What mental illnesses do you have robots? Please no self-diagnosed ones...

What mental illnesses do you have robots? Please no self-diagnosed ones, unless it's obvious like depression or drug addiction. For me it's Seasonal Affective Disorder and Heroin Addiciton.

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Headpat&hug addiction

One of the leading authorities on complex PTSD (undiagnosable, not in the DSM) sort of unofficially diagnosed me with it. I also self-undiagnosed myself with autism.
>Headpat&hug addiction
Good shit my nigger.

>Schizoaffective disorder the depressive subtype.
>Antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy)
>Narcissistic personality disorder

They also said some shit about drugs, but that i am not addicted only abusing them.

Wew lad, that's some heavy shit. If you could get rid of one of those disorders (counting schizo and mood disorder separately), which would it be?

Well you tell me mate
>Someone with antisocial personality disorder will typically be manipulative, deceitful and reckless, and won't care for other people's feelings
>Narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior that includes exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy towards other people.
>Schizoaffective disorder is a chronic mental health condition characterized primarily by symptoms of schizophrenia, such as hallucinations or delusions, and symptoms of a mood disorder, such as mania and depression.

One of these is not like the others. Two of those make me (at least on paper) primed by evolution to succeed especially in this ruthless dog eat dog world . The other one is debilitating lifelong condition rendering any sort of potential be it mental or physical totally useless.

Social anxiety

only gad is diagnosed, the rest I'm 95% convinced, ADD is another one but I'm 75% convinced.

Depression and Borderline personality disorder. Shit's gay

Fair enough, that's the answer I expected. I've just heard some surprising answers to questions like these, once a schizoaffective autist told me he'd rather get rid of his autism, so I was curious if you'd have a surprising answer.

Diagnosed with ADHD earler age, was medicate from their untill my late teens. Unmedicated now, not coping too well but fuck the drugs because I hate what they do to my personality.

What bothers you the most about having ADHD?

I am not a doctor by no means, but its not that hard to see why i developed those disorders, when you look at it with common sense
to preemptively save myself from not being accepted or liked.
keeps me going despite honestly being shit human being.
Just straight up fuck my shit up senpai.

Weird thing is that i remember being like 11 years old and watching mortal kombat 2 and WISHING to experience hallucinations like Liu Kang did in the desert. I thought it was like the epitome of cool to see, feel and hear things that your brain creates out of nothing and are not really there.

Needless to say i changed my mind haha


also sometimes i get mad at not being able to relax

I get what you mean about narcissism being good in some ways. Narcissism and arrogance in the right doses are some of the healthiest personality traits despite what all that hippy buddhist bullshit will tell you, more resistant to common shit like depression and being taken advantage of. When I was that age, I thought it was the coolest shit ever to be stoic and emotionless. I changed my mind too.

Was Diagnosed with schizophrenia. I am psychotic.

>despite what all that hippy buddhist bullshit will tell you
Yeah its always the women who spew that bullshit with one breath the most and then choke on dick of the loudest, brashest nigga around with second breath.
>I thought it was the coolest shit ever to be stoic and emotionless
Yep, same here. I used to say out loud that i am
>cold and inapproachable

And just like you, years later i realized just how different my life could be if i had more sense instead of wanting to be like game/movie characters.

>Please no self-diagnosed ones
then nothing. I've never been to a psychiatrist in my life, and every time the doctor has asked me about my mental health I lie and say I'm fine. working up the courage to change that soon because I really need some professional help, like really bad
but fuck you, I'll post my self-diagnosed/suspected ones anyways
>major depressive disorder (had severe depressive episodes lasting longer than 3 months)
>social/general anxiety
>panic disorder
>avoidant personality disorder
those are the main ones that I've studied and found I fit enough of the criteria for.
I also use a lot of drugs, although I'm not addicted to any one in particular (except caffeine) since I rotate around through a variety of them. Definitely am addicted to the act of using drugs in general though, I feel like I have to alter my consciousness or I'm gonna go insane from boredom. also benzos have pretty significant medical use for me
on some heroin myself right now

>how different my life could be if i had more sense instead of wanting to be like game/movie characters
I think that's mixing cause and effect. Life experiences determined what sort of personality we were going to be and thought was cool, then idolizing characters like that simply came afterwards. It's not like we were once normal and fucked ourselves up by trying to be weird.

