Another day spent on Jow Forums

>another day spent on Jow Forums

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i'm gonna change it user, i'm working on that and you should too


>another day spent on Jow Forums drunk

checked and based

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>another day spent on Jow Forums high

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>four loko
what's up nigger?

just gonna refresh a few times hehe

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just chillin homie

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i'm at the point where i only browse this site once or twice per week. life still sucks though.

what a loser lol go visit your grandma fucking incel

do americans really do this?


i'm gonna change i can feel it, i'm starting tomorrow
>next day comes

>when I unironically have more fun shitposting on 4chin than hanging out with roasties or braindead bros

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>Another year wasted on /tv/

not sure what u mean

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>so user what did you do over the weekend?
>doing anything this week?
>do anything interesting in the last year? 5 years?
>user...what is it you even do?

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I went to the zoo

Based, just have to find some friends who have the energy (easier said than done)

The fuck?

I took my big tiddy goth gf out for sushi last night. We watched kinos and banged. Now she's passed out on the couch and I'm drinking coffee and watching Jow Forums

has anyone else set suicide on autocast? i did this like 4 years ago and just don't do anything with my life because suicide is on autocast, so i've had like 4 years alive in virtual death.

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Native Americans? Yes.

Saw a penguin at the zoo

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told myself i'd kill myself in like 5 years if shit didn't get better around 4 + years ago
at least i'll get to see Joker unless i get killed in the theater which would be fine actually

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bro are you me?

isnt this a good thing?

i actually think that is what made so lazy, leaning on the thought of suicide is like a crutch that just makes me not care.

that haircut is the most embarrassing part about this.

maybe, do you abuse benzos, opiates, alcohol, weed, and work irregular jobs way below your skill level and are totally dead inside but still try to be a normie on the outside to the world while you retreat into your room and sometimes don't talk to anyone for weeks at a time?

No shit, you literally made up that sucide pact so you could skip out on working on your life without paying the consequences. You literally felt, 'wow working on life is hard, if I kill myseld later then I wont have to do it' then you played video games all day. Dont act surprised

not all of that but pretty close

at least im making shitty beats from time to time

gonna make it in the music business fellas, gonna make it and get outta this life. heh heh yaaa i can totally make it

i'll die naturally cause i'm a bitch and my biological fear of death makes me so

What is that thing he's drinking and dipping?Looks sweet,is that a milkshake?That can't possibly taste good with the burger.

Milkshake. He's a beast. Its great with fries tho

I too, am suicidal, but also very curious to see the future. We could have AI wreaking havoc on the streets in as little as 10 years. I wanna stick around for that.

>he doesn't lie to keep up the normie facade

Tfw I always picked autistic 3/4hr kino's to watch when I first met my gf and she'd sit through it all without complaining or checking her phone. After 5/6 months she let slip that she wasn't into films I chose, she said it was ok though because she she liked being close to me for 3hrs and watching my face.

We started doing her films picks after that and they were all Disney, romcom and musical tier shit. Actually really enjoyed watching them, often got a really comfy vibe to them. Sometimes I think about finding some similar style films to put on but I don't think they'd be the same watching them alone. 2 1/2yrs since she died and I still haven't been able to move on.

I'm walking to work atm

I'm glad you had a nice and comfy day
Keep it up

Story goes he had done prison time, and here he is enjoying his first meal after being released.

This read pretty nicely until the last part. My condolences.

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Tour dead gf sounds like a pleb


I love my current girl. She gets so sucked into movies and doesn't touch her phone. She has good taste but also lets me boomer out. She's also a horror nut so.

Sorry to hear that though brother.
You gotta move on. Life is good.

This will be me in about 13 hours.

Based. I took the Disneypill with my gf and honestly its such a weiggt off my shoulders. Single people hate it of course, but there's no better watching for close cuddling and charm

Im on here evert day because it's my only social interaction, I've been eating healthy, and going for 40 minute walks every day.

Anyways to get rid of my Jow Forums addiction bros? I have classes to study for.

>you will never walk slowly around your girlfriend's hometown on a snowy day in the week before Christmas and have her stop occasionally to tell you about some memory she associates with certain places you pass
>you will never reach the stage of a romantic relationship where you are reading a novel on the sofa of your shared apartment one Sunday afternoon and are no longer surprised by suddenly being kissed on your cheek by your girlfriend who is just passing through the room and wanted to remind you in a casual little way that she loves you
>you will never hurry back to your car through heavy rain and sit in the front seats laughing and touching each other's soaking hair and finally cuddle up in the backseat with a small blanket and the heaters on and the elderly host of a local radio station taking calls and discussing something between songs
>you will never meet your girlfriend's sister and have her tell you, in private, while your girlfriend is out of the room with her parents, that she is so relieved that her sister finally found someone that she loves
>you will never your camera-shy girlfriend ask awkwardly if you wouldn't mind taking a photo together since she wants to remember this day you spent together and how happy you made her feel
>you will never be her first choice
>you will never be her other half
>you will never be her "one"
>you will never be someone any girl ever lies in bed smiling about before she sleeps at night

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reddit nigger

You better stop posting this soon

>I've been eating healthy, and going for 40 minute walks every day.

