Incel falacy and the big girl

Okay self proclaimed incels. Let me tell you something

I knew elliot rogers, he lived down the street from me in Isla vista at UCSB. He came over to one of our apartment complex parties and he was quiet and a little stuck up. Seemed like a normal guy.

A few weeks later we hear gunshots in the street. He murdered people and killed himself and left a manifesto video.

After we watched it and found out it was someone we knew who claimed no one wanted him, half of the girls who met him said
I would have fucked him, if He didn't do this shit

The opportunities are right there for you guys. I dont care what kind of bone structure you have there is a woman for you.

Even if you have a 3 inch dick hard m8, theres a woman for you! That dick size shit doesnt matter m8

Now ,

Half of you are picky bastards and are ignoring the females that claim to be incels. This includes fat girls and such.

Big girls need love too and big girls love everything man. You gotta let go of your ego and start somewhere.

Look at snoop dogg, his wife hes been with since before the fame is fat as hell, and he said he fucked a 300 point girl once or twice.

I dont care how ugly you think you are yall are being to picky and shallow towards yourself and shallow towards what nature has provided you right there. Its a valley of women with all shapes and sizes with open leggs wanting to bare your children. Especially foreign girls! Just think. In other countries your a fucking king m8!

Lower your crazy standards and live life the loving way m8

I hope this post help someone

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Why are you complaining about not getting a GF? there are much more pressing issues to worry about...

SUCH AS BEING FUCKING CIRCUMCISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH [email protected]@@@@!!!!1

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Hahahaa yes

>the females that claim to be incels

They're the picky ones, they wouldn't fuck us

Exactly m8 cmon.

Larping this hard


No one is just going to fucking reach out and fuck you m8, unless your raped. you got to get to know these girls. There is always one somewhere You just got to be patient and look in the right places. Its not all about sex, but thats a decent part of it. That shit gets boring anyways. Its about the communication and such, all the cheezy stuff m8

Yes how could you believe someone saying they met elliot, and were there. the odds are.. not that narrow i guess. Small world if you think about it. I have my student id and everything. Id rather remain anonymous.

Then why didn't those girls show any interest in Elliot?

>I would have fucked him, if He didn't do this shit
No you wouldn't, don't fucking lie to me, you just feel guilty because he blamed people like you for his actions.

This has to be bait.

>half of the girls who met him said
I would have fucked him, if He didn't do this shit

these bitches are lying to avoid guilt that their behavior led to the rampage

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>reddit spacing

lol please clean the gene pool by jumping in front of a semi truck head first.

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Fine I'll play along. Did Elliot talk with you guys or did he sit there awkwardly silent then walked away?

Thats not how it works m8. Any girl ive ever fucked has not showed interest in me unless i showed interest in her first. You gotta have balls and learn to love that rejection. Eventually you'll stumble upon a girl who likes your whole being.

I have Aspergers so i cant even see the damn interest even if it where there with my horrible detection of social cues.

It was a tragedy to all of us. It happened so close to home and changed our lives forever. People we knew got shot. Someone we knew did it.

If you dont let your presence be known no one will notice you half the time m8 even if your leonardo decaprio.

Totally silent. Little creepy now looking back on it. Pretentious smile. With 20/20 hindsight a little sociopathic. But you could barely notice him. And he was attracrive!

Wrong board nig.

>speaking up 5 years later
>giving shit insight in hopes of "helping" people
are you by any chance a woman? either that or i'm replying to a copypasta in which case congrats you got me

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Ive been posting about this on Jow Forums since it happened.

All im sayin yall is that your not involuntarily cellibate. You just may be a bit shallow and dont want to show the big girls love. Theres a lot of big girls out there that would love a nice man.
I love big girls!

Its not just big girls, theres girls of all shapes and sizes out there for everyone! You just need to open those beautiful eyes

well, case solved, you can shut down the thread, its just larping fat femcel

What is it you do then? Are there girls in your social circle that you try to get with or are they complete strangers? What do you mean that Elliot could have done to get one of those girls as his gf?

Opening my eyes harder won't make them come to me.

>all women wanted to fuck him
>he dies a virgin

Hmmm somethings not adding up here. Maybe all those women are just... lying whores?

Nah the real redpill here is women are hybristophiles and attracted to dark triad men who commit crimes and hurt people. After Columbine a bunch of bitches from their HS came out saying they had wanted to fuck Eric or Dylan.

this post reeks of reddit, you are assuming that I either know girls, have friends to help me get introduced to girls. Neither of which I do.

