I want a discord fren to care about and obsess about desu

I want a discord fren to care about and obsess about desu

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you dont want that, trust me


well, are you a cute girl (male)?

Don't tell me what I want

Not a fag

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post your discord then :p



it is not gay for a girl (male) to want a discord friend.
it IS gay for a male (male) to want a discord friend.

Henlo I know who you are fagboi.

>I want an abnormally intimate relationship but it won't ever become romantic because I'm not gay
So what's the point? Into the trash you go.

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Post that discord right now fren

I really need someone to obsess over me because I have poor conversational skills and constantly stress over needing to come up with something to say to someone. but if the person is clingy then that solves that problem because it gives me reaffirmation that they actually do like me.
although I've added people from here in the past that say they don't mind if my conversational skills aren't great and they'll help me break out of my shell and that they want someone to care about and listen to, but every time they just end up not talking to me anymore
I promise I can have interesting conversations I just need someone to start them for me

mind sharing discord?

I think i need someone to talk too...im afraid im losing my best friend irl

Fuck off xumi/gungy. Miyako was right in leaving you both pathetic sociopaths,

How did this go from 'I need someone to obsess over' to 'you'll obsess over me'

alert: borderline pd

my username is cringe, can you post yours instead and I'll add you
huh? do you have reading comprehension issues? all I said was that I'm boring and have trouble making friends so I'd love it if someone wanted to obsess over me because that would put my insecurities from my low self-esteem at ease
I didn't say "I need someone to obsess over" (that was OP, not me) and I didn't say "you'll obsess over me", in fact it's more likely that OP won't obsess over me because of how boring I am (not that I blame him)

Why make a dumb fucking post like this asking to add people on Discord and not even provide your username? You even have the audacity to ask others for theirs. You're a fucking vapid cunt.


the point of my post wasn't "waaaaah someone please talk to me I need human contact right now"
notice how I never explicitly asked for someone to talk to in my post? I was more just venting about my insecurities and how clinginess wouldn't actually be a bad thing in my eye
I'm not actively seeking people to talk to, OP is free to give me his discord tag if he wants and I'll add him

oh shit is OP gunjy? now that you mention it, it does sound something like he'd post
yeah go fuck yourself gunjy, you're literally a piece of shit and a fucking asshole. please nobody fall for his shit and add him, all he does is take advantage of people and pretend like he's some quiet innocent little fag who just wants "muh frens to care for"

this, gunjy is one of the most obnoxious assholes on this board

last time i ran across him on discord he was modding some 14 year old girls server in return for his help setting it up. lmao. fucking pedophile.

I once had the misfortune of adding gunjy on discord because I was lonely and fell for his nice, caring act that he puts on. never gonna make that mistake again lol

notice how gunjy never responds to people who know how much of a piece of shit he is when he posts a thread like this? how he doesn't even pretend he can refute what they're saying?
fucking coward

This isn't gunjys thread. It's another attention whore.