Depression, social anxiety and now general anxiety disorder diagnosed.

>Life experiences determined what sort of personality we were going to be
This line of thinking touches the age old nurture vs nature kind of thing. Could be the other way around
>Your personality determines what kind of experiences you will have
Since i was a teen i wanted to perform experiments such as taking identical twins at birth, separate them, put one in well off family with staff, structure, attention good schools etc.
And give the other twin to complete drug addicted lowlifes and then compare them like 20 years later, their character, morals and so on.

Sadly i am neither influential nor rich enough to perform my experiments in real life.

Separated identical twin studies exist, just not purposeful separation of course. They're some of the most coveted studies in psychology because of the insight they provide into nature vs nurture for various disorders and it's so hard to find test subjects. Personality disorders have less heritability than stuff like schizo iirc, which suggests your genetics don't entirely influence your personality but do nudge it towards a certain side of the spectrum.

OCD and manic depressive illness.
when I'm manic colors have a radiant glow but it's not great for your life because of physical effects like tingling on my arms and losing sleep without a benzo.
I'm an addict who still smokes weed with benzos and enjoys a nice opiate nod.
I'm lucky I can work because I can overcome the OCD for a while and I don't get psychosis.

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>severe depression
>severe anxiety (social / general)
i dont try to be like the normies anymore. even when they talk to me now it feels like theyre not real. i just ignore them except for when i have to take their order. everyone hates me at work because i don't talk. all i hear is constant badmouthing about me because they dont think i can hear them. i'm just so tired of existing and breathing and living around others. i wish i could exist without existing. sorry

Schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), at least I get bennies for it.

this might be out of place but do you talk to your doctor about mental health stuff to get diagnosed or is it therapist only? when I was growing up my mom always came in the room with me and would never let me talk, just fed the doctor all the information they needed and now im clueless about official procedures. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety by a therapist when I was 15 but I suspect theres bigger underlying issues

I have no diagnosed mental illnesses but that's a cute cat

Doctor, but both helps. Are you trying to get on disability? Be prepared for a shitload of work if you are.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It makes you really really tired if you're autistic and work yourself into the ground because you literally can't leave something half finished, including your career. Now operating on about four hours of usable energy a week, which I basically use to play D&D, then the rest is laid up watching wrestling and derping on Jow Forums while all my friends catch up and overtake me. Might get better in about ten years, might not. Not my favourite thing ever.

Im an aspie and also suspect that i am somewhere on the spectrum of schizoid/avoidant personality disorder

not really, im already on disability for being deaf. I would just like to figure out whats wrong with me and why I want to cut my face off routinely. Thank you for the help

i think i have BDD or APD. and believe me, nobody has sympathy for me.

Nothing. I can't even pretend that my failures are because I'm mentally or physically ill. I don't have anyone to blame but myself, that's why it hurts so much.

But I have sympathy for you user!

i don't know what i have and i don't even know my symptoms , i just know im broken

All diagnosed and currently on medication for:
>Generalised anxiety disorder
>Panic disorder
>Social anxiety disorder
>Obsessive compulsive disorder

Had them literally my whole life but they got really bad and made me housebound when I was 14. I'm now 25.
Shit makes me really sad since without these problems I'd be a normal person with a normal life and I'd know what a vagina feels like.

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thank you. that means something to me

Social anxiety. I was diagnosed at 13 or 14 but have had it since I was about 11 or 12. I'm now a bit socially retarded because I never had the chance to develop my social skills properly during high school.
I wish I could find an IRL friend who could accept my retardedness but I can't even go out to find a friend in the first place.

You're welcome user. Just hang in there.