What do you life for, robot? What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

What do you life for, robot? What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

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The hope that someday it'll get better; until then I must endure.

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I don't, it's hard to get out of bed when I don't want to put effort into life.
I wish I had parents in my life to tell me what I did wrong or right so that I wouldn't be as aimless as I am now. I hate to say this, and many would hate me for this, but I wished I had parents even if they were abusive to me instead of neglecting me.
I don't know why I'm still here. It sucks.
Fuck me.

The hope that she'll dump him and come to me

>What makes you get out of bed in the morning
The completely irrational feeling of "having to do something" even if that something means chainsmoking and shitposting on r9k 18 hours in a row.

I ENVY the depressed people who can just lie down and lay there whole day and night. Sounds funny, but even going over to the living room and sitting in front of pc is sometimes way too much effort. But i just "CANT" for the life of me lie in bed and do nothing. Even though i am doing the same kind of nothing right now it feels different from just being in bed.

The hope that someday it'll get better; until then I must Enduro. Unironically

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I don't live for anything. I just currently exist.

sometimes I have to learn for university, aside from that there is really nothing in my life which I live for.

I have people who care about me. We suffer through every injustice and cruelty of life together and it makes life a bit more bearable

is this image bait or are people young enough to have grown up in the mid-late 00s really falling for the depression meme already?

That I'll eventually be able to save up enough to get my motorcycle license and a cheap 250/300cc bike to learn to ride.

That's pretty much the only thing keeping me holding on.

The last good year was 2007. When the internet was still completely free and the entirety of western civilization wasn't under siege. I only got to experience a small fraction of my life in an era where everything felt like it just might get better one day. Now there's no hope and everyone here fucking knows it.

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Getting more money

I have to watch my 3 year old brother (I'm 23) while my mom goes to school 4 days out of the week or my parents will kick me out of the house. I'm honestly considering saying fuck it and leaving myself. I don't live for anything else and I hate watching children so why not.

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it's inertia

Nothing helps me get out of bed user. I just am, and everything I do just is. All of my decisions aren't based on anything other than that I must keep existing, and that to exist is to face adversity

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I'm living the dream. I moved up from NEETdom and some things got better and I'll have a better future some day.

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I only get out of bed when it physically hurts to keep lying there

I tried to die a couple of times and realized I dont have what it takes. So I try to make the best out of life now that I know the other alternative is not as easily available as just leading a shitty life.
Good things happen sometimes I guess. Every now and then I'll feel hopeful and optimistic. All my dreams were crushed so now that I'm content with mediocrity I dont get as frustrated as often.

Bills to pay

I have about eight more years of incredible pain and fatigue to work through before my body heals up. I get up because every time I do, that time gets a day closer.

I don't really live for anything. I get out of bed because I'm forced to wagecuck since don't want to be homeless.

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It wont just happen, you have to realize it. As in make real. Real-ize.


My mom loves me too much, i cant die because she would be unimaginably hurt.


Beating my fucking meat

The fact I cant sleep any more. I have no reason to live in terms of the present. I basically just try to stockpile as much money as I can for the future.

Im vaguely hopeful technology can change things in the future, so Ill stick it out till then. AI has the potential to change goddamn near everything. No more working, no more jobs, no more school (what would be the point?) AI waifus, near-infinite progress in medicine and technology, etc. Might be cool? I would like to see that.

Orbiting and protecting my favorite e girls. Working hard so I can afford to give them a weekly allowance

Knowing this will only decay at a faster rate and spiral out of control if I stay in bed, and that I've already lived my life with more than enoughregrets so that I shouldn't force any more on myself

Me too user. Attempted suicide twice and failed both times. So at this point I'm living through the mindless and redundant cycle of life.

I hope things will get better one day for people like us.

The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is the slim chance I will get to live forever in a post-Singularity utopia.

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I don't know what keeps me going I just kinda exist

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dont want to hurt people by killing myself. wish i could just not care. i hate my life and myself so much i feel physically ill right now like im going to throw up

I've always wanted to find a qt and live life how we want and as comfortably as we can.
No luck so far.
tfw no e-gf turn wife to duo que life with

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i was unhappy about stuff in middle school and high school as well but nothing nearly as bad now. maybe not depression but it's all shit.

I like the first cup of coffee every morning. I also really enjoy singing in the car on the way to work, and I can usually find something to laugh about during the day. I don't really have anything big getting me out of bed every day, but I've found a way to at least appreciate the little things while I look for a larger reason for it all. If I find it, great. If I don't and I die, then I don't really have to worry about it anymore, do I?

I can do whatever I want; and I what I want, can be done faster when I don't stay in bed.

That also gives me more time to do even more things I want to do.

If my body says "No.", then I say, "Ok, let's go sleep, but first I wanna get my pillow over there across the room" "Ok."

Exits the Bed: "Gotcha!" and just don't re enter the bed.

You gotta remember that your body is your own worst enemy, but also, the one you have total control over. Gives you hope, that.

The thought that if I keep pushing, maybe one day it will be better. Nothing specific happening but more of just hoping that if I dont off myself then it'll get better.

for nothing. i just exist to eat and earn money to pay for my rent and food

I felt this way too, but the other day I actually reached out to her and told her I was depressed, and she left me on read. I never tell anyone how I'm feeling and to have that be rejected by my own mom felt like shit.

Pretty much. Shit sucks. God bless the US.

I'm honestly really not sure anymore. Maybe it's my ex. I have this little voice in my head like a marine drill sgt screaming at me to get up and go to the gym, to go to class, etc. To do it all for her.

I don't get a lot of sleep these days but I make myself think all of the sufferings will be worth it. The muscle I'm building, the conversation skills I'm trying to gain, they'll help me win her back. I might not get her soon but if I became a better person... one day.

Imagine living for a fucking woman


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I live my life to further the agenda. It is a collaborative idea I have had in my head for many years. One I have enough currency to enact my plan into action, I will utilize my abilities in restoring the human artifact of the soul. That consists of the ability to have reason, care about life, and create emotion

Actually I don't have enough reasons to get up, just my obligations and thats all.

The only thing that gets me out of bed is the realization that it's already 5PM and I've been in bed for 12+ hours.
That and having to go to work.

My son.

Not original jdhdjj.

Studying so I don't have to work at McDonald's or live with my parents until they kick me out

I just want to get my second account in league of shitters to hit platinum

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That's why I'm still in the bed despite the fact that I woke up 2 hours ago.

My aging pet cat has gone blind and helpless, and needs me every day. I've sworn to complete this journey with her to the end. When she finally goes, I might check out as well.

Dunno, I guess I get out of bed because I feel worse when im moping around all day so I work 12 hours a day to distract myself from the existential dread. I got a new job recently where I'm actually treated like an adult and have some responsibility, I'm making a lot of mistakes so I kind of want to prove to myself and everyone that I can be competent irl. I still have some hope of finding a good girl one day despite knowing they are unicorns

>not wanting to spend time with your little brother
absolute fag

I guess I'm just upset that watching him is all I have going in my life right now. Also I don't like watching children because I hate having to devote complete attention to them so that they don't win a Darwin award. If what I'm doing is not making music/mastubating/browsing here, then it's a drain and a waste of time to me.

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it will never happen, and it's a terrible idea to take a woman back that has dumped you.
Get a grip, grow up, stop being such a pussy.

a mix of and knowing that I've been through worse so I might as well keep going through hell until I come out the other side

Knowing that i can still fix my life and that surrendering is for pussies

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