God I miss her so much

God I miss her so much.
I have all this disposable dosh from wagecucking, and I have no one to shower it with now since she's MIA
What's my purpose now, I just don't know...

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Graham is "the bible of investing"

What do you mean MIA?

she's missing from the internet user, Instagram and patreon are gone and she hasn't posted on twitter in like a month

Someone probably kidnapped and raped her to death.

i hope that unironically

It is a guy. deal with it.

there's no bulge

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imagine making these pictures in the knowledge that overweight 30+ incels will masturbate to your feet.

she cashed out user. shes already set for life

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To her it's 30 idiots that will pay her for that. If I were a girl I'd sell my photos to pathetic incels.

yeah definitely, she's probably a multi-millionaire by now.

>in which we must abide
Nothing more embarrassing than somebody trying to sound sophisticated and failing.

I mean she wouldn't abandon us r-right, we made her who she is...

I remember seeing a threat on Jow Forums claiming that user reported and banned her from instagram or whatever app she uses.
There are many other roses in the garden anons.


>There are many other roses in the garden anons.
Yeah, and she was the Middlemist's Red

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>6 more weeks of summer

summers over... It's fall season

Is this her or nah?

This bitch is near the top of my list of girls I wanna hate fuck

0 tits
embarrassing tbqh

i hope to god shes done for good.
she'll be forgotten in about 2 months and then the internet can be free from people spamming her pictures.

She already made millions. I'm guessing she will shack up with Chad and live a life of no work.

This. If I were a girl, I wouldn't even work.

why don't we become the egirl?

i mean if no one else will do it why dont we do it ourselves?

well guess she retired early with all that money she made.
good for her.
good business.

i hate her, but if i was a cute girl, and very good with make up, enough to create a diferent persona and being able to camwhore and squeeze the sweet betabux without revealing myself...
I would do it without hesitation.
Fuck betas who orbit e girls... they are the lowest of the lowest.

Ya, she's gone and never coming back. She knew her worth as a camgirl wouldn't last forever, she's not dumb. She made millions, and then used her fame to get in a relationship with some rich guy so she will be even more set for life. She's not coming back, and good for her for being realistic and getting a rich provider before it was too late.

>you will never be a teenage girl
>you will never sell softcore pictures
>you will never make millions just for being born
>you will never live a long life free of money troubles
I don't even want to be a girl but this shit makes me REEEEeeeeeeEe
tfw I get paid less than my less qualified female counterparts that I trained to promote the diversity quota

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>and very good with make up
yeah it's hilarious case she was a 5/10 at best w/o the makeup.
there are legit 10/10 ethots who didn't take advantage like she did.

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>girl on right is a 5/10
She looks exactly the same, but she just has a filter on in the left.

>filters changes hair style
>filter changes nose profile
>filter adds lashes
>filter arches eyebrows
>looks exactly the same

what happened to her?
fnhbdjklfj vcxmf,rjntgbh

Go fap for a good 3 hours then come back and buy something good that is actually a tangible item. Thank me later.

find someone to actually love instead of just lusting after a stupid bimbo online who doesnt care about you and wouldnt be able to pick you out of a crowd. Vanity is deadly and you should know that if you lurk here.

good you deserve it you neet fatty

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If I could suck my own dick, i'd never leave the house

saged, clown

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my cum would shoot six feet in the air

She will be back. If she constantly stayed in the spotlight nobody would give a fuck about her by New Year.

>brainlets ITT thinking a few mil is enough to retire on t the age of 19
>brainlets ITT thinking she would retire but then leave her Patreon up without posting content, leaving herself open to being sued

/v/tard here, Seen this bitch a few times on there, Can someone explain this girl's shtick to me? What's the difference between her and let's say a Twitch Camwhore.

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She did a few seconds of ahegao and the betas gave her over $150,000 USD a month for it. Can't even blame her for jumping on the opportunity, it's her beta faggot orbiters that deserve the rope.

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It's that simple for them, huh.. I guess even twitch whores are jealous then?

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I'm a girl(female) as cute as belle please give it to me user what's your discord

actually a goddess among people and anyone who says different is absolutely seething in jealousy and incel complexes

You'll have to prove it 1st, and I doubt you can match the quality of Belle.

