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were your 20s a waste or did you achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself ?

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i wasted most of it on a slave-tier wagie job but I did find a gf

I achieved most of my goals, but that doesn't mean my 20s weren't a waste.

i spent most of my 20s addicted to oxycodone and heroin

I achieved my career goals but none of my social goals. Make a bunch of money. Spend nights either working, drinking or jerking off. Sometimes i get prostitutes

33 y/o here, everyday I think about suicide

what's your situation ?, you still live at home ?

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I was a bit too hedonistic and now I'm stuck at home living with parents. No money, no job, no place of my own. Fucking blows.

>wage cuckin' it for a shitty company
>no gf or wife ever
>ugly and autistic
>currently living in parents basement
>friends all married or have gfs
>alone most of the time
life essentially over, got shit genes and worst luck.

I am un-ironically 28 and have wasted the last 5 years of my life. 21 was probably my best times being alive. Then my schizophrenia kicked in.

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Sounds like me except I don't even have a job

this. didn't make social goals cause my parents had bad social skills. and money was all that mattered to me

i spent too much time on Jow Forums and r/conspiracy

Why don't you have a job or why are you a NEET?

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>or did you achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself ?
no one in my family has

>i spent too much time on Jow Forums and r/conspiracy
Why did you do that?

I hate working, when I was laid off from my last job by feminazi manager I went 20 months on Employee Insurance, pretty much got paid to coom at home. Eventually it ran out and had to find another wagecuck job to pay bills

Got knocked out of work for eight years due to illness, 20s on hold until my 30s.

I got fired from my last job for a mistake a roastie made. Instead of going back to work i decided to go back to school. I really do need a job though because I feel like a worthless piece of shit doing absolutely nothing all day.

well, i was told about conspiracy theories my whole life, and i didn't really believe in them, but ever since the 2016 election i got sucked into that world. but ive come to the conclusion that even if scary stuff like pedos ruling the world is true, theres nothing i can do about it, and reading about conspiracies is unproductive and soul sucking in my life

>no gf
>no friends
>no job
so no progress in the last 10 years, can't even get a job lol

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Congratulations. At least now you know it's not worth your time.

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How were you going to survive financially anyways? You had a lot in savings or what?

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I learned programming and electronics. But mostly a waste yeah.