Friend thread

post in this thread to immediately become friends with everyone else in this thread

its a fool proof way to get friends, go ahead try it

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i will never have friends and i want you to kys but i'll give you a free (You)
wat sup

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Hello, I am happy to have been included in this "friend zone"

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hello my new friends

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Any new frens down for some chess games?

how are we all doing friends? i just drank too much coffee and feel funny

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How was your day so far fren

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it's been alright. i did some studying and then i ate food while watching chungking express. very comfy movie with good music.


It was pretty terrible my neighbors have been blasting music in Spanish all day and I have been sick and trying to sleep

Did anyone else buy Borderlands 3?
Who wanna play?

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Hi friend I've been having rough couple days but hoping it gets better soon. Hope you manage to have comfy sleep :(
I wanna buy it but im broke haha have fun though, waiting for the crack, who knows how long that's going to take.
too much cawfee can get like heard disease or smth scary.... be careful fren

so uhm what hobbies do you have friends, favourite book/tv show/movie/game/artist ?? I maybe check it out

hehe fuck circle frenship

it seems my friends have left me yet again

I gave up on trying to go to sleep I hate having rude neighbors no matter how many times I ask them to turn it down the next day they blast their music. Hope your days get better fren

i got so many friends wow

Hey guys, I'm looking to expand my current circle of online friends. I have only 2 friends that I met in highschool but I want a larger group to play videogames with. I used to have a big group but we just sort of split up because life. I just want to play Minecraft and monster Hunter and some other comfy shit.

If you're interested let me know.

Do you have an Xbox fren

join the fren discord: wj3dUFz

Yeah, I'm down. Discord?

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I don't, sorry :(



My friends will disappear when the post is dead, just like after high school.

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ill play some minecraft but i dont have monster hunter

jeez user gimme your discord lets chat