You are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls

>you are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls
>force fed baby formula laden with HRT, and drugs to weaken your body
>they will breast feed you and put you in cute dresses, sometimes giving you handjobs if you've been a good baby
>they will always pat and kiss you all over, making sure you stay happy and comfy in your crib and diaper
>your entertainment will be mostly dolls and teddie bears, nothing to grown up for a baby

Would you be interested in something like this? What would you do?

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What a novel concept OP! I'd be really terrified if that happened to me! Have you thought about writing a whole story about that? I think it could be really scary!

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please stop im trying to fap less

just coomer things

I'd absolutely do that for one week if I could magically get rid of all the effects afterward and continue on with my normal life.

if hrt didnt make u brain dead then yes

Would be cool without the sissy shit.

Fucking Sissies get out.
I want to enjoy this fetish in peace

god i miss /abdl/
fucking infinite chan Jow Forums autsts

Even the fucking ultranormies from places like reddit liked /abdl/. It's really fucked man, I wish it would come back.

/abdl/ wasn't that good desu. No real original content made it worth looking at.

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it was good for finding dumps of paid porn etc.
is there any good alternative?

The exact opposite for me. Love the sissy idea, hate the baby play. Straight trap is the way to go. I just wanna be fucking by a bunch of beautiful women with strap ons

>I just wanna be fucking by a bunch of beautiful women with strap ons
>Not being a lesbian exorcist

when i was younger my girl cousin who was a year older than me coerced me into trying on a satin dress from one of her giant dolls. it had panties attached to it. it felt amazing. after that, she put a diaper on me too and made me walk around. She's a massive slut nowadays, but I envy whoever sleeps with her.

oh by the way, this single event from my childhood has completely fucked my sexuality. to think how normal i couldve been if not for this one event

God yes. That would be amazing especially if it was forced, then I wouldn't have to feel ashamed at all.

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Are you a tranny now?
Get out cultist

Im a bald fat man in day to day life, but i keep my body clean shaven and have makeup, wigs, clothes etc. and I like to crossdress and and look like a girl in private. A very close male friend of mine found out about this, and he sucked my dick and fingered me twice, then outed me to all my friends about my secret. No longer friends with the cocksucker who couldn't keep his mouth shut. All my friends remained friends with me though, yet silently judging me for my degeneracy.
I'm content with this as much as I can be, and have a female friend who helps me with makeup sometimes.

also i have absolutely no pride in who i am and hate myself

How long have you been a trap for?
Originally a trap that is

I wish someone treat me like im severely retarded and make me wear a helmet and diapers treating like a baby

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I found you JD! Please kill yourself!

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wow i have no idea who that is but its definitely not me, id never act like that much of a faggot openly

forgot to mention, especially not that heavily photoshopped. yikes how pathetic

>Act gay
>Then out you
Fucking normies, I bet he believes he isn't gay because he tops

he bottoms too, he says hes a "slut" and likes to brag about his sex acts.

How can females kidnap you when men are stronger?

By asking if you want to hang out.

It is a whole industry in the third world.

Sissies were a mistake

>is into sissies/sissyfication
>bumps a dormant thread in the hopes of talking about it whoops I mean to hate them

niga wutt?

baby/diaper fetishes are by far the most degenerate of fetishes

>Be into this shit literally 10 years ago
>Seemed really obscure back then
>Now it feels like half the people on this fucking site are into it
(I got over it btw, didn't fall into the trans bear trap)

Never cause im female!!!