except she is more social online. We met irl after some time... If you want a robot-ish gf your best bet would be online games. Especially mobile games right now.
She is large, bigger than the pics here but like I said it is not her fault... She actually doesn't eat enough but she gains weight anyway. She is also a titty cow for the same reason.

Though there is some bad things like she sweats a lot and it can be pretty bad smelling.

goth belly my dudes

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What's her height and weight?
Is she heavier than you?
Is she embarrassed or upset about how big she is out just content with life?
How big them tiddies?
What was it like the first time you met in person?
I don't know anything about mobile games, can you suggest a couple that girls play?

Nice, I miss goth girls being around

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>no fat gf to eat cake off the floor with naked then have messy sex
Why am I such a degenerate

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side of thighs

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You wouldn't happen to have any large Asian women or photos thereof, would you my good chap?

slgith n right

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love slight cellulite

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fug brehs

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she is like 5 foot or so and she is over 200 lbs, she hasn't specifically told me the number. I have seen other girls in online games too since they often show their pics and they weigh less than my gf but are usually on the chubby side too.
She is way heavier than me, I am really thin.
Yeah it shows she doesn't like her weight.
She clearly has a problem, they keep growing. Lets just say past H cup currently.
First time we met was better than I imagined. Physical touch is a strong thing user.

>Online games
First thing is first, you have to find something people in your age range would likely play.
Girls like games with customization, they are always playing dress-up.
They also like socializing, so MMOs are where you will find them.
Off the top of my head FF15 right now would be a decent spot to find them.
I don't play mobile games enough to give you good recommendations there though, I just know a lot of girls are playing MMO nostalgia games on there right now.

squash it brehs

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That doesn't sound like much of a problem; once you get her pregnant things will get pretty interesting.
Glad everything seems to be going well, I hope you take care of each other.

ywn have this for everyday feedings

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This one lucked out on the genetics, too bad you can't see her face but she looks cute.

plumpin like a muffin

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That's fine with me. Fat girls give good head. Why do they give good head? Because they have to.

Are you me? At 29 I recently got my first fat gf and the sex was amazing but shes super self conscious about herself even though I love the belly.

zoe quinn is looking better, when is that from?

Fat girls are nice.
The problem with fat girls is they either become thin or the drop off the wall is staggering.

yeahhhhh my guy hol up

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one more
>you forgot to solve captcha

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posting more because I'm lonely and frustrated

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how fat?
if she's a cute chubbo like the girls posted here than i'll take it.

no hamplanets though.

I like chubby girls and BBWs but dont count on me liking them just because they're fat. If they would otherwise be unattractive underneath I'm not interested

wheres the bad part monkeyman

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Imagine taking a shower with a fat gf everyday to make sure she's clean

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If she's got a cute face and a tight pussy I'm happy. I fucked an 18 year old virgin with all that and DD who was like 4'11, she's had some extra weight but she was so fucking good.

Gotta blast then. Im no whale hunter.

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i gotta go to japan someday

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Fuck, she's cute.
Shame she's not in a more revealing position.
These look very wholesome also.
Keen for my gf to get that big.

That's probably fine as long as our personalities mesh well. I used to be fat, I can help her lose the weight.

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How did you cease to be fat?
Did you become swole or normal?

She can fuck off I'm not porking a lard arse

Went in steps so I wouldn't be overwhelmed by the drastic diet change. First I cut out junk / processed food and soda. Then I cut out mid-day and late night snacking. Then I started counting calories and doing intermittent fasting.

I just look normal now since I haven't really bothered exercising much. You don't really have to exercise to lose weight if you're that lazy. You just need to be a lot more careful with what you're shoving into your mouth.

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kentucky fried turkey? id try it

>Implying that's a monkey's paw punishment to me.

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Plot twist:
>You get your lovely, chubby gf
>But she's cripplingly insecure about her looks and never believes you when you say you like her fat
>Desperately afraid of you leaving her, she loses all the weight and dies of anorexia within two years

That's sad, man. Too sad.

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people like op dont understand out tastes

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Boring man, I say.

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I wouldn't mind momo much these days but knowing how shitty of a person she can be sometimes is a real turn off

Look at that smile.
She could be immobile and she look like she'd still be fun.

Perfectly fine by me as long as she isnt like 300 lbs and has nice breasts

My ex was a little above average, but she had a pretty damn cute face and wore glasses so it balances out

Fat girls are not worth it.