>That dick size shit doesnt matter m8
I'd like to believe this, but i know it does matter.
Even if i did somehow find someone they would never be satisfied with what i have and would just end up cheating on me.

>There is someone out there for everyone

This is how I know that this is bait. Saying that there is a girl for every guy is incredibly misleading and a downright lie. Physical attractiveness plays fuck all in the role of relationships, but if you have a shit personality, you're fucked.

>elliot could've got girls cuz he's actually attractive
>and that's why you should settle for obese women

no correlation.original post

the only girls that ahve tried to get with me have all done it by talking shit about their previous sexual experiences and telling me how small the guy's dick was

trust no thot

WEW. Now to read your post.

Ah, it's just a bait. He never visited any parties two weeks before the DOTR. Not that he told about it at least. If what you tell is true, you need to tell how it went detail by detail.

Even fat 3/10 roasties swipe left on me.. What does that say. Alot

Dammit he was so cute. He ruined himself being so CRAZY. Then again, being so crazy kind of makes him more fascinating now that he is gone.

heartily kek'd at this post

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Why? I read it 'till the second paragraph and got busy to bump up the thread before it's gone.

I want to hear the first hand story in picture related.

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What do you mean Bumpeorriginal is not original?

>women do virtue signal

Who knew. Op, I showed several women I know pics of Elliot Rodger who didn't know who he was (in Germany barely anyone does), they all said he looks weak and feminine and has no attractive features at all.

Women claim shit otherwise if they know what he did to not seem it like Rodger was objectively 100% correct about the nature of women and their hatred of non Chads.

there were girls that liked me in school but I didn't want to be in a temporary relationship that would just last at most a few months and then leave me saddened, to me it's not worth, I am physically attractive but socially retarded, I acknowledge the fact that there are girls that would fuck me but I don't want that, I wanted to find someone I love but I guess I can't and never will, I can't even hold a conversation properly with a human being other than my closest relatives, found it very hard to hold one with my uncle, and so I think I took the right choice because once these girls found out how socially retarded I am they'd probably not even want to see me, they would want to introduce me to their friends and go out on dates, two things I absolutely dislike, meeting people and going outside, I still think I took the right choice, it's better than to disappoint a girl and make myself depressed when there's obviously better choices in every way, there was however one girl who was not very attractive and a bit antisocial that seemed to like me a lot, I felt really sorry for her and I was too depressed to do anything, I just avoided her, we could have been happy together but that is over now, and I'm not going to meet anyone new in my life since I don't have a social life and I don't go outside, I'm alright with it

The most elaborate LARP ever.

Were you asking some nationalist women? I mean, they NEED to like masculine looking men only, otherwise they get punished by their male nationalist peers for supporting weak beta males.

I do not really get the idiotism of nationalists in regards with this. How in the HELL can they view every feminine looking guy weak? Don't they fucking get it, that a person can have other strengths aside from masculine body structure, such as intelligence, talent and creativity? Also the entire MGTOW is full of same inane shit. If you are not masculine then you are weak, even if you were genius. Where do these people keep their brain?

>The truth triggers my beliefs so I must call the truth a lie

Get a load of this WIDELOAD

>The opportunities are right there for you guys. I dont care what kind of bone structure you have there is a woman for you.
>Even if you have a 3 inch dick hard m8, theres a woman for you! That dick size shit doesnt matter m8
Normalfag cope.
>Half of you are picky bastards and are ignoring the females that claim to be incels. This includes fat girls and such. Big girls need love too and big girls love everything man. You gotta let go of your ego and start somewhere.
Top fucking kek. Femcels hate incels and want chad. You're just a bluepilled cuck, a normie or both.

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Prove you even lived in Isla Vista OP. I lived there that summer. I was out of town night of the shooting. Can't say I ever remember seeing dude.

How about you die, you slimy fucking worm

>>The truth triggers my beliefs so I must call the truth a lie
>And by saying this to me the liar who presents a lie as a truth tries to cover up his lie.

Generally speaking.

>I lived there that summer. I was out of town night of the shooting.
God, tell us more about it. Did you hear any gun shots or tire screeching? Did you ever see his black BMW cruising around? He went to Goleta Beach a lot, and Calle Real shopping center.

You there OP? I'll give you some easy trivia. What other big happening happened in Isla Vista that summer?

>I was out of town night of the shooting.
Sorry, I read "out on the town". But if you lived there that summer before it happened you probably saw him at times as the others had seen him too, for him cruising around so frequently.