>incel detected
She's a cute girl without all the props and editing and an even cuter one with it all she doesn't look comparatively worse

I deserve it user look at these smooth soles look!

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Is that Belle?! Wtf

She looks like a character straight out of honey select. Clothes and all

Yes she was perfect.
Prime measurements too, she'd be god tier if she did some squats though

Pls don't compare me to my sister like that

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Have some dignity you stupid beta fuck.

The wicked witch is dead!

Realistically, you only need 1 million dollars to retire if you own your home and have a car, so long as it's invested properly. 5% returns is like 50k, which is more than enough to live off if you structure it right.

I never got to buy her bath water...


fucking soicucks

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Her selling bathwater made me realize that we're living in a very intense consumerist environment and its screwing ourselves over.

>brown eyes
>never even went nude
Anyone donating to ewhores is a disgrace. Thankfully they're keeping themselves out of the gene pool.

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everyone has herpes, only a little percantage suffers from outbreaks tho

>Thinking you can get herpes from bathwater

Looks like my old braces sores.

The girl on the right is an 11/10
Go buy some glasses my dude

How about using that money to help others? You would feel much better if you donated it to a charity you cared about.

You're just greedy. I could retire on 100k, easily.

she been in my basement for a few weeks now lad. insane pussy game. thanks for the tip that said she lived in brighton.

I read in an interview she was working 12+ hr days, 7 days a week. Probably burnt out. Decided to take the beta bux she already collected and check out.

soi betas

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Wasn't that from the knife ohotoshoot?

Everyone fighting over how hot she is and in disbelief... Can't a guy have a go-to for his warm-up wank?

I'm getting laser hair removal, I can be your e-twink if you really need a place to send your cash.

Somebody just learned a valuable lesson about women.

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thousands of girls to choose from, have fun orbiting. reminder they they all have secret boyfriends too

if you like that shitty anime e-girl stuff here


jesus christ, user. who this is? please, me and my cock need to know. all i have is a webm of her slapping her ass

t. NEETs/3rd worlders
She's 19. Life expectancy right now is over 80. Paying to live for 60 years is fucking expensive. Especially considering all you faggots like to imagine some fantasy land where you
live on a relatively small annual income and never spend on holidays or emergencies

Besides she has at least 6 more years of peak-thottery to milk. You think she'd just quit because she "earned enough"? Fuck no.

she'll get beheaded long before then

Just give me the money instead.
I'm as hot as she is.

Why did she stop? She could have made even more money!

she is probably taking a extend break. putting heavy make up, dressing up and making ahegao faces for virgins must get tiresome.

the fuck fellas this bitch ugly as fuck, how can anyone fap to her

Used to hangout with girl that very similar type of look to her (however she had blonde hair)
Without makeup she looked like total shit 5/10 if not worse, with makeup easily 8-9/10 depending on what you like.
Trust me once you would have seen her without makeup she wouldn't be as cute as before

She doesn't care. She made millions and is set for life.

cBJd7Bd tranny discord right fucking here my people.
We got rats, niggers, shitposting, and boypussy
why would you ask for more? i dont fucking know
please join or im going to your hose to kill you

I wasn't addressing her it was to all the other anons out there that think of her as of like some perfection.
Was there done same so just decided to warn you about chasing after such plastic babes

>set for life
Again with this shit.

realistically if she owns a house 350k sterling is enough with the odd holiday here and there

a smart thot?

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>She made millions
Are you so sure about that?

It's a meme, ya dip. Lurk moar.

Bumping with only only confirmed nude(topless) I have

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Absolutely. You could.

True interest rates are dogshit you can't live off the interest anymore but sure can live off millions in saving.

There's still index funds

nice cock bulge

Shes honestly fucking based. Selling out lewds, where she doesnt even have to get nude, to beta losers? Genius. Hope those beta weasels eat it.

I calculated this type of stuff before but you could live off 2.5 million. You stick it in a 2% or higher APY account, and pay yourself the APY which calculates to about 42k a year after tax minimum. Not top of the line but its comfy and youll never have to work again.

Forgot to mention that the 2.5 million is always still there too, can use it for the end of your days and go on a spending spree. Its a beautiful concept.

nice gender dysphoria