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You can only post in this thread if you have asked out more than one female but have never been on a first date.

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Is it bad if girls have to ask you out? Im just retarded and dont get social cues.

I have never even started a conversation with a non-familial female without work/school related intentions but I'm gonna stand right here in your thread and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

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>asked out two girls in highschool
>made out with a woman drunk after a party

Do I count?

And what thread can i post in if i
>never asked out a female
>had years long relationships


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Spoiler alert: they never will ask you out
You are a male you HAVE to do the first move if you want anything to progress
oh yeah and if you are lucky there's a .000001% chance that she will ask you out
(if she is interested of course)
the chances of all of that happening are close to 0 have fun

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>Juts go pic related user, it's not that hard

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>asked out 20+ fucking girls in my lifetime if not more
>some literally laughed in my face
>others ignored me in real time like a fucking NPC or videogame character and kept walking
>others gave me their number but were so dry that they either tried to friendzone me or just get me to lose interest
Confidence is a fucking meme unless you are chad or tyrone.

>ask out 5 girls in highschool
>get rejected by all of them
>go to college
>only female ever interested in me has purple and blue hair
>not attracted to tumblr

What's wrong with me?

I've started conversations with many girls and lost count on them.
I either get rejected a lot mostly for my height, never made it to first date.
Furthest I've ever made it was a girl making my hair and telling me I'm like the little sister she never had.
I am not a girl.

>talked to too many girls to count
>Most make it obvious from the beginning that they aren't interested
>Asked out 2 i thought I had a chance with
>The first said no and slowly lessened contact, now she occasionally but not always says hi in passing
>The second immediately cut all contact

help, how do I gain the confidence to ask girls out ?

The bravery comes more from an unwillingness to bear the loneliness and an awareness that the longer you wait the greater the probability you die alone than from anything positive like confidence.

Only did it face to face once. It's better not to do that. She was intimidated by my raw tard courage and couldn't say "no" even though there was no way she'd ever go on a date with me unless heavily blackmailed.

>but have never been on a first date
What if I got on the first date, but she left the moment after I paid for her dinner, before I could do anything else?

The fact that she said yes prohibits you from being part of us, but you do win an honorable mention.

All she did was use me for a free meal frens. It was very cruel. She even said she knew I didnt know what I was doing and called a cab home.

There may have been no difference between the two of us at the start, but the fact remains that you have, at least on some level, experienced going on a date.

I asked 2 girls out, once in 2010 and again in 2013, first was cringe because I was 17 at the time and second was pretty bad too. I don't even know how to ask - do you say you want to hang out or do you specify a place? Please share success stories

Spotted the INCEL hahahaha

Literally everyone in this thread could be defined as an incel. Kys ledditfag

>Please share success stories
This, I want to ask out a girl tomorrow but I don't know how to go about it. Especially starting out.

Depression made me stop caring about anything
That's how I asked out a couple girls. Never went through with it though

Literally say "hey, I'm user. Can I take you out on a date?"
Or "will you go out on a date with me?"
Not "would you", " do you think maybe" etc ... Active words, direct question. "Will you come to xyz with me"
Pick a place thats low-key, neutral, public, not expensive. Be assertive, have a place in mind or if she doesn't go for it ask her where she'd like to go.
>"But i dont even know you, I don't think so"
"Well I just think you're looking very beautiful tonight and id really like to get to know you. Will you give me a chance, just to chat? Have coffee/ a drink, nothing serious. My treat of course."

Honestly you have to get to the fucking point, be ready to get turned down, and plant a lot of seeds (obviously don't ask out every girl in the room or you'll look like a retard and theyd notice that)

Women will appreciate your directness and assertive active stance. They can just say no or say what the hell, go for it maybe you're a cool guy.
Once you get one to meet you someplace for a date, ask them questions about themselves. From there it's either good chemistry or not. But that is how you ask a girl out.

No pussyfooting around it, no asking for their snap chat or whatever the fuck, ask for what you want,, a date.. Use the word date. People have become too pussy to use it for so long she'll be downright taken aback just from hearing the word out loud.

And dates are fun. Obviously a first one should not be super romantic or intimate. No fancy dinner or cooking for her at home, that comes much later with any luck.
Like I said either suggest a cafe or some place laid back, or maybe something fun like ice skating.

But most importantly you just have to fucking ask.
When you get rejected just move on to another girl, if they don't wanna know u then fuck em.
Might get a yes first try. Or second. Might take fifteen. But
If you ask twenty girls out someone's gonna go for it.