You will never have a super cute aspie gf who just wants to make you happy and watch anime with you

>You will never have a super cute aspie gf who just wants to make you happy and watch anime with you

Ah, what's the fucking point anymore?

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stop posting her here you fucking psycho

You'll never have any sort of female companionship. You're an abhorrent waste of air and nobody will ever love you. Die alone and miserable, okay?

she's gorgeous

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This girl is a minor


>The style of the subtitiles

Reminds me of varg desu

Holy shit it's Dido

>Beats headphones
into the trash she goes

Are you saying that she digs coal?

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she made her social media private because of you retards

larping bitch, fuck i hate women

I thought so too.

Oh fuck no! Autism can be a great trait in a gf, but jesus I'd rather date a vapid ditz than a woman with ADHD. They already can't pay attention to anything to begin with.

I bet she burns it

being around her would probably drive you up the fucking wall. shes an annoying person. youd fuck her like 22 ties then get tired of it and pray for death

So you're saying we did her a favour?

Maybe she shouldn't have wheeled out her zany mental illness to get views on youtube for validation then

not /tv related

i'm convinced i'm on the spectrum. if my wife has autism too, i'm 100% sure i'll be stuck taking care of a non-funcionaing aspie for the rest of my life

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I know an aspie girl. She's 6ft, Swedish and is looking for a husband to live a quite life in a cabin like Varg.
Here's her feet ya freaks.

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hahahahaha that's what you think is georgeous? are you indian?

just fuck her?

>tall f*male
>has no qualms about being barefoot/having her bare feet photographed
>walks around without a bra
Literally my fetish.

Are you?


you scared me for a moment and made me check

she's probably a dyke.

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typical paki

Varg's life is anything but quiet.

been there done that
its a nightmare
a lot of good times for sure but overall absolute nightmare
only do this if youre filthy rich and have lost all will to give a shit about anything
otherwise, nothing will ever get done with you or her together and life will hit you deep in the rectum

She looks mongoloid.

She looks like she _____ _____ ____

I'll take her. How much is shipping?

reads bad manga?

has vagina mucus

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Women can't have autism

stop posting this bitch

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her ig is private now

couldbeconvincedtodo buttstuff afterafewmonthsofdatingprobably

too bad she was full on rebbit

Epitome of average.

Where do the mods disappear to for hours at a time?

Well, that philosopher's quote warns us to not play fools lest we attract them; looks like the same holds true for pretending to be on the spectrum.

takes black cock

probably doing applications and interviews for real jobs with actual salaries

>if you're not a mutt you're a paki

is she you?

>she has autism, that means she's broken just like me. surely she would date me as no other man would take an attractive young woman

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Literally made for BBC


welp, good thing we knew her before that

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>getting moved to Jow Forums
could there be a bigger insult?

This is the type of gf I want.

Quirky. Cute, dresses nice and doesnt act like a whore. why is this so hard to find

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absolutly based janny

They turn into whores eventually. It sometimes just takes a little longer. Nothing you do can stop it. You can only delay the inevitable. The only way for a woman to stay pure is to kill her as a virgin.

>no bra

>look people in the eyes
>openness trait
>good sense of humor
>happy af
>wants chad
yeah she is totally not faking

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lol stop being a moralfag, you're not going to get anybody to stop posting anything

she looks like she would get mad at me for saying the word retard

>Even chad hoverhands sometimes

cute little smile huh

i wonder if she freaks out when touched

Nigga did you see her instagram.

no do u have a back up of it...

he's extremely good looking and charismatic. if he started a religion i'd follow it.

Seriously bullshit she does not have aspergers I'm a sperg I would know.

This might be what they mean when they say autism affects women differently from men. Instead of having intense reactions to things most people don't care at all about and being unable to perform basic social interactions it just means you're a quirky and fun tumblr girl :)

She'd probably end up with a random Chad's baby and drop out of school rather than date someone else that loves cartoons.

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no pls show me shit

The autistic girls diagnosed in the 90s and early 00s were way more severe than she is.

Sperg here, I still swat people on instinct if they touch me without me seeing it coming.

It's because humans are hard wired to be nicer to women so people are more tolerant to them being socially out of sync.

>skirt length above knee
normalfag whore

That YouTuber should've never posted her video online, not cool. Now she's gonna have a bunch of crazy stalkers and being autistic I can't even imagine how she's gonna handle that.

Whenever someone posts their face online, thats a possibility. She should have been aware of that by now, as well as her parents.

>She should have been aware of that by now
She's autistic, you insensitive asshole.

We MUST protect autistic girls.

So autistic girls just have a pussy pass online?

No, that's not what I meant at all.

lol, ever the poets around here.

>autistic girl advertising for bf
>msg her
>get one reply then no more
Even autistic girls are mean.

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Stop trying to get a gf, start making your life better. or just accept your worthlessness and waste away. Either way horny posting is pathetic.

What do girls pretend to have autism?

>you will never be a super cute aspie femanon

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why are you people fawning for this ho
she's literally mentally ill

Girl children are sooo cute! And she has very childish hobbies. Literally the perfect wife.

Uncanny. I hope physiognomy isn't really any predictor.

I am indian I I do not think she is gorgeous or pretty. She is cute

reminder she is 15
she is pretty cute by a lot of standards tho

Seething femcel
Cope harder

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lmao he insta went from like no followers to like 11k, she made it private so yall are late

why aren't you guys dumping her best pics though

I found the video, and its made by that chad dude who has a fetish for autistic kids

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she's normal enough that it wouldn't be an issue for most men (provided she was 18)

>6ft aspie girl
>looking for a husband to live a quiet life in a cabin
>cute feet
nah but seriously, how the fuck do you know her?

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