Tfw no C++ bf to help me with code

>tfw no C++ bf to help me with code

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You'll catch his syntax errors user

You don't want a smelly pajeet. Better suck on my perfectly average chad Ada dick.

cpp is a fucking pain in the ass

>tfw no programming gf to partner code with

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So are you a programming trap or looking for a programming trap, OP?

I could be a C++ bf but I'm into fags/trannies.

C# normie over here babby

>tfw people think there are women on Jow Forums
Thats a trap at best

>tfw no Java bf to help me understand how Overload works

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>Not javascript+jQuery

add me

mf doomer#4855

Are you talking about method overloading, or are you deliberately capitalizing that and referring to some library or framework called Overload?

I meant the method overload but it can be the framework as well. I am terrible in it

Well, I don't know of any frameworks that are *called* overloading, but I do know that method overloading is just defining multiple methods with the same name and different parameters. Although when you say "the method overload", it sounds like you are referring to a *method* that is called "overload". In which case... on what object, in what library?

>tfw no trap programmer friend to help me out with coding
>tfw we could push each other to try new things
>tfw we better ourselves and support one another
>tfw we are best friends

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Go to school, dumb bitch.

> JS+jQuery
> Not Node+React/Angular/Vue.js

in old cave grugette no touch keytablet

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>tfw no C++ gf to give all the answers to for our intro to programming home work

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>Not WebAssembly + C# w/ Blazor

post question

Hi Evan, can you stop shilling your retarded Chicom spyware?

>All this web crap
>Not Rust

no questions user, only answers

I guess I wouldn't expect a Node+React pleb to actually understand technology.
WebAssembly is 30-60% faster on the desktop and up to 1,000% faster on phones. It allows you to use C, C++, C# or any other language really in the browser. It's great.

It's a shame that web devs are the lowest common denominator.