How does your dad feel about the way you turned out?

How does your dad feel about the way you turned out?

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i can tell he was decently disapointed in me in his last few years of life

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He probably wishes he only had to deal with my little sister. She gets good grades, has friends, has a future etc. I got nothing bros nothing but a cooom addiction

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I remember him braggin about me many years ago. Now he only talks about me if asked.

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he's probably disappointed.
never told me but I can see in his face

he's a piece of shit and i dont care what he thinks about me. he likes my brother more. my brother has gone to jail 3 times, each time for more than a year. he's a drug addict jailbird scumbag with 3 kids that he can't even support. but it's very obvious the way my dad treats him that he likes him more than me.

He's disappointed but I honestly don't know what he wanted me to be. He always says I should follow his advice and do what he did when he was my age. I don't really think he understands that his advice doesn't really work now like it did in 1972 or whatever the fuck But even if it did work I still wouldn't follow it because now he's a grumpy, hate filled old man with no social life or friends of any sort, he's also in debt and not good with money, lost everything in the 2008 recession and had to declare bankruptcy. All he does is slave away in his yard because it's fucking huge and requires constant attention to not look like shit.

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he's proud of me. i'm pretty successful career wise so he can tell his friends " my son went to x school and is a ___ at ___". I can tell he is waiting on me to find a girlfriend though. He keeps non chalantly bringing up grandkids. don't have the heart to tell him i havent been laid in years

my dad was a pedophile pos who spent his whole life fucking children

I don't care what he thinks

I wish my father still worked in the yard. Since moving he doesn't have any farm to tend to anymore and old age caught up to him

He dead lmao

My dad is a piece of shit alcoholic who beat me and my mother and mentally abused us, he's now finally alone drinking himself to dead and I can't wait for the day he suicides.

Disappointed. Been in rehab twice this year, quit my last job before they could fire me, have a worthless degree that took 8 years to get.

Dad's been dead since 2008 from cancer

I think he is proud, but he thinks I am a nerd.

i'm sorry 2 hear that user

He's probably alright with it. I don't really ask because his affirmation of my life doesn't matter as much as how I feel about it.

Well considering i am disabled NEET who smokes weed and he is disabled NEET who snorts meth you should be asking how i feel about the way HE turned out.

Since my parents did the "let's split up gang" meme I became more and more emotionally disconnected from my family what isn't a big plus.
As I plan to go to the military for some time before starting my time at the university he's really disappointed because this goes against his goal of teaching his offspring to not go there as he hated his time there during his cumpolsory military service.
My disregard towards his friendlike behaviour which he has since the breakup is often a let down for him.
He says that I have a negative outlook on the world lack a sense for seriousness in inproper times.
I think he's not happy with the way I turned out.

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I don't like to think about it. Imagine you go from rags to comfort career wise and then your son struggles his entire life, from failing in school from kindergarten to high, somehow graduating, then decided to go to college, fail out, try again, fail out, trying to find a job, nothing but rejections, then watch as your son has no reason to do anything anymore and hasn't for a long while. I can't imagine what he feels like seeing me honestly.

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He's not disappointed in me whatsoever even though he has every right to be. He loves me unconditionally even though I'm not helpful and I sometimes lose my temper at him. He's 67. I don't deserve him at all. It's going to break my heart when he dies. I need to be a better son and tell him I love him.

My dad died of pneumonia
Haha dead cunt. Fuck you dad

He's proud of me and continually supports me and my interests. He got me into doing computer shit and we both chat regularly, despite living quite far from one another.

Hate him. He molested me when I was 13, divorced Mum and traded her for an absolute cunt of a woman who I despise with every fiber in my being.

My dad's a lad and I feel like he's not the upmost pleased with how I am, but there's still a bit of uni to go so I'm hoping that I can impress the poor guy. He's been pretty stressed recently with his new work and dealing with the family so I hope things calm and he gets into the swing of things but Tldr things could be better

My dad disowned me because of my dating choice so i doubt he cares anymore

He couldn't be assed to be around for first 6 years of my life and when he came back he couldn't be assed to put any effort into raising me so I don't particularly care what he thinks.

He's in the process of dying right now, but he atleast got to see me finally get a job. I'd imagine he's proud of what I've done thus far, even if it's not anything particularly groundbreaking.

he's dead. if he were alive he would like that i graduated math and computer science bachelors degree, but he would have kicked me out of the house already, i would have had no chance to NEET. mom is on the verge of doing that maybe