I said I was out of town the night it happened. My friend was at Freebirds the night of the shooting and they had to hit the deck when he was driving around the shopping area firing shots. I really can't say if I ever saw him or his car before. Didn't think hard about it at the time, too far back to remember now.

When it happened I kind of felt bad in a way because I guess I was feeling kind of like him. Scantily clad bitches everywhere drunkenly walking by my apartment window hooting and hollering into all hours of the night yet I was always there alone with my dick dry. So you could say I had a little bit of those incel rage thoughts. Like, these bitches are out here fucking everyone except me! Nothing violent though. I can't really wrap my head around that shit. I still felt guilty because I was on some crazy shit back then like maybe my ideas were psychically influencing people to do shit.

I thought the media reaction to Elliot Rodgers was kind of ridiculous too for how much they blew up the female angle. Sure he ranted about women and all that a lot but the first people he killed were his male roommates and the majority of people he killed were men. He only actually only fatally shot two chicks.

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Maybe, possibly. Wish I thought about it more at the time I guess. Never knew how much of an enduring meme him and the shooting would become.

>Half of you are picky bastards and are ignoring the females that claim to be incels. This includes fat girls and such.

>Big girls need love too and big girls love everything man. You gotta let go of your ego and start somewhere.

You haven't halped anyone, because you don't know what you are talking about. You clearly have double standards. You talk about being "picky", "shallow" and "crazy standards", but the true message here is that we can't have any standards at all. If you don't have completely memey image of incels as either fat neckbeards or deformed lanklets you schould know that most incels in fact look rather plain and average. Yet incels are shallow for wanting to looksmatch, while women can have any standards thet like, thye can be hypergamous and that is perfectly acceptable. Society encourages everyone to have standards, yet incels are forbidden to have even little.

The problem is not about looks and "crazy standards", incels lack socials skills and are often alienated from wider society and once you are excluded it is very hard to came back and most of incels lack social skills and charisma to do so. They may succeed with some external help and stimulation, but nobody gaves fuck.

My experience with dating fat girls is horrible. They are often super anxious about their looks and they can't hide it and they are as hypergamous as other women, they don't try to compensate their looks by being funny or give you at least some attention, so you can overlook their looks. (OP is again bluepilled normie for belief that man should do literally everything to keep relationship and attraction going and women can be totally idle).

Also if you date down too much you just cannot respect your partner. Normies tell incels to self improve, but they also tell them to date down and forget all standards. It can't work together. You do not work hard to be told to date a landwhale.

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>9 hours ago
I guess it's understandable OP is ghost. So I'll add my last two cents. Where were the fatties in Isla Vista? Isla Vista had hotties hotties hotties. The fatties musta never come out because I can't remember seeing them.

I'll just leave this here for all the people fascinated by the whole Elliot Rodgers story. Check out Deltopia/Isla Vista party vids on youtube so you can see what kind of debauchery goes on in Isla Vista. You'll understand why it might drive a thirsty sperg like Elliot insane.

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Yes, I have seen on the videos how the women, and men behave in IV, when they are having parties and out at the town. They're acting really dirty and low in my opinion, as if they had no self respect at all. Then again I guess alcohol has a lot to do with it and the very young age. They think they are at the top of the pecking order jiggling their asses and rubbing their tits together publicly, or dry humping someone from behind. Elliot should've never stayed in a student apartment there, it made him sick to see all of those things other young people did around him he was no part of. He should've kept living with his mom and go to some college in LA.

Media often times uses all kinds of things for its political agenda. Just think about what they see in the new Joker movie, that it is encouraging incels to rise up and attack. That's is the only thing of the entire movie part of the media can see because they are so biased to do so.

Nice LARPing OP
Come back when you have an actual story

They want to show how far would they go. Being edgy and not regarding human life. Kind of like a taboo, same thing that happens here with cute criminals.

ER was mentally retarded, he taught he could win the lottery if he believed hard enough.
The fact the he even went to party or that he expected girl to like him for no reason is proof enough that Incels only talk about him for the memes









He was crazy haven't you seen his texts? Too bad he still had a better a chance than me.

The fact that Eliot is ridiculed for wanting a girl to fall for him, while such a behavior is expected of women show that the dating market place is unbalanced

I feel you pretty hard user. I'm in a very similar situation.

I'm attractive but so so socially stunted. I've also kind of just retreated into being a hermit at 24. People say that being social is like a muscle and you just have to exercise it and you'll get better - but the flip side of that coin, is that I feel like you get to a certain point where you've been alone so long that you're personality is too abnormal too every get back into the world.