As I repeat myself shoot every black male in the US dead they're all trying to psyop and operate off of waves psyoped...

As I repeat myself shoot every black male in the US dead they're all trying to psyop and operate off of waves psyoped here you have to shoot these insurgents dead.

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You need to take your meds buddy.

Readjust your tinfoil hat to block them out.

based schizo poster, keep it up

I always had suspicions that you were mentally ill, but I just assumed you were autistic. Now, I know better.

My words are clear as you fags have made it clear you're trying to defraud myself of trillions to use as clout to defraud and psyop women off of myself as you made several thousand attempts to defraud myself today and hundreds of millions more attempts to defraud myself already as you plan to defraud the US off of myself as you shitskins all have to get deported or die

As I'll reorder quantum reality to send everyone to Hell as they try to parasitically leach off of myself.

This is a request I want Kanye West skewered like a rotisserie chicken and then I want his decapitated head served to me on a pack of yugioh cards

This doesn't sound genuine schizo.
This is some faggot role-playing as a schizo.

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You're the faggot schizo as every nigger and zionist will die horrifically

I thought he was trying to be the next Johnny Neptune and failing badly at it, but this is a good description too.

This isn't a threat I'm letting you know im killing you all at the same time and there isn't anything you could do to protect you as things will turn horrifying as your teeth may fall out

Mhm, yes.
At least Johnny Neptune had some comedic value, ye. Remember to sage.

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You see, THIS is what I was talking about folks. This is the RACE WAR coming to America. Jesus Christ supports this too, OP may be rough around the edges but we all know NIGGERS hate white people and white people hate niggers. PERIOD. End of story, this is not an reality TV show where everybody loves each other at the end. This is not FAKE BEEF. This is some end of the world type of shit and people are collectively losing their minds. All fucking hell is about to break loose. I put that on my life, my heart could stop beating right now. I put that on God, on my mama, on everything I love that this shit will end in blood and war. Black people will be scared shitless in the next coming months.

That image describes Kanye's new album as I order law enforcement to kill him for fanning a psyop on the grounds of treason

Niggers are all easy to kill trannies calcium deficient and easy to shatter skeletal frames as they larp behind fake clout to defraud others

Shoot every worthless nigger like yourself dead.

As you try to mask as right wing to defraud others

I agree shoot all of the niggers and trannies.

I can't tho, then I'll go to jail and the niggers will win!

As these tranny niggers are getting ready to psyop others

Niggers are all worthless animals, literally have no value to the human species and civilization. They must be stopped at all costs. That's not an opinion, that's facts.

You have no choice other then to shoot a nigger dead as the economy collapses cause of these worthless niggers and kikes that try to psyop and defraud the USG away for the Chinese

Kill all the niggers and the Jew's and chinks fuck off from our affairs.

As the Jew's chinks and Zionist plan to use Kanye's new album to mass defraud the US to our genocide as I am prepared to murder every nigger in the US as it is easy as they are all officially trannies.

No you faggot, if you kill more than 4 it's fine for you to go to jail, it's basically 1/2 that you're killing because black people are worth less than any other race, lost yourself got rid of 4 niggers

as I have more people in my army then there are combat ready or capable black men in the US as I authorize them to shoot every nigger dead.

Okay but seriously though, nobody likes niggers. If all white people got together and started 'removing' black people, then there wouldn't be any serious problems in America. This isn't an 'right-wing' thing, or a 'left-wing' thing, this is a God's dream. This is everything. I'm trying to keep my faith. God is pushing me in different directions, he's using me to preach love and peace to the world. But the only way we can have people and coexistence on this earth is if all non-whites are removed from America. This is the prophecy. This is the Holy Spirit. Holy means 'separate'. Separate and remove the Yin from the Yang. Get rid of the darkness. Get rid of the dark-skinned nigger.

Yin = nigger, darkness, depravity, delusion, sickness, anger, depression, sadness, negativity, but most of all; NIGGER

Yang = white, pure, harmonic, holy, awe-inspiring, positive, good, light, but most importantly; WHITE

Think about it, niggers are the scum of the earth. Niggers are literally SATAN. They need to be doused in the lake of fire as it says in Revelations of the Holy Bible. This is a battle between darkness and light, holy and unholy, godly and ungodly, and boy... NIGGERS are ungodly and dark.

Ying yang and Eastern philosophy is for pretentious retards. Shoot a nigger dead.

You stupid bitch as I'll never forgive you

>Kanye's new album
The fucking album is titled 'Jesus is King', you dumb retarded fucking nigger. You will end up being shot you worthless low IQ monkey faggot. Jesus is King, you cocksucking tranny crossdressing delusional schizophrenic motherfucker.

You're a straight up fucking retard. That is NOT how that is used or what the yinyang means. It's a fucking Taoist symbol. And even though the spoken Dao is never the true Dao I think you should get educated before you go spouting off at the mouth about shit you dont understand

>>I came to this thread to check on the race war. As a Roma I have no stake in it but it's funny to see the CIA trick you two races into self population control.

Look into Taoism first you fucking brainlet and try some biology and psychology to see race is an antiquated system based off of "x" traits and appointed cultural customs. Shits just an idea of an old people type but if we're ever gonna hit star trek levels you idiots have to learn that. Inequality and prosperity is what we need to seek.

Charles steinmetz said the greatest revolution for us would be spiritual dwagg. And dude was a genius..

Holy fuck you guys read books. Oxford lectures are free online. Fuuuuck

You know sometimes silence is an answer. It's not worth to respond to narcissistic attention-whore faggots who are extreme egomaniacs who worship themselves. It doesn't mean defeat, because I am choosing to not respond. My non-response is an answer within itself. Fuck you and your attention-whoring egoism.

As I seperated ying from yang and as the niggers deteriorate to Hell as they are no longer worthy of my reality

2deep bro your breaking through to the next level say hi to rich piano for me


t. actually diagnosed schizo and off my shadow people blockers