How do you cope with the fact that you're genetic trash, and no woman will ever romantically love you?

How do you cope with the fact that you're genetic trash, and no woman will ever romantically love you?

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By looking inside myself, and crushing my weaknesses to be the best man that I could ever be

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like this OP
spicy peppers

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chad gets cheated on all the time too, he just goes and fucks another girl. theyre all garbage

women aren't really capable of romantic love. its no coincidence that every single notable love story was written by a man. women just think about how a man makes them feel at the moment, and if that man is confident and handsome, then they feel "love." you see this in all of the fembot threads. they'll readily admit that loyalty doesnt matter. he can cheat on them all he wants. he can treat them like shit. they don't want romance, they want a man who is confident and makes them feel secure.
take for example, he's taller and better looking than her, and probably confident around her. the minute he loses his mental health or spirals into a depression, she will probably go fuck someone else. she probably has already.

how do I cope with the fact that women are incapable of love? I really don't, I just sort of wish I had some sort of intimacy even if most women are incapable of love, but I know that I'm not good enough for intimacy like that. they'd just hurt me and leave me for men they think are better, or they'd rather be alone than be seen with a subhuman like me.

Oh man you ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head.

We were together for 5 years.
She provided this whole time while i NEETed it at home getting drunk off her money. I beat her up a bit especially when drunk, i slashed her with a fucking machette once. I kept calling her useless ugly whore and so on.

Around the 4th year mark i started smoking weed and became much more conscious of how i treat others. I became much more agreeable and softer. Within couple of months she (most likely) started fucking her coworker (who had nothing going on v me in my prime except house and car from mommys piggybank).

I got psychosis had to be admitted. Broke up with her while she was visiting me with homecooked food, cigs and shit worth hundreds she had to take out a loan for. I kept a straight face while breaking up with her stating it as a matter of fact and she cried and cried and cried. Then she kept calling me wanting to visit me again i told her no.

EVERYBODY, EVERY SINGLE person who saw us kept wondering WHY THE FUCK am i with her that i can do MUCH better. I guess i was in love? To this day i cant make sense of who was fucking who over.

In any case, my anecdote absolutely confirms your theory.

goes to

That's not a fact so it's not something to cope with. I didn't pussy out like you did so I actually have a girlfriend.

just exist user, that's all you can do, make money, eat, shit, coom, that's it

>Pussy out
I've been rejected more times than i can count and have never even gotten a first date

>how do you cope
I just keep telling myself that I still have time. Im going to kill myself once im 30 though, if i haven't already before then. I don't know if you can really call that coping though.

thanks for the stunning contribution chad, I'm sure she's already fucking someone else.

Why are you complaining about not getting a GF? there are much more pressing issues to worry about...


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you mean give up

Crying helps for me.

Pretty much this, yes a relationship will make you feel good but in this day and age it's just not worth it it can end your life and it's not just about looks, it happens to Chads as well all the time.Good thing about the brain is that there's so much many more ways to make you feel good and be happy so just do those and as for sex just travel to europe and get some nice prostitutes.

I think I'd rather just get an escort. Even though it's fake, it'd be nice to feel someone and cuddle with them and feel loved, just for a bit.
Maybe I'm really worth nothing other than money, not good enough for intimacy. Just always going to be alone.

The hardest thing I think would be accepting this, i'm in the same situation as most people on this board and i'm thinking everyday for what i'm gonna do since a family is out of the question.
Children would make me happy bit it's very hard as a man to adopt children other things would be money and fame but i am not sure if you can even have a happy life without women or if there's any way to accept your situation and still live a happy life, either way I am gonna try at least and if i'm successful then that'll be it and if not it's still gonna be okay cause nothing really matters in the end.

Nice, my sister told me exactly that a few months ago for no reason.
As I continue to suck at life I don't know if this will lead to anything.
I just hope that there's an end to this downwardspiral.

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But my gf is in love with me and my 7 inch opie

By not giving a fuck about women

2D is the only way

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I'm a 6'3, blue-eyed, fair-haired thin Slav with a big dick. A woman does love me, but I don't feel shit because I'm pretty much incapable of any emotional connection. I gotta break it off somehow...