Realize, at 133 IQ, I am smarter than 500 West Africans

>Realize, at 133 IQ, I am smarter than 500 West Africans

It's weird, but you never realize just how valuable you really are when compared to the human standard. The average world IQ is 86

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Add 10 IQ points to the group IQ average

>tfw 147 IQ and all I do is COOM

Having a high IQ doesn't make you valuable

Intelligence doesn't matter, only positions of authority and cooperating peasants.

As the world is, that is. If you're not in a position to use your intellect you're more useless than the manual laborer of a third world country that actually supplies your country of all essential items though it is all low-key about it being so dystopian.

Wake up smartie. Or go solve a sudoku, whatever thrills ya.

>just thinking means you can do the worth of 500 people
I mean really faggot. How egotistical can you get? How many people in the world have authority over than many people? Do you think your boss is smarter than you?

Yes it does.
You can have sex with a pretty girl and make a world leader.

And yet you're an incel NEET. Having a high IQ doesn't make you valuable unless you actually use it.

This user gets it. Who cares about a high IQ if youre just some resource draining retard?

The kids I can make are more valuable than the kids an idiot can make. A child of mine would end-up owning a Walmart. A child of an idiot would end-up stealing from Walmart.

Because I am human capital, I am valuable despite my resource drain. If it is necessary, I can reproduce with the right female and make peoples of high economic status.

Having a child maybe but if you're like half of Jow Forums
>Little exercise/self care
>Socially awkward
>No hobbies beside Jow Forums and I.Q bragging
That kid won't even exist

>Doesn't even have children
>Probably a NEET
>B-But I'm not worthless because I may have children at some point of my life and those children maybe won't be absolute losers like me!!!

>Little exercise/self care

I do calisthenics every other day.


I work a job with my dad

>Socially Awkward


>No hobbies besides Jow Forums and IQ bragging

I draw.

You're right though.
The kid is thin air, but that doesn't mean every high IQ person is like me.

I have an iq of 142 and I steal from walmart all the time. Fuck walmart and big corporations. Also, I doubt you'll reproduce. You're not special.

But level with me, which is more likely?
Shop theft from a high IQ, or shop theft from a low IQ?

kek my best friend in highschool had an iq over 140 but was still a klepto

I don't know, sounds like you're guessing whether they will or won't on baseless assumptions and prejudice that never can't ascertained in real life. Whatever conclusion you draw it doesn't matter, stop focusing on other, hypotheitcal people you insecure shit for brains.

But he was your friend because you were on a similar page in life.

What I see, from "Arrested at Walmart", is that shoplifting is mostly an endeavor for kids and adult fools.

I think we think differently.
I see my body and brain as material. You see it as something else.

If human populations were reduced to a point that there was a demand for those with preferable genetic characteristics you'd have a point but they're are still plenty of others with the genetic disposition to have smarter than average offspring (and would do a better job of raising them, too) that you're effective made worthless by the competition.

Raising of children is of little worth.
The kids are going to be what they are from an early age, and there's nothing you can do to stop that.

Yes, there are plenty of others that are smart and strong, but that doesn't mean that intelligence shouldn't be supported where it exists. There's a demand, currently, now, for high intelligence. If everyone had an IQ of 180 and the conscientiousness that goes with it, we would live in a paradise earth.

>Why yes, I AM smarter than everybody around me! Haven't you checked my IQ?

But that statement is objective fact.

I knew, from the earliest days of school, that I was smarter than about a classroom of white kids, which is roughly 18 people.

I'm smarter than 94% of all of the people around me.

>it's easy, just implement eugenics bro

Maybe we should go and ask everyone else who tried that how it went?

They failed because the ones in charge don't have enough sense to play with the lives of others because they don't understand themselves.

Furthermore, there has never been a strong eugenics campaign. Nobody ever rounded up the 180+ IQ's and made them fuck one another.

Nobody wants to pay the money for an entire human life.

Yeah, you're going to do a better job of course, all from the comfort of the basement. You'd be eaten alive by the blue haired land whales before you even stepped up to the podium.

the average isnt 86 you moron

Do tell us what the global average is then?

I actually would do a better job.
Most of the men trying their hand it are strong-willed, foolish, crazy idiots.

But I will never be the one in control.
So, it will never be implemented correctly.

You're right, it's actually 102, but that's when everyone in the world is healthy.