Admit it user, you are slutty. You just never had a chance to prove it

Admit it user, you are slutty. You just never had a chance to prove it.

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whered you find that picture of me
he said he wouldnt share it with anyone

shut the fuck up you pathetic ugly disgusting transvestite clown

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not a tranny just a boy

Sorry, thanks for letting me nut on your face btw. You were really cute ;)

its ok... i dont really mind but u could have just told me u were gunna post it

i would still let u do it again anytime

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I'd love to, cute boi ~ That would feel great!

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I want to be slutty but I don't want to get STDs and die because then i'd have to stop being slutty

you are not this hot, fucko

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i only hope i can make you feel as good as you make me feel when you call me cute like that

please use me however you need to in order to make that happen! it would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside

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My cock exploring your body and stretching your holes is an expression of my love

you're making me so hot and bothered user
your cock makes me go blank with warm and happy feelings

am i allowed to cum too? having your cum inside me and on my face makes it hard to resist

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Of course! I wouldn't want you left out

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I may be a slut, but I am no whore

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thank you! youre so much fun to play with. i hope you never get tired of pumping me full of hot sticky cum. you can take pics and post them where ever as much as you want as long as i get quality time with your cock in me

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I'll use you whenever I need to cum instead of masturbating. You're gonna end up taking a lot of cock...

wow i would be honored to be your exclusive cum receptacle.. to be the only thing you put your cock into would make me so happy. something about you is just so alluring, knowing that you find me deserving of your cock and cum so often makes me feel things i cant even explain!

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Jesus why do you people make these threads, not everyone is a degenerate pervert.

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I'd love to see how much cum I can get to cover your body, cutie.

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you could take it pretty far, since id love to go as long as i can without washing any of it off. being coated in your cum reminds me what a lucky boi i am. id bask in the scent for hours and hours. its been too long since i had your cum on my face i need more!

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If I was not a spineless lazy retard without directions and technological ignorance during my teen years I'd rent a house where I could be alone shave and take care of my body and do some nasty things.
God I was so cute back then, if only I was not a neet virgin weeb fully dependant on his parents.

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i honestly wasnt expecting to get gay user sex but honestly im not sure what i was thinking given my OP

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guess my thread made someone happy at least

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You made me cum hard, user

Y'all are fucking degenerate and gay

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COOMing is good too for the body and mind

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