What's this wojak called?

What's this wojak called?

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It's the femanon wojak. So who actually cares what it's really called.

It's that thing I filter by md5 whenever I see a variant of it.

Excited femjak

It's the trapanon wojak.

her name is Daddy's Girl

It's Wojina

thotjak is what I've seen some call it


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Don't know but it's kinda hot

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I second hoejak

The Womber (pronounced Woomer)
(As an alternative to boomer, zoomer, doomer, etc)
Because women have wombs

Why not 9rignal?

It's called "cancerous."

seconding this, mostly so the Coomer can coom in the Womber's womb

I third Hoejak


>The Womber (pronounced Woomer)
Then why not name it Woomer if you are gonna pronounce it like that, dumdum.

Im surprised nobodys made a porn comic involving wojak and hoejak

I like woomer over womber.

Yes, womber breaks the style and also sounds kinda stupid. Like some sort of l4d zombie. But still hoejack is better between all names so far.

that would imply wojack got sex
>tfw no gf

You've watch to much porn my friend


Isn't this Pretty Princess?