White Genocide Fetish

Why is this so hot? I can't stop fapping to this.
How do I cure my addiction?

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Start with genociding yourself

It's a good option for you.

You don't, submit!

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Get your sister blacked

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>tfw brown man with a fetish for breeding white girls

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You should breed as many aryan girls as possible.

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>those dark gods

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remember that black people have an IQ of 68 and that any society that only has black will collapse faster than a druggie on heroin

Only Americans like this cuck shit, don't bring in germans, russians and other old worlders, pls

These days I get a a boner when I read in the news that some refugees have raped or "raped" women and underage girls.

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Black user here. This is a pretty niche fetish, which is a telling sign of porn addiction. Basically you should do no-fap or at least no-porn to unfuck your brain. It'll be a hard journey but I believe i you.

I'm glad that my European brothers are turning entire countries brown.

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You forgot

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>Liked BBC when I thought I was gay
>Still like BBC now that I'm a tranny

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Nigger nigger nigger nigger~
Niggers make my penis bigger!
When I'm stressed, I obsess
Useless to repress!
Need his thing inside my tush
Pound my prostate into mush!
Lick his cock, nuts and stink
Rightful place for a sissy twink
My only goal is to please
Chowing down on his cockcheese!
Burping tasting of his cum
I'm already full cockdumb!
Niggers are a work of art
Even wanna smell his fart!
Submit, submit!
Want to choke on nigger shit!
Big black cock, I adore it
I wanna be a nigger toilet!

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cock pix plz

Why are you so desperate to give your thread life, OP. If there's interest in whatever subject, it will generate posts. Your constant bumping like this is only proving how inorganic the 'conversation' here is. Please stop.

My dick is kinda ruined and maybe has cancer.

You're still gay, homo

I'm actually German, and I frequent /blacked/ on trash.
I'm not bumping, this is my third post in the
thread. I was blocked for 20 minutes, too.
What the fuck did you do with it?

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I have a thick dick (6 inch girth) and used an onahole that was too tight. I also just rinsed it out instead of washing it, and also didn't dry the inside, so I think it got moldy.

ayo you white boys actually get off on this shit?
damn you needa break from the internet nigga.
I know not all white boys are like this but damn your pathetic.

Same I hate it. It's gotten so bad I've even fapped imagining my little sister getting raped like that. I should probably just kys at this point

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What really gets me going is the idea of sending my mud seed up blonde white girls' guts and making them have my brown babies.

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jhfddfgfhgjnhkjgfdghn nigger

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You seem to really like these threads

That was an entirely reasonable use of force...

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Im obsessed with it. im also a white nationalist so it makes it extra taboo

as white men, we need to step up and protect the future of our women by taking it upon ourselves to satisfy the insatiable lust of our black betters

my nigga, based

Absolutely. If all of the races are destroyed by being mixed together through the application of the (((globohomo agenda))), then the obscene, otherworldly beauty of BMWF nigger sex will perish from the Earth. We can't allow this to occur.

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Yeah that sounds like a good idea

Why do white girls love rimming niggers so much?

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Because you're deeply insecure and full of self loathing and have fetishized it to cope with how worthless and undesirable you feel. It'll get better if you put the effort in but you've got to put the effort in despite your doubts to fix other areas in your life finding sucess and building competence in pursuits meaningful to you, confidence in realtionships and with women will follow once you respect yourself and see what your capable of again. You've got to start trying despite the self doubt though, nothing will change if you do nothing.