I don't know but I have periods where it interferes with literally everything I do. It's especially annoying when I'm at work and just have to check a thread/reply.
It's like a never-ending conversation I trick myself into, when in reality it's multiple different people, most of which are never the same old.

you're one of them faggot

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90s born queer kill yourself

retarded faggot

It’s fine. I’ve had a terrible year and Jow Forums is my escape from it.

People die all the time, fuck off fishing for sympathy, we don't give a shit.
Redditors like you are the reason why based is ruined.

Aw lawd he comin

So what?

cringe gatekeeper

During the week I use an app/program that blocks Jow Forums and all the other shit I’m addicted to. It’s called Freedom.

Time's rolling by and our chances are getting slimmer by the second too.
I wanna hit the reset button but then again I don't.

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Oof. Not a good look, friendo.

Patrician as fuck


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English isn't my mother tongue. Do you people really say "want to"? It sounds robotic to me.

Lol such mental gymnastics, whatever floats your boat you impotent whiner

I can't even imagine scenarios like this happily, because I would feel like a fraud. I just wouldn't *belong* in a situation like that. It would be an embarrassing charade of me acting like a normal human being.

>ywn feel this level of unadulterated pleasure and joy
i wish i could take the hedonismpill. feel crushing weight of guilt and judgement for every bit of indulgence

Same. I feel out of place even on 4chins.

>have v, tv. r9k and a vg tab open
>have reddit open
>have my countries kind of a reddit tab open
>listening to anime opening music despite not even watching those shows
>waiting for world of warcraft to become good again, fuck classic



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You should check out the ramones

My hair has started to go, but not even 30 yet. Took some pills for it and my face swelled up. There's no hope.

As long as you don't expect any sympathy for yourself, you're fair game.

I have most of this and it doesn't help.
I implore you anons, the hole you have won't be filled by a gf no matter how much you think it will.
The loneliness doesn't go away, even when you're no longer alone.

Are you talking about Finasteride/Propecia? Last I heard those actually make your face narrower.
Anyways, I'm balding too. Sucks and don't know what to do other than an expensive transplant.

kys nigger

>another cancerous facebook thread

>calls others redditors

I love you all.
If no one else appreciates you, this user does.

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>be me
>watch people through the windows of expensive restaurants at night
>pretend I'm there having fun
>pretend I have a qt by my side
>pretend I tell a joke and everybody laughs

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>you will never lie silently in bed at night beside your girlfriend with your legs intertwined and your faces several inches apart, the lightning outside occasionally illuminating the bedroom and making her face visible for a few moments before darkness quickly returns and thunder breaks in the distance, feeling her soft fingers gently touching your skin
>you will never give her a piggy-back
>you will never attend your cousin's wedding at an upmarket, historic hotel and restaurant and have older relatives talk to you and your girlfriend, who is nervous but talkative, and have them ask when you two plan on getting married and squeeze your girlfriend's hand when they do and apologize to her privately after providing some vague and humorous response to your somewhat drunken aunt, and have your girlfriend smile and look at you and say that she doesn't mind honestly in a way that seems to be a mixture of her finding your embarrassment endearing and also of her subtle excitement at the idea that you will actually ask her to marry you one day
>you will never lie in late on Sunday morning and finally at 9am and hear heavy rain outdoors and lie on your back for a while and have your girlfriend semi-consciously adjust her sleeping position so that her face is pressed into your armpit and her hand is resting on your chest with her leg hooked across your lower body, and lie there with one hand behind your head feeling a kind of brief, sudden almost deja vu-like memory of being a kid lying in bed on a weekend morning excited that you'll get to spend the day playing with your lego, watching cartoons and playing videogames
>you will never be loved
>you will never experience intimacy
>you will never be wanted or desired
>you will never have a girl proudly tell other people about you
>you will never fall asleep with your body pressed against the body of someone who loves you and feels protected by you

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Yeah that's the one. I think it's water retention

Thank you.


You're all a bunch of faggots.

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fuck i wasnt expecting that
sorry user

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I've only been on a single date in my life and I'll cherish those awkward, cringeworthy, boring 40 minutes forever.
She actually gave me a chance.

Tfw go into shops with mostly women in so I have brief small talk with them when they offer to help me



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>>you will never be loved
>>you will never experience intimacy
>>you will never be wanted or desired
>>you will never have a girl proudly tell other people about you
>>you will never fall asleep with your body pressed against the body of someone who loves you and feels protected by you
Worst part is that I could find "love" even today, by multiple girls who think well of me, but I can not even try to start a relationship because this one fucking BITCH messed up my heart too bad and I can want no one but her

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Who needs whores when you have your /tv/bros?

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How old are you? I’m 22 and and planning on a 27-30 death. Your description is my nightmare

You have oneitis. It'll pass